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The... Cabbage Man?

Dec 10, 2006

    1. He's actually quite cute x3 Only he has...tomato cheeks. >_>

      Edit: So which legs would he come with? The normal ones, the centuar ones, both, or would you get a choice?

    2. Assuming he's like the girl he should come with both sets of legs.
    3. You get both...!
      He looks just like Sanmanul to me... but jeez sometimes these Korean artists tweak a mold just a smidge and give it a new name and "voila" here's yer new dollie!! XD

      I love Domado's dolls...!

    4. It's the same eye shape, mouth shape, and everything from their other male doll, so my bet is either a minimal change or a repaint. He's cute, though, I just wish the horse torso was longer so they would stand better :/