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The CANDY GIRL with Two Flavors--DOLL LEAVES Special Edition

Aug 31, 2010

    1. She is the CANDY GIRL with two flavors.
      Limited Order Time: 1st Sep. 2010 to 30th Sep, 2010

      For more details, please visit www.doll-leaves.com .
    2. Heartstring Serenade has already listed this doll in the shop for US buyers, They are still preorder.
    3. May I ask, is this mold going to be a basic for the 16cm Angels line at any point or will it be limited only?
    4. Hi, Mitya, this mold is not going to be a basic for 16cm Angels. She is limited doll only.
    5. Can you post some nude head pictures? I think her tongue color should be a little different. Can I require the tongue color change a little bit when I order?

      Thank you
    6. Ganemen, Thanks for your concern.
      We will release nude head picture here later.
      Yes, we will revise the tongue color a little bit when we receive orders.


    7. Here is the nude head picture: