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The Cerebus Project bows that fit the elf bow hands?

Apr 6, 2007

    1. Does anyone have pictures of the old resin bows that were release when the first back of Elf Els came out? I'd also love to know if anyone remembers how much they had been. Did they only come with the shields as a set?

      I recently sent Liria a message asking if the bows that were originally released with the Elf Els were still available, because I wanted to buy a couple, and I received this note back:

      Hi Laura,
      At the moment the bow sets are not avaliable. CP did mention that they will
      consider manufacturing them if there are many people wishing to get the bow
      set and a bulk order is placed.

      : Liria :

      + Liria's Cerberus Project TM Delf Shoppingmall +


      I'd like to see how much interest there would be CP releasing these again, now that the Elf Chiwoos have been released with bow hands. The bows are unpainted resin and come in two parts, so they fit through the bow holding hand on the CP bow hands. I don't have photos of the last release and I'm not sure what the price would be yet. I suspect it would depend on how many people are interested.

      I've started a thread in the group order section here:

    2. Yeah I remember it, and you also got arrows with them...or at least the points of the arrows and the holder [name? XD] and a sword & shield.
      I'll look around in my folder and see if I still have the photos.

    3. Okay found them and some extra bow and arrow photos I took from "SunnyDay's blog" many years ago...






      Shiwoo "Legolas" Elf XD...I also have Aragorn Chiwoo photos...both by SunnyDay who works for LUTS I believe....so all credit to CP, LUTS and Sunnyday
      Took 2 photos down ^_^


    4. That is so awesome, thank you so much! Would you mind if I hosted one or two of these and used them in my possible group order thread?
    5. Well they aren't mine XD
      The first with the sword and shield were from Liria's page and the Shiwoo elf with bow were from SunnyDay...and he or she works for LUTS I think ^_^
      But I'm sure they will not mind.

    6. Oh my word that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! WOW!
    7. Oh oh beautiful pics,make my day! :D And I love the outfit from Legolas elf! Hope Sunnyday is a member and will post more....
    8. No SunnyDay is not a member from DoA, so no other photos, I have more but I see no reason to post them.
    9. Now if only I could remember what the original price was...
    10. I believe it was $100 for non CP elf owners and $50 for the people who had a CP Elf and could show LUTS that they did [so at that time it was El or Shiwoo Elf] ^_^

    11. If something like that came for sale,I'd be really interested!!!!!
    12. I'd be interested!
    13. I would totally be interested, but I don't supposed CP would manufacture extra elf hands for the Juri owners? I'd still would want to buy the set even if I couldn't get hands but the hands would be soooo nice~
    14. It's called a quiver (the holder for arrows)... O: so pretty! I don't even HAVE an elf and I want them...
    15. Thanks again!
    16. Ooh, nice. I bought an Elf Chiwoo, so if the set is $50 for elf owners like you said then I'd definitely buy them.
    17. When I purchased them, it was 100.00$ for El Elf/ Shiwoo Elf owners (and you provided CP with the serial number) or 110.00$ for non. It was never 50.00$ ^^;;
    18. I have a elf Yder... would that work?
    19. ... now I want to make a sword and sheild... I don't think I have time !
    20. I wish they would make them again. I would buy one if they made them again at CP. I just love the sword and Bow.