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The company goes bad - can you still enjoy their dolls?

May 31, 2010

    1. This hasn't happened to me but I've wondered how I'd feel if a company who made one of my dolls did something to ruin their reputation. Something like re-casting another companies doll, taking money and not filling orders or otherwise messing customers around, that sort of thing.
      Would it taint your enjoyment of dolls you'd already bought from them?
      Perhaps because the comapnies stigma would rub off on your doll or because you'd simply have bad feelings toward the company.
    2. Re-casting would be a problem for me if the doll I had was a copy of another company's doll (and it would not be allowed on DOA), but a meltdown like CCC is having probably wouldn't bother my enjoyment of a doll. I might not post photos of it though, if it would upset the people who got burned by the company's unethical practices.
    3. I would still enjoy my doll and still post pictures of it. If I spent the money and made a legitimate purchase (ie my doll is NOT a recast...) then the company going sour is certainly no fault of mine or the doll!! If people wanted to be petty and make snide remarks due to the company's change in reputation, that is their problem.
    4. I would still love and enjoy my doll...unless I were one of the people who got burned. I like to get more than 1 doll from the companies I look to buy from, so if I were ordering another from the company as I really enjoy my first, and got burned in the process, I think that I'd have a period of being upset enough to need to pack away any others I had from the company until my own feelings weren't so raw anymore.

      But if I, personally, wasn't burned...well, I'd feel bad for those who did, and hope that they either get their money back, or get their doll in the end. And I would still look for dolls by that company that I still want on the second-hand market. Or, if the company recovers, I'd still buy the dolls I want new...I'd just be careful and only buy from distributors who carry the dolls in-stock.

      I might be careful about photo posting, though, in the community while emotions are still raw in general. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone who lost money, and didn't get their doll, nor would I want to deal with those who get SO upset that they feel the need to take it out on those who DID get their dolls. So...I'd not post as many photos until things started to calm down.
    5. Meltdown? CCC? What happen, they just disappeared one day! >:o
    6. I might feel a little bitter about it, actually. I would feel that my trust was broken and it might make me feel that the intentions behind even the doll I purchased were not quite as pure. I guess I'm kind of weird, but I have a weird justice thing and I don't like to think that the person that created the object of my enjoyment had completely profit-driven motives in mind. I'm not so naive as to think that doll makers do so just because they like to do so, but I want to think that they put themselves into their work.

      ...I'm rambling, but I hope that made sense.
    7. In the case of the company going down the copying path, I would have a sour aftertaste from owning one of their dolls, original or not. All the companies I've bought from I have a certain respect for, from their originality to their kindness and costumer service. If they were to start copying dolls, they would lose my respect and I can imagine that affecting my feelings for that certain doll I got from them. This is mainly the artist in me speaking I guess.
      If they had a bit of trouble keeping up with orders and such, well that depends on the extremity of it. I've seen people waiting 6 months for brownie dolls and eventually just giving up because it takes so long and they ended up just selling the dolls again.
    8. What she said. 0_0 That's exactly what I would have liked to have said. It really is sort of an artist thing isn't it? You don't want to think about someone profiting from another person's hard work.
    9. I guess you made this thread because of the Crobi-DollK scandal?
      Interesting views though.....

      Well for me it depends on how worse the mistake the company made.... If it like what Crobi did, I *think* I still can cope with it... But that also depends on the doll, if it a crobi that I bought before the scandal, yes I think I still can enjoy him/her, but if I just buy the limiteds in question, the LE alice, I think I can't enjoy them -___-

      But, another case, if I found out that my doll is actually copied from other doll I guess no doubt I will lose all my feelings toward the doll -____-
    10. I really had a hard time bonding with my piggy I had gotten from CCC and I feel it was because of the issue with what was going on. It wasn't the stigma so much as the fact that I felt awful for all people in the waiting room, he'd shattered their dreams. I ended up selling my piggie and not for an inflated price, just simply what I'd paid for it. So I do feel it affected me.
    11. Haha exactly.
      I admire alot of artists, but if I were to find out they were copying, they would lose all my respect, and the same thing goes for dolls I guess.
    12. I wasn't aware of Crobi being marked as "scandal."
      I think it's a bit weird, what they did/do, but Dolk seems like a really... er... fishy site, all around, gives me a really bad vibe.

      I can't see myself taking frustration out on the dolls themselves, though- I adore my Lance, love him to death, and would hate for people to start turning their noses up at him just because of some strange dealings recently with his company.

      If I found out I bought a doll and he was a recast or a fake, though, I would be pissed. I mean, what are you supposed to do with something like that? You can't resell it, you can't enjoy having it, and you're out of money. It's just as bad as being completely scammed without anything in return.

      But, yes, I would still enjoy the dolls that I do have if they came to me with a perfect transaction and there was nothing wrong with the company at the time. Really, if there were problems starting to appear with the company, I wouldn't buy dolls from them starting then, so... my dolls are "innocent" of what the company chooses to do later on. I had a really positive experience with Crobidoll, and have nothing to complain about, at all. They were great to me.
    13. I still love my Elfdoll dolls and some mud was thrown and tantrums were had in the area Elfdoll operated in. I didn't feel people were truly suffering in the case of Elfdoll and I could understand both sides. With CCC I have very little sympathy left for the owner of the company and it's hard to watch people wait and be ignored and even lied to for so long. The whole ordeal made me doubt and think weird stuff like maybe I got someone else's dolls (those are off topic for DoA so I have no idea how to check).
      So yeah, that kind of stuff messes with people's heads. Doubt is not fun and I try to tell myself my doubts are silly and it's probably not true, but it does reflect upon my dolls. Maybe in a year or so when all this is solved or over, I won't be bothered by it anymore and enjoy the dolls I bought because I liked them.

      If a doll company starts to recast, I'd lose my respect for them. I'd feel bad about the lost respect, but if my doll from that company that I already have is an original and I really like the doll, I think I could weather it out.
      A lot of doll companies are just one person of just a hand full of people. You never know if their artistic natures will someday kick common sense in behind and make them do crazy stuff that will make you scratch your head. ;)
    14. "The company goes bad - can you still enjoy their dolls?"
      No I honestly do not think that I would be able to. I like to think that I am dealing with reputable, respectable people and I would be quite devastated if I found out my dolls had been "stolen" from someone else.
    15. Sad to hear about CCC... I was going to order a Kabu ... hippo, but waited and got a Cafu ... otter from Unidoll. Now I don't know whether to be sad as I really wanted to order one later or be thankful that I'm not one of those poor people mixed up in the madness. Maybe they will be able to salvage something out of this debauchal and I will eventually purchase a hippo princess. She is really cute. Has Charles disappeared altogether, or did they just shut down on orders till they catch-up????

      - ShadowHawke -
    16. I started out writing my own words, but it turns out Snow said them so much better :)

      I agree 100%. I buy the dolls I like because I do like them, and the appreciation for their sculptor is there. I honestly could talk to the moon about how amazing my Puki and BC Bella Ciao are. I LOVE their sculpts. I even get the urge to buy more of the same sculpt. So my respect (and reverence in terms of skill and creativity) for the artists who created them would be shattered if I found out they ever copied someone else's work, even if it wasn't the specific sculpt I have. I would even begin to question how much of the sculpt I had was original. I'd hate to have a bitter feeling towards my dolls, so I'd probably try to get over it. But the resentment would be there.

      In terms of customer service and issues of waiting... I can't really say. I waited around.. 4-5 months for my CH Hani, and I really felt no resentment or bitterness of any kind. The doll didn't click with me but I don't consider that an effect of the wait time (the sculpt just wasn't right for me). If it was a doll I was dying to have and there was drama in terms of shipping then yes I can see how I would have a bittersweet feeling towards the doll.
    17. To answer the original question: NO. If I loved my doll then whatever
      happens to the company wouldn't make me not love my doll...after
      all it's not the dolls fault. But I do know how people on the forum can be
      about things and if the companies end was very scandalous & left others
      burnt I might be afraid to show others my doll. *shrugs*
      But I can look at t this way.....I had a very very unpleasant experience with
      Soom & in the end after contacting them numerous times I was finally able to
      send my dolls faulty parts back with the understanding that they would give me
      NEW parts, instead they returned my exact parts & they were scratched & the
      problems (which were very obvious & pointed out in large pictures I printed for
      them!) were never fixed. But their bad customer service hasn't tainted my love
      for my poor doll. It has however changed my opinions about them where I am
      debating buying from them again. They were my favorite company.
      But IMO you are only as good as you treat your customers.
      The whole thing with CCC is very sad and unfortunate. I'm also waiting for a doll
      from him but honestly it's not looking very good. But I do hope for everyone involved
      that he does finish sending out the dolls (which are supposedly just sitting in his house) :|
    18. I would be annoyed because I love Migidoll's style and would see no reason for them to copy others since their way is imo superior ;P But even if something as bad as that happened, it wouldn't taint my love of my dolls, particularly Allan who I've had longer. He's been all kinds of places with me, lived in Hawaii with me, flew in the airplane with me.... nah I think every time I'd see his cute mug, I'd get over whatever feeling I was feeling. After you've bonded and had experiences with a doll, that doll becomes something of an individual, and at that point, stopping love for it for the sculptor's issues feels like blaming a child for its parent's wrongdoings..