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The confusing Tensiya Dollshe Bermann skin colors

Jul 13, 2007

    1. I am sorry to bring more Bermann issues around, but after reading the thread about the lottery, and watching a lot of pictures, this question comes to my mind.
      Obviously, L'etranger, Manu and Il Milione are Tan skin. That is obvious.

      We were said that Hwa Rang and Heimdall were WS. So that makes us suppose that Fogg, Hu Die Meng, Valentino and Shinsengumi were 'NS'.


      SD Ink, who owns both Fogg and Heimdall, said she found no difference between them.

      So, the question: is Fogg BW too? So he looks like Heimdal? Or, my personal guess: There's no such thing as BW Bermann, but all of them have thesame pale color? Can someone put a bit of light on this? Heimdall looked 'paler', but the dark make up and the black dress/wig should have been part of the effect. If heimdal and Hwa Rang were BW, and Fogg (that looks a lot like hu Die Meng) is the same color... are all bermanns the same color?

      Thanks for reading! This has been really around my mind for long, and I think it could be good to put some light on it.
    2. Fogg is BW too, yes. I thought that Hwa Rang was NS. But even the NS IS really, really pale.

      Edit - my bad, HwaRang was indeed whiteskin.
    3. From what I've seen NS indicates just a little bit of a rose tint to the resin...
      when I compare my SA Bermann (who is NS) to my WS Saint, that's what I see
      that the Saint lacks. Still, the Bermann NS *is* very pale, so I can understand
      the confusion!!
    4. My Fogg and my Valentino and my Haute Hound are identical in skintone. And more rosy than my whiteskin Saints...which are all yellowing. But it's a nice, creamy yellow! :daisy
    5. So... if the Valentino is identical to Fogg, and Fogg is to Heimdall... there's no such thing as BW Bermann? XD
    6. That's always been my understanding.... all the talk about BW Bermanns has always confused me, since I've seen it said in other places that BW Bermann doesn't exist. Odds are, it probably never will if that's the case...
    7. I've compared Hwarang and Fogg BW skintones (they are essentially identical) to my NS SA Bermann; the NS is just a shade rosier than the BW. It's very close, but not a match. I could put a Hwarang head on my SA's body and not be bothered by the skintones clashing, however. You can only notice the skin color difference if you're up close and looking for it.

      I dislike the Bermann body and actually bought a BW Hound body some time ago to replace my Hwarang's, but I was very surprised to find the skintones didn't match at all! The Dollshe BW is much whiter than the Bermann white. I couldn't put Hwarang's head on a Hound BW body, the difference in skintone was way too noticeable.

      So for those out there who would rather have BW Bermann, the color difference is hardly noticeable, if at all from NS. ^^
    8. Heimdall IS whiteskin, the Shinsengumi is normal skin

    9. But Zagzagael above told that her Valentino and her Fogg were the same color! Is Valentino BW?

      In this thread has been said: Valentino = Fogg= Hwarang = Heimdall.
      And I guess Shinsengumi = Valentino = Hu die Meng

      = All the same XD
    10. Hmm, well Helene posted comparisons with her NS Haute Hound and her BW Heimdal here, and says their skintones are close but not identical like Zagzagael says of her Haute Hound, Fogg and Valentino.

      So it could just be variations of the skintones between the dolls and within the years. ^^ My NS SA Bermann is definitely the Dollshe NS and different from the Bermann BW, but note he's a Korean release SA and not a Tensiya one. ^^
    11. Dollshe standard en Bermann resin has never been the same, so you can't compare them with each other.

      Shinsengumi, Valentino and Hu Die Meng are all Bermann normal skin.