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The continuing wig saga - Dollshe Saint

Jun 2, 2006

    1. Okies, we have a problem here. Nikoru's (Saint) head is almost an inch smaller than Konna's (Hound) in circumference, and wigs that just barely fit Konna (being too big, not too tight) don't fit Nikoru at all. I know that I'm going to have to start getting special 8-9 wigs, but are those still considered SD-scale, or is that MSD scale? If that falls into MSD, I'm really going to be miffed, because Hairstar/KStarr doesn't *DO* MSD.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    2. MSD is 7-8 inch ^_^
      But wow is his head that small??!! Die already has 8,5 inch and is smaller than Kaoru's head XD

    3. Yeah, he's 8.6 inch. Konna's 9.3, I think...
    4. Ehh?? O_O?
      My Die's head is 8,5 inch and I measured just above his ears...Kaoru is 9 inch...man this is weird
      But my Kaoru is 70cm tall instead of the 68cm that he should be *is getting a headache* =_=...
    5. Saint can wear MSD wigs, at least mine can. Hounds wigs are way too big. MSD fits Saint perfect!
    6. 8-9 is a somewhat common size for large dolls, mostly females with smaller heads like Ryung.
    7. I was just about to start a thread about this - what companies do 8-9 wigs? I'm trying to fit my Nabee girl... Obviously Elfdoll, but if I wanted a Leekeworld wig, would I get SD or MSD?
    8. nyargh. And I wanted to not have to buy three thousand different kinds of wigs... I suppose it's a good thing that someone will be able to share wigs with Ikaro...
    9. I'm curious about this too! Sometimes it's hard to tell what size is best when you're after 8-9's.
    10. Saint's head is small! That's been established - after all of us who've brought the boy home got over our initial shock and began to accomodate.

      I'm trying to get a DEFINITE not a vague speculative idea about the wigs that will fit him - from sizes to brands.

      For example -

      which Leekeworld size fits - SD or MSD?

      I'll compile my personal database and post it here. I hope other Saint owners will do the same. I get so bummed out whenever I order something that does not fit! :(
    11. Zag, have you thought about maybe buying some old/secondhand wigs in various sizes just to get a read on the fit?

      I have had similar issues with my Husky and my Models. They all supposedly wear an 8/9 wig, but I am finding it really needs to be a true 8 or they are a little big.

      I have some second hand 7/8's coming to me, so I am hoping that maybe that is really the better size for them. I'll keep ya posted, but I am guessing that Saints head might be even smaller than my Husky's.
    12. LeekeWorld MSD wigs are 7-8 inch [and no elastic] so they would be to small for Saint,Bernard, Husky and Hound heads cause I think all have the same size head [8,5 inch] and SD sized wigs at LeekeWorld are 9-10 inch [Kaoru no problem he has 9inch]

      I always used the normal SD sized LW wigs for Die, and yes they were to big but because his ears were very close to his head it was okay. I just used thick velcro and the wigs were okay ^_^ .

      Anyways good luck with this

    13. Thanks, gayle and sabriell! I'm with you, gayle, an exact 8 is a far better fit than the 8-9 - although the elasticized caps, such as the Monique 8-9 is a PERFECT fit. PERFECT!

      Sabriell - my SA Bermann's head is far, far bigger than Saint's head. They would never be able to share a wig. How are you measuring head size? My Leeke SD wigs are just unattractively large on Saint.
    14. Just use a measuring tape resting on the ears ^_^

    15. My Hounds head is way bigger than my Husky's, and Hounds is smaller than Bermann's.

      Such a dilemma finding this smaller headed boys nice wigs. Aidan has several versions of the one streaky Monique, and that's it! Nothing else fits him right. Whereas almost anything fits Armand.

      The model girls are equally as exasperating as Husky and Saint.
    16. Just from personal experience :sweat My Sa Saint arrived on Firday and I just happened to have a Leekeworld wig (L-021) in SD (with no elastic) waiting for him. The poor boy swims in it! :...( Lucky for my boy I had ordered him a fur wig from Tensiya at the same time i adopted him so he's not sitting around completely bald (not that it's a bad thing. This sculpt is beautiful bald naked and faceless! :swoons: ) Now I just wish I had a MSD wig from Leekeworld around to compare it to.

      Oh hey! While I'm at it, those fur wigs from Tensiya are also a little big on my Saint (even though MOMO said they should fit fine, despite Saints smaller head). Well they fit better than Leekes SD wigs anyways :) I'm actually quite happy with it (If you can work out a way to make it stay on ;) ).
    17. My Tensiya wigs are only fitting Saint with a wide rubber band around his head. And the wig that was sent with him from tensiya as part of his complete soutane "look" is laughably large. But, I'm not laughing. :(

      Okay, we need someone to try a Leeke msd on a Saint!
    18. I think that Leeke SD wigs would be too big -- they're too big for my Hound (and for some of my Luts crew), so they'd definitely be too big for a Saint.

      I'd be curious to know if Leeke MSD wigs would fit a Saint, too!

      -- Andi <3
    19. don't know whether or not this will help, but in preparation of getting my Hound and Bernard I ordered some custom sized wigs from Reve en Popee. I haven't gotten them or my doll yet, but they are super nice, even though it takes them a good while to get out orders. So if you have the patience and want something specific you might want to give them a holler. Keep you posted on the fit and all when I get mine. GL :)
    20. Saint fits well in the wigs Elfdoll sells for Wu and the fur wig I have for Iplehouse SooRi. The wig I ordered from Tensiya for him is WAY too big. In this thread, the long gray wig is Elfdoll, the fur is Iplehouse. The red wig has a rubber band holding a thick folded kleenex over his scalp to hold it on.

      This thread shows the Iplehouse fur wig again and a short Elfdoll wig that I trimmed.