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The difference wigs and eyes can make

Aug 9, 2017

    1. So, I just learned what a big difference the right wig and eyes can make for a doll's character. While my first doll, Ian, came in with a pair of eyes and a wig already thanks to his previous owner being generous, I had ordered him more of them in different colors. While he came as a blue-eyed blonde, he now has ginger hair and gold eyes... And let me just say, I'm that much more in love with him now. Does anyone else have any similar experiences of the wig and eyes changing everything?
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    2. Yep! My Dollzone girl has a million looks. I'm hoping the one I've got coming in is going to work as her default style. It's funny because she started out being a faun, but now she's an inverted tabby cuz the wig has built in cat ears. But she has white highlighting on her face, made to look like fur, so hopefully it plays well with the white wig.

      Fingers crossed!
    3. One of my earliest dolls, my third purchase, came as a full set. I had never changed her up at all for seven or eight years. She came with iridescent purple/blue eyes and black hair. I think I had gotten a bit tired of her look. Put her in a red wig with grey eyes and she looked totally different. Beautiful in a new way. It can make such a difference to change up the wigs and eyes...
    4. Yep. I ordered some stuff for Saskia when I got her, but she just looked angry and unpleasant until I broke down and made her a more appropriate wig and ordered her some properly sized eyes. The new faceup helped too, but honestly? changing her wig made all the difference between giving up and selling her and falling in love with her.
    5. Just like people a makeover can drastically change a doll's appearance! The frustrating part is sometimes you don't know how something will exactly look until you try it. I have ordered wigs for my dolls only to be disappointed when they came in. But once you find the right wig/eyes/clothes its a relief!
    6. No doubt, the wig and the eyes can make or break any sculpt. I've come across some where I tell myself I'd never buy that doll if my life depended on it, but then I see one that someone else has with a wig and pretty eyes and think to myself, damn, I missed out! :XD:
    7. Absolutely. I changed Ilya's eyes recently (from flat yellow glass to green/brown resin) and it really changed his look for the better. His eyes just seem to have so much more depth and life, and the color and texture is more realistic. (You can kind of see the comparison in his profile.) I really wanna get a new wig for him too! I know what I want, I just haven't gotten it yet.

      I haven't done a lot a wig and eye changing though; usually I get everything I want before the doll comes, or right after. Because my dolls are always based on specific characters, I know just what I want them to look like and can usually find it. :3nodding: It's super fun when you do change things though!
    8. Yup!

      Parker started out with a cheap blond fur wig and bright blue glass eyes, but they just didn't feel like HIM. Not realistic enough. I tried shaving the fur wig and ruined it. He went through a few others, but now he has an Iplehouse sandy brown wig and realistic blue glass eyes and I like him so much better! It took me a long time to figure out his personality, but that really helped him.

      I also recently changed Jayden's eyes. I liked the old ones a lot, but the new ones just seem to give him more of a "spark". If only I could find the perfect wig for him...
    9. This is so true, I got Tori (pkf ante) second hand and her previous owner included a wig and a few pairs of eyes,and though I love the wig she came with, I've had a lot of fun putting many different wigs on her and switching between eyes, it's amazing how much something like that can change a doll's look and really bring them to life.
    10. definitely. my first girl Lyric arrived in a gorgeous teal wig that was too big for her and rather boring default green eyes. However the seller had also packaged with her 2 more sets of eyes including a default set of yellow ones.
      She has blue skin so yellow eyes just felt right. but her wig was still doing nothing for her.
      I went through my small wig stash and shoved a random red wig on her just to check sizing more than anything else but wow... it was just... perfect. She went from being kinda "meh" to "omg personality!"
      The carrot colour against the stormy blue is such a perfect combination.
      And the yellow eyes really set it all off.

      I've also noticed that if I take a wig off any of my dolls and put a different one on them they no longer look like them. It's like, that's their wig and eyes, changing them doesnt work.
      I tried switching Arthur's eyes out for another set and they just looked so wrong despite actually being a better fit. He looks WIERD with pupils.
      Same with Auriel, when i first did his faceup I didn't have his white eyes, just some random blue ones and I HATED his face when I put them in. I was like "eugh, I have to start again, this looks horrible!"
      until I turned the eyes backwards so only the white was showing like his planned eyes and suddenly he looked like HIM.
      It was startling how much difference that made.

      A simple wig or eye change can make all the difference between loving a doll and having them really shine and just sorta.. having them.

      Lidara needs a new wig desperately, her current one is okay but it's not quite right and it's bugging the heck outta me.
    11. It makes a huge difference. I tried putting in the eyes my F-59 came with and they were just... Meh. I put in a pair of Enchanted Doll I'd ordered because I wasn't able to decide between two colours for my Tsukasa and wham there she was.

      I also stored my Isao for years with a pair of bland brown glass eyes in him. He looked so lifeless and blah when I pulled him out, until I grabbed a pair of 18mm bright green E-D similar in color to the eye candies he used to have. The instant I had *one* of them in, there was Ephram like he'd never left, irritated as all heck and demanding I hurry up and finish.

      The right wig is a thing too. Even though it's got flyaways, the Monique fiber wig I replaced the fur wig my Tae used to wear with is so much more him and he has so much more personality. I think once I restring him he might finally tell me who he is. The Withdoll Elf Alan is waiting on his blue wig from Leekeworld to match his blue eyes. The F-59 is waiting on her mellow cream from LeekeWorld. Travis's hairstyle was right with a W-129D from Volks but the blonde he originally had was wrong, then the same wig in cork brown fixed the issue.

      Eltain has been having issues but I know once I get his proper eyes in they'll clear up some. The Acrylics he came with aren't bad, but the proper blue resin eyes are on order...
    12. Ha, totally. This is especially clear when the doll has yellowed. Cool tones look horrible but put a red wig on them and you have a totally different doll in your hands.

      The quality of the wig and eyes matter too. Nowadays I really can't imagine having acrylic eyes for my dolls even though I had nothing else for years.
    13. With the right wig and eyes, a doll can go from looking incomplete, to looking like who they're meant to be. .

      Blaze had the same long kinky dark brown wig on for years. Then I tried the shorter straight dark brown one that I'd meant for another doll on her. It didn't work for the doll I'd meant it for, but Blaze suddenly seemed more herself in it. I originally got Ethan a short brown wig that looked ridiculous on him, so for a while he had just a spare fur wig. Recently I got him a long brown wig, and it's perfect.
    14. My second doll Alistair was an impulse buy and I thus had no set look prepared for him. I bought a ton of wigs and eyes in an attempt to find a nice combination, and wouldn't you know, the best look I found for him occurred by pure chance. One of the wigs I got was in one of those mystery bags that are available on Etsy, and it is truly a goofy looking thing. It's puffy, long, and medium blonde, not terribly unlike the wig David Bowie wore in "Labyrinth." At the same time I received a random pair of eyes with an order, a pair of lovely champagne-colored eyes. On a hunch I put the blonde wig and the champagne eyes on Alistair, and he instantly fell together. I was able to cobble together a character for him and he now has a place of honor on my desktop.

      As for the other wigs and eyes, I use those when I'm in a silly mood and want to make Alistair look more outrageous than he already is. In answer to the question though, yes, I've been through the ring-around-the-rosie with finding the right wig and eye combo. Alistair is the only doll that I've had to do that with, though; Johnny and the girls have given me no trouble.
    15. Omg yes they can totally give the doll more or less character, attitude and will help with their style.
    16. Sometimes it isn't even about different colours or styles of wigs and eyes. Sometimes it's about the materials used. Tyler's (Iplehouse nYID Oscar) original eyes were blue FeiXiang glass eyes, which were lovely, but then I got him a resin pair that were almost exactly the same shade of blue, but had smaller iris and smaller pupil. To me, these made a huge difference, even though some people might just see it as a "tweak". It's the same with wigs. Reid (Souldoll Vito Lester) has a long wig and a short wig, both from Monique and both identical in colour, but each one of them gives him a different "look".
    17. I have an Elfdoll Sooah that I originally gave a black wig and bright green eyes, I must have bought her six different pairs of eyes, in varying shades of green....but none of them looked quite right. One of my Iplehouse dolls came with a pair of dark purple eyes that didn't suit him, and I was just playing around, and tried them in all of my dolls, when I tried them in Sooah, suddenly she looked well....LIKE HERSELF! The green eyes had made her look, I don't know, sort of mean and fierce and sly, they were too bright, whereas the dark purple eyes gave her a whole new look, she was suddenly the doe eyed Egyptian princess, I had always wanted her to be.
    18. Yes, I believe a new wig and eyes can make all the difference in the world. It's exciting when you find a combination that works even better for the doll/character :)
    19. When I got my doll Evelyn from Mystic Kids, I really didn't like the wig she came with, Idk makes her seem too...mousy. The eyes I got with her I actually happened to like, a pair of baby blues. Now that she has a different face-up I am really looking for the perfect wig to match her personality. She's a pop idol and goes by "Bunny". She has some adorable freckles now and just looks so cute ^.^ I am trying to find a short (just above the shoulders) strawberry blonde wig with bangs that has a wavy texture to it. I just know once I find that and she wears it she will feel "completed".
    20. I have a vision for every doll. They have to have exactly the right kind of eyes and hair. Right color and style. Otherwise they're a whole different dolls. The boy I'm buying has green eyes and brown short hair, so I've ordered grey eyes and black wig with a bit longer hair for him. He just have to have grey eyes and black hair.