The Doll(s) That Got Away.

Apr 29, 2016

    1. Ive only been in the hobby a short time, and I've learned at least two things from that,

      1 -There are dolls and sculpts you could gush and drool over for days on end, that are even more wonderfully on sale, or previously loved.

      2 - Real world, taxes, bills, and regularly everyday mundane purchases, are the bane of ones existence. You scrunch and save to finally have the money put away for when you see it, a doll you must have, and life happens and all those precious pennies pinched.... Poof.

      This isn't really a question, but something I needed to vent about; I assume many have felt that sad twang before.
    2. I've had couple of dollmore Trinity second-hand slip through my fingers and that was just hard to accept. But eventually, I got over it and now I almost don't want to have one.
      Right now, same with Billy up here, Iplehouse is discontinuing a lot of sculpts I wanted and I am putting in a lot of effort to get two out of 5 I wanted and with bills and other things, I am almost afraid I might not make it through.
      This year, at the beginning of the year, I thought I wouldn't be buying any more dolls and focusing on other things... Now it's only 5 months into the year and already 4 dolls has been bought and I kinda regret one of them. We all live and learn and this is something we got to learn where our limit is with the hobby. I keep reminding myself, it's just materialistic... I won't be with this forever.
    3. I've only recently joined the hobby too, and yet I've already purchased 4 Lati's... Meanwhile, my wish list has even more dolls than that! It's so hard to resist temptation, but sometimes we just have to settle for some good dolly spam of our favourite sculpts :P
    4. I loved the Doll Chateau twins, Debbie and Caroline, but they were discontinued on the conjoined body before I had a chance to grab them. This was a couple of years ago, and now even if I got the chance, I'm not sure if I would buy them or not. I might.
    5. I have had several dolls get away including SoulDoll discontinuing an entire size last year. I was only able to get three of seven that I had wanted but I think in the end it is all to the best.

      If I got all the dolls I wanted I would have no money and nowhere in my house to put them. Being in this hobby sometimes means tough choices and when the companies discontinue dolls they help us make them.

      Besides I have lost sculpts I was hoping to use for a character only to find something even better get released the next year.
    6. Ugh, the story of my life...oh well, I'm happy with the ones I was able to get! I have seen some of them come up for sale over the years, but decided against buying them. I am saving for that new release that might be my future regret if I don't get it!
    7. Iplehouse EID Leonard :( I just never have the funds when he's available :( Plus what I REALLY want is just his head LOL
    8. Volks Lieselotte. She's been released three times and I've tried to get her on both releases, but no luck. I'm really not interested in dropping close to $2k on a doll that has the potential for another re-release but I still keep an eye out on the marketplace, hoping that I might find a good deal one day. I guess it's my fault for falling in love with hard to obtain dolls. :eek:
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    9. I prioritize limited sculpts and dolls that have been on the market a while (and are therefore in more danger of discontinuation) but that said, I have missed some due to budget or whatnot.

      Right now Peakswoods Kasspio comes to mind. Didn't have the money for him at all. Seems I have this sort of luck with that company, as I for some reason passed up one of their tinies at Dollism NY and now that it's re-offered in the proper color, it's limited. Ugh.
    10. Ah, Fairyline Sia and Withdoll Vera fullsets....they both came along when I had already invested my funds in another doll and I simply couldn't justify getting one more at the time. Can't get them all unfortunately, but I do still wish I had these two in my collection.
    11. My biggest regret so far is not being able to grab a Venitu on the last call in december 2015. I had just put all my money into an overseas trip and was nowhere near ready even for a layaway... he slipped through my fingers just like that. I convinced myself back then that it was for the best, since I only have smaller dolls and I do not know how a 70+cm would make me feel, and it was okay for while. But now I regret so much I could cry. I've been wanting him since I first saw him a couple of years back and in the meantime I bought smaller, cheaper dolls, sold some as well, and I feel utter stupid for not investing in him when he was available :(
    12. When I first started shopping around for ball-jointed dolls my favorite company was Angelheim. They had Luka available as a faun or a werewolf, and the werewolf was my favorite of the bunch. At the time I had no money, so I just put dolls on the back burner and went on. Early last year I had enough money to pursue a doll...but by then Angelheim had folded. My odds of finding a Luka now are pretty long, but he's still on my wish list!
    13. For me the doll that got away is the Peaks woods Dandy Shea. At the time the purchase would have been incredibly irresponsible with bills and gas prices and everything that was going on. At the time it was my grail doll. It was the most magnificent BJD I had ever seen however I had to choose adult responsibility over childish whimsy and I bit the bullet and in this case walked away. I still go and gawk at his picture on their website from time to time however I don't think he's my grail doll anymore at this time.
    14. Maybe this seems a bit silly or dramatic haha! But how do you react and deal with your feelings when missing out on a doll that you loved! I fell in love with a volks doll that was up for sell on the second hand market. She was sooo beautiful and had a one of a kind faceup. I waited a little bit to see if I had the funds but by then she was sold! I was soo upset because she was special! Has this ever happened to you? How did you react? Did you wait for another sculpt to appear for sale? Or did you get over the doll?
    15. Though I finally found the sculpt, I was crushed that I (at the time) couldn't find Harlan (Gore Version) and it was hard to deal with. I was dead-set on getting it. I kept searching and I finally found it. I wasn't about to give up. I wouldn't have, unless I found a more appealing idea.
    16. I don't think it's silly or dramatic! I think it comes down to how discouraged or, oppositely, determined you are afterwards to keep hunting for that doll! I definitely get a bee in my bonnet when I miss out on a sale or auction, but if I really, really want it, I'll keep searching the secondhand market even though it can be a long and sometimes discouraging process, haha
      It's the WORST when you've been saving up for something, only for it to disappear when you finally have the funds. I know that feeling well, :pout:
    17. Ringdoll Carlos got away from me. He was going to be my next doll after the one I plan to order within the next few days. However, when I saw that he was being discontinued, I debated buying him instead. Sadly, he was more money than I could afford at the time, even with layaway in mind so I had to let him go. I've changed the character he was supposed to have been for to work with a different sculpt but I'm still a bit sad I can't order Carlos.
    18. There was this lovely Gloomy Sarubia being sold secondhand with extra eyes, wigs, and clothing. She was only 200! I was star struck. I contacted the seller, but, alas. It was too late! She had been sold. I was so upset!
    19. Realpuki Pupu. I had the money. I have absolutely no idea why I didn't order one and now they're impossible to find. :(
    20. Souldoll's Chiru, along with a couple of other boy double dolls. They discontinued the line before I could get the funds together. :pout: