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The First "Fancy" Goodies You Purchased For Your Doll

Mar 15, 2010

    1. What was the first "fancy" goody you purchased for your doll? Were you excited? What were your experiences when you had the items? - Did they go with your doll the way you imagined they would? Did it improve the bond with your doll? Has your opinion about the high cost of various doll items changed since finally seeing the quality of the items in person? Did it effect your motivation to hand craft things for your doll?

      I am one of those people who was convinced that I would have the motivation to make everything for my doll by hand but who was always envious of the gorgeous outfits seen in the Gallery. Today I decided I would sigh and sulk no more and made my first full set set outfit purchase! It's really exciting to me and I am so anxious to see this on my doll. I am worried that the outfit pieces I picked out won't go as well together when I have them in person. Has anyone had similar worries? What was the result in the end? Thank you and I can't wait to read your responses!
    2. That's strange - why was my thread moved? It is not specifically a picture request - it's primarily for discussion about people's experiences with those first luxury items people buy for their dolls. I will remove the "post your pictures" part since I really am more interested in people's experiences.
    3. Well, I'm guessing the moderators didn't think it was a good enough discussion :c
    4. I think it was because I had included a picture of what I purchased and encouraged people to do the same. Though I am really more interested in the discussion aspect and don't want the focus of my thread to be the photographs. Heh in all the years I've been a part of Den of Angels this is the first time I've tried to be really active in the forum and I am failing pretty bad!
    5. Let's see. Do they have to be clothing items?

      The very first "luxury" item I purchased for my DOC Petsha was a pair of urethane Ethereal Angels Gumdrop eyes, followed by a LE Dollwhy dress (Princess Diary). I was super excited about the dress because I had been searching for it for months (it was sold out) - I feel very blessed and lucky to own it. It's a bit difficult to put on because her chest is larger than the dolls recommended for the gown but it doesn't bother me because my dolls don't change clothes.

      Urethane eyes are really the only "fancy" item I purchase for each of my dolls. My Brownie GoGo has a pair from Enchanted Doll and my Dolkot Day has a pair from Dollshe. I prefer to mix and match clothes as opposed to buying a set. Lenneth is the exception. ;)
    6. The first like really luxurious thing I bought my doll was a wedding dress. It cost me quite a bit but it is super nice.
    7. Northern_raven, I'm just like you -- I enjoy sewing and I thought having a BJD would encourage me to sew more, but I realised I probably wouldn't achieve the same looks as the beautiful clothing from Dollheart and Volks when I was having to sew by hand.

      The first really fancy thing I bought any of my dolls was the Angels Unlimited LE Dollheart Fer in pale green. I'd always wanted a fer, but I didn't much like the after event prices and the SD prices in particular were more than I wanted to spend on doll clothes. When I saw this fer was for MSD and I could pay by layaway because the fers were already in stock, I decided to take the plunge :)

      I was really excited to order it, and even more excited waiting for it to arrive! It's one of my favourite doll outfits and it actually goes very well with my bedroom decor (I have pale green and lilac butterflies on my walls), so when I have Melangell dressed up in her fer, I can sit her on my bed and she blends right in. I recently bought a lilac Fer coat for my Dollfie Dream, so two of my girls are part of the decor now :)

      I wouldn't say buying the pale green fer helped me bond with Melangell, but I enjoy dressing her in it and I think she looks lovely and ladylike in it, I'm very glad that I bought it.
    8. Your thread was moved because you requested photos and included one of your own - you have since edited that out.

      Dialoguing with and about the mods in the above manner is counter-productive. Thanks.
    9. Ohh... i purchased a nice $90 on sale outfit for my boy... and before that he was just in homemade pjs and it brought him to life!! He was sooo pretty in his new threads!
    10. For my first doll (since sold) the first luxury item I bought was a Dollheart 18th century gown.

      For my most recent doll (Resinsoul Ju) I purchased gumdrop eyes.
    11. The first really pricey outfit I bought for my crew was purchased while I was still waiting for Harumatsu & Tien Jen (My first dolls-) to ship. It was a one-off fantasy outfit from Just Shining, and cost about $150.

      Four-and-some years later, I still have that outfit and Harumatsu still wears it occasionally.
      I'd say it was well worth the expense. ^_^
    12. My first 'fancy' goodie was a red silk kimono I bought for my El. Now he has three different kimonos and refuses to dress in anything else. ;)
    13. My first fancy type purchase is actually incoming now. I got a Volks Rose and I was asked if I wanted to also get her limited wig and clothing. She would have been so much less without it, but I really wanted it. I'm a lolita myself, so I think it will be fun to always have a dress-up partner. So I got her limited wig which was about $90 and I got her limited BBTSB+Volks ensemble, which was really expensive, but I got her as a full package (minus the wig) so I'm not sure how much she would have cost separately.
    14. i think it was Mystic Eyes in "grape"? so much more expensive than glass and i wondered if it was worth it ... :sweat
    15. For me, that would be buying the outfit for Volks Suigintou. Cost a large portion of the full doll's price, I must say. That was soon after she was released--I'm sure it would be a lot worse now.
    16. I do all my own sewing, so the only thing I needed for my boy were boots, and socks. They didn't cost much. The first big thing I bought for him was a little sister. For her the only thing I needed was shoes and socks, and this Christmas a little sister of her own. It's a vicious cycle. :doh
    17. Yeah individually the items I bought were reasonibly priced but I decided to buy them all at once as an outfit. Together they cost more then the doll I'm buying them for! That makes them "fancy" goodies to me. I am kind of thinking once the doll is in the outfit my interest in him might become even greater...I want to take more pictures but right now the motivation isnt there.
    18. When I got my doll, I really wanted to take her around without others knowing what I had. I ended up buying a carrying bag from dollmore. I splurged, and bought the double doll bag so I can carry her, plus another doll I just ordered. I also bought a couple expensive wigs.
    19. Hmmm...the first 'fancy' thing I got for any of my dolls...was probably a full-set from DollHeart (not that I can recall what it's called now)...I thought it fit Donovan perfectly. It was quite spendy and I was excited as I'd done numerous commissions to purchase it. After that one? EA eyes and umm....flip, it's been forever and a day since I bought anything @___@.

      Juubei got the DollHeart Fers in white and gold...so those count and I think she was happy but I was going to kick her butt XD;;

      Ah, yes...and for JD I got him a son (and a daughter @___@)....and recently upgraded the boy from a Cherishdoll Chubby...to a Peakswood Hucky *whistles* HES NOT SPOILED AT ALL. *ducks*
    20. A Dollheart outfit was my first "fancy" item purchase for my doll, too. <3 I bought "The Blue Autumn" for my first girl, and 7-ish years later I still have it and love it on her. Money well spent! I gotta say, Dollheart outfits are a great splurge. ;)