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The first SPIRIT girl doll -- asking for opinions~~

Jan 18, 2009

    1. Hello every one! :)

      We still remember there were people asking about the girl doll when we first put up the first SPIRIT DOLL thread in the artist subforum. Now it's the time for the first SPIRIT girll doll to be born!:lol:

      The first girl will be 68CM tall. We would very much like to have the opinions from you on the first girl doll! You can either describe the girl doll you like, or post the pictures of real people or dolls you have seen that gave you very deep impression. We will take your precious opinions into account when creating the first mould of the girll doll.

      Thank you very much!!:D
    2. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all do with a female Spirit doll!! :) Now that I have a SD girl I think things I would look for in my next purchase would be:
      • how well she poses [i'd like my dolls to slouch, twist, etc-natural positions]
      • the joints to be as seamless as possible[I hate!! when the knee hole shows- I really love how the Fairyland Minifees have the joint in the chest right under the breasts-you almost don't notice it is there!]
      • beautiful hands [I wish more female dolls had slight nails like Soom Onyx does:(]
      • an interesting face is more important than a beautiful one [ lots of beautiful dolls are already out but if she has something unusual/unique about her that makes me keep looking at her promo pics like a mysterious smile, full lips, unusual eye shape, etc then I am more likely to get her one day]
      • attention to small details [ I love when companies add veins in the hands-separated fingers and toes, slight musculature in the legs and arms-things like that]

      Those are just a few things that I look for :) Can't wait to see what you all end up doing with a female SD ^_^
    3. Hmmm.. Contrary to Puri I hate the look of the Minifee torsojoint and I'm more a sucker of the three part torso. But I agree with her about the hands!

      The only thing I really would like to see is a girl with a strong face that is still feminine. There are two many girl-dolls out there who have this everlasting smile on their face, but only a handful (or less) who seem to look like the can handle themselves. And íf they are strongwilled, they are mostly turned into boydolls, because their features are too masculine.
      I know this is a difficult one, but well.. one can hope.

      Good luck with your girl! I'm really interested to see what she's going to be like.
    4. I would love to see a taller girl with more realsitic proportions. Some of the girls that size have all the height in the legs, and it is so disproportionate that it is kind of rediculous. A nice curvy body with a little bit of muscle definition in the abdomen, upper arms, and knees. Also breasts that are not too large would be good (not eveyone is that well-endowed)

      I agree that she should have delicate and feminine hands with long nails.

      To her face, I think you have a great style in the heads you sculpt. I look forward to seeing what you sculpt for the girl. A serious girl with a long face and sharp eyes would be beautiful.

      We look forward to hearing updates on your progress of the first Spirit Girl! :)
    5. "or post the pictures of real people or dolls you have seen that gave you very deep impression."
      Tari Nakagawa maybe? I just love his/her work...
    6. I second silk's opinion and puri's other ideas. A female face that actually has character would be a no-brainer.
      Also more realistic proportions and details on the doll's body.
      I personally hate long fingernails, both on dolls and human hands because they look witchy and it looks like it'd hurt like HELL if it breaks. (plus it takes away its cuteness.. ugh. ) Remember: we're not eagles!! Or moles!! There's no need for such disgustingly long nails when we have no reason for them! (unless we're prededors/killers or likes to dig tunnels & stick close to the earth.)
      ^_^; sorry got side tracked...
      Can't wait to see the spirit girl!! :)
    7. I agree with the idea of a strong face with character that isn't too masculine. Also, a body that can pose as naturally as possible; especially posability in the legs!
      I like the idea of a feminine, elegant hand with longer nails. I have to disagree with the previous poster; I have very long fingernails myself, and no, they don't hurt if you break them, at all. (How would it? You don't have nerves in them...) I find them to be very elegant and sophisticated looking, perfect for a mature female doll that doesn't need to be cute.
    8. I agree on the "unusual"face: I would really like to see a doll with strong Asian features and a "delicate" sort of expression. Any kind of jointing, as long as she stands well, and poses well. A nice curvy body. small, slender hands and feet.
      can't wait to see her! :D
    9. I would also like to see a girl with definite and realistic Asian features that has some maturity (in other words, a young adult woman), with eye openings that are a realistic size, a graceful and natural looking body that is slender but has some modest curves (but not overly so) and good muscle definition, with long, graceful hands and nails. Elf ears positioned on the head so that they would stick out prettily from a wig would also be a nice touch. Good posing is also important to me. I wish the height was a tad less (65-66cm) but that's just my own personal preference. It's exciting that you are adding a girl to your line! :)

      best wishes,
    10. tehehe yes for strong characters!
      hmm, let me rephrase that: any type of attractive appearance gets witchy with long fingernail..lol please don't take this as offensive, this is only the general statement. (I only said cuteness because of those japanese teens attempting to mix those two -- lik trying mercury and water.....AND NO NOT BEING RACIST HERE EITHER, lmao, can't help but notice these things. Just search on the web..or look at my french teacher's nails. Oops, I meant the ones that aren't covered up with band-aids) :|

      can't say elegant hands can be even remotely close to claws, but on some ppl it sometimes actually is quite nice and useful. When you break a nail, it basically shakes your whole finger. The hard nails are actually dead compressed tissues that "grow" adjacent to the damn soft and sensitive tissues of the fingers. There are A LOT of nerve endings on the fingers (which is the most important instrument for the sense of touch.) (OUUUUCCCH!!!!! >_<;;)
    11. i agree with "most" of the above, i would love a tall, exotic woman with a healthy build, not overly muscular, but not model thin and anorexic. graceful hands and feet, a long aquiline nose (creating a strong profile). i would like her to be able to hold her own amongst all the new big guys that are coming out. i think there are plenty of "pretty little doll" sculpts, i would like something a bit more mature and "outside the box" type of thinking. if i find a picture i will add it later, can't think of an example right t the moment.
    12. !! that too! hahaha wouldn't say unsual, but not scarily perfect features is a great idea! And add ethnicity! :D:D
      well jointing should be fully mobile, though :)
      ouu sounds like an awesome doll!
    13. I would also like to see a curvy girl who is not too skinny. And please, don't make the breasts look like little dumplings pasted on her chest! It would be great to make her body to fit most SD13-sized clothes. The only existing 65cm+ girls I can think of all have a huge bustline which makes it hard to find shirts/blouses for them. Mature women can have normal-sized breasts.... right...?

      As for her face, I would love to see a face with African features (high cheekbones, full lips, a narrow face). A face like that would be lovely in both normal and tan resin.
    14. I look for character when I choose dolls. I agree with puri on the beauty issue - how there's tons of beautiful dolls out there, but not many with character. I'd like to see a face that is strong and confident, who can be beautiful without having the overly delicate features because that has been done to death. Also, one with bright eyes instead of soft/sleepy ones.

      I also would like to see the doll more stylized as opposed to hyper-realistic.

      Lastly, the body. She has to pose well without being floppy! I love seeing ingenuity when it comes to joints. I love seeing doll bodies with a lot of flexibility (I lust after fairly land bodies or the amazing flexibility of the Iple House Super hero body, wowza! If only they had resin to match my DOT girl TT_TT). I think we're all tired of having dolls who can only sit or stand pretty. We need the ability to do more dynamic poses without having to pop the arm or leg out of the socket, because it doesn't work very well or look very good.
    15. I'm in agreement with puri and loz64, on all points, and most of the other posts here so far.

      A stronger-looking girl with full lips and bright eyes would be great- a heroine type! A girl that looks like she can take care of herself next to the boys, but still looks feminine.

      Maybe you could give her two sets of hands: one with slight nails, and one without, to satisfy different tastes.

      Just as a sidenote, I'm really loving this doll line so far, they've all got personality, which is great! I'm sure you'll do a really good job on the girls too :)
    16. Oh, I forgot to add something I haven't seen so much in the SD girls that I think would be nice- I would love thicker thighs that aren't stick straight but more curved, slightly wider hips to balance out her chest and a round butt-one that would look good in low rise or tight jeans ^_^
    17. i'd like to see more realistic body shape, too many dolls with boobs bigger than the balance of the body needs.
      I agree with the more asian looking style face as well.
      I like 3 part torsos as the jointing makes the posing more natural.
    18. For my preferences:

      More realistic and less anime/manga style face.

      Cheerful looking (smiling) rather than miserable, pouty or neutral looking mouth. With fully open eyes.

      Body: I'd like a bigger doll that is a *child*, rather than more mature proportions and figure.

    19. I have a Spirit doll Thorn and I adore him, however changes I would like to see...

      The shoulder joint needs work to sit better into the body.

      I love Thorn's eyes, and think would look great on a girl. However lips that are not as wide. Alot of the Spirit dolls have wide/long lips.

      I would also like to see more of a 'button'/cute nose for a girl. The boys have rather strong noses right now.

      The jaw line on the dolls so far is nice. Not to pointy not to square.

      Delicate fingers. I perfer a large torso/breasts but would love to have the option of having small or big.

      High heeled and normal feet.

    20. For girl dolls, I like a realistic and striking, not conventionally "pretty" face. For example, I'd love to see a pretty girl with a big nose, that didn't look like a male doll in drag. Or more girls with striking ethnic looks other than Asian.

      I prefer realistic body proportions and busts that aren't too big. Since some people like larger busts, I think giving people the option of small or large bust is good. I'd also love to see this:

      I don't like too many female doll sculpts at all. I have a few favorites which are Elfdoll Lydia, Limhwa Half-elf and Domuya Fin.