The future is Wild

Sep 13, 2021

    1. So I was on YouTube(bad start already) and one of the videos I watched brought up "The Future is Wild" series and I started thinking(things continue to get bad) about the future of BJDs. More YouTube videos followed and I have to ask you guys, What is your wild prediction of BJDs in the future?

      SmartDoll has already pushed into our heads of having our dolls move and various artist have pushed the limit of size, shape and design. I am a anime fan first when all is said and done so I came into this hobby with Chobits and Angelic Layer in the back of my mind. My wild prediction for BJDs is a 1/6 scale robotic bjd with WiFi and a smartphone app/game. The BJD will be able to move, speak and do task similar to the google nest and even be considered a smart home accessory. I think the way we customized them will be a little different. Right now, resin eyes are really popular but in the wild future BJDs will have digital eyes that can change color/style via the app. The eyes will also be high quality cameras.

      Well...that's what I envision for a wild BJD future. My prediction might be off though, we might stay traditional as a hobby and ban the tech or go part way(like only the doll head it teched up). What do you guys think? I would love to hear and talk about your predictions.
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    2. Soom recently started installing some sort of chips in their newer dolls to be able to help better identify recasts. And another company that I don't remember the name of off the top of my head started putting elaborate designs in their heads with a thick clear resin layer over it so if the doll was recasted then that area would just be flat and not have the beautiful design hiding within a 'window' of clear resin. I really hope to see more anti recasting efforts such as these in the future. (And also I really hope someone is able to some day take down the biggest offenders legally! That's the main future goal I want to see.)

      3D sculpted dolls are getting a lot more main stream, some of which are even 3D printed in resin instead of the traditional casting. It allows more people to be able to sculpt dolls who otherwise might not have good sculpting capabilities when it comes to a clay medium. I'm all for this new wave of creators!
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    3. I didn't even think about the security of the hobby! I think that will definitely be big in the future. Which company does the clear resin layer? It sounds really cool.
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    4. My two Soom Petit Gem anthros I got this year have the can't-be-copied-by-a-recast tech feature. It said in the user guide that the micro chip or whatever the cellphone verifiable piece is, will last 20 years and can take fairly high temperatures. Meaning if you dye your doll (as I did one of mine) it will still work. Soom CoA's now have a authenticity verification QR code on them too. It would be great if more companies find or create ways to make their dolls and/or CoA's harder to copy.

      As a rule, I prefer my inanimate objects not talk to me. While voice activated home systems are impressive, I do not want one. I watch TV shows on my computer and listen to music on my phone, but talking or moving dolls freak me out. No, I have not seen that horror movie or that Twilight Zone episode.
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    5. I think BJDs will move toward biodegradable options. There's already 3D printing filament that biodegrades, which can be used for 3D printed BJDs, and I'm sure eco-resins will develop and improve over time.
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    6. Great... Now I really want to add a squibbon and a flish to my collection of oddball little creatures. Dream Valley or DC or one of the other companies who love to sculpt strange creatures need to get on that. :lol:

      (OT for dolls... but if you enjoyed Future is Wild, try to find copies of Dougal Dixon's After Man and Man After Man books. They're good fun and his creature designs are interesting.)
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    7. And now those companies are going to be hunting down this series for reference. But really, when considering animals like squids you think about movements and limbs. Maybe the BJDs of the future will evolve to have better joints. Think, BJDs the can hang from things with no wiring or joint modding.
    8. Self stringing dolls. Some sergers can do it. You stick the end of the thread in, hit the button, and a vacuum pulls it through. Or something similar
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    9. I think the material of BJD will be further improved, with softer materials, even temperature, as if it is real skin, and the size will be more diverse.
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    10. Affordable porcelain-like BJDs. XD (One can dream right? I love the material, but well it will stay a dream )

      Perhaps the BJDs would be able to talk, move, react, a bit like some robots now...perhaps they would even be able to do some chores for me? XD
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    11. Electronically moving BJDs would mean more components prone to break and more difficulties in replacing/repairing. And I don't think it would move well enough to pass the simple stages of "arm -> raise", "finger -> flip" or "head -> tilt", not with the technology we have at the moment normally marketed to consumer.
      Different materials would be a huge improvement, in my opinion, something lighter or more elastic, for example, but at the same time more stain resistant than the vinyl. I'm sure such material already exists but it's not cost effective. And I'd like to see a new kind of articulation skeleton based (I think the torso ball joints on the Dollfie DD-f3 is a great idea).

      Hey, why not a new kind of locking-string system? Something that you move and it stays there like a rock, and then, if you want to move it again, you have to gently pull/rotate/somethinelse to free the strings again. I know that certain companies introduced ridges or notches as locking mechanism in their bodies, but I'm talking about trying to find a new synergy between resin and string.
      But again, introducing complexity equals to introduce errors (read: more breakings).

      However, stringed dolls are around since forever, and I don't think that's going to change too soon.
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    12. Have you seen Quarto's serpent? I can imagine a squiddy-thing with tentacles each made like the serpent's body. That would be pretty cool. Hard as heck to string, but... cool.
    13. Haven't seen it but if it's anything like what I'm thinking then having a bjd partner would be required to attempt stringing it.

      Stringing seems to still be one of those lesser liked activities in this hobby. So stringing support is in high demand. Maybe looking at at traditional techniques for building things will come into play in the future. Slide and lock methods seems pretty cool.
    14. I might be in the minority, but I absolutely don't want technology in my dolls. I've never been a fan of toys that do stuff, not even as a kid. If it walks, talks, interacts, makes noise...that's a huge no from me. I really prefer to use my imagination for my dolls/toys, the idea of them doing things on their own is so unappealing to me, I'd probably never buy another doll if it got to this point. :sweat

      One thing I really do worry about for the future is how long companies/artists can continue to make dolls. Labor is hard to find right now in many areas, materials keep getting more expensive, recasters take money straight from companies/artists, shipping has gotten so much more expensive and is taking months which has caused some companies/dealers to have issues with people filing charge what point does it cross the line to not being profitable to make dolls? So many artists are already working with a very thin profit, I can't imagine they'll continue to produce dolls if they're only breaking even--or worse, paying to make dolls. I hope I'm worrying over nothing, but this does seem like a very real possibility in my head.
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    15. One of the biggest things I would love to see is mobility joints in the upper arms, not just the thighs. Some dolls have a good range of motion because their elbow joints are well sculpted, but some.... aren't and don't. So it would be nice to have more arm pose-ability.