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The "Hu Die Meng" Bermann - the story of "Hu Die Meng"?

Dec 6, 2005

    1. I only recently came across the Hound and Bermann dolls in a bout of avid doll researching and even more recently came across the "Hu Die Meng" Bermann.

      I absolutely love reading about Chinese history and the like and I really enjoy watching the TV dramas about various events in Chinese history. One of my favorite dramas is Bao Qing Tian and the theme song/ending theme song (I forget which since it's been years) for the series is entitled:

      "Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng"

      The translation for that is "Dream of a Butterfly Couple" and I believe that the song is inspired by Chuang Tsu's story, Zhuangzi. Not surprisingly, upon reading the information on the HDM Bermann, I found out that the inspiration did come from a similar source.

      When I saw the "Hu Die Meng" Bermann, the name immediately reminded me of that song and I can't help but think that the song - which is by now an old Chinese classic - was also a possible inspiration for the "Hu Die Meng" Bermann.

      At any rate, I thought that the connection was interesting and I thought that I might share it with you all, seeing as how a few of you own the HDM Bermanns.

      For all of you, I uploaded the song if anyone wants to listen. It's rather beautiful, I think. :)

      Anyway... Sorry this was rather OT. :lol:

      Here's a link to the song: Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng

      I hope you enjoy!

      I'd offer a translation of the song, too, but it's Chinese poetry and where it makes sense in my head somewhat, it makes little sense all typed in English. ^^;;;
    2. the beauty of mandarin lyrics.. they make song lyrics just fabulous and once translated, all the feeling is lost. thanks for the mp3.. i've always loved this song to pieces.. ah.. memories.
    3. You're very welcome! :)

      I absolutely adore the poetry in some of these songs and this particular song is no exception.

      And in case anyone was wondering, I ripped the song from my own Chinese TV Themes/Soundtracks collection CD. ;)

      Song is for evaluation purposes, etc. I'm not making any money from it and don't intend to. Just wanted to share something with everyone. :)
    4. Heh, this sounds like something my dad will like. He loves his Chinese songs! I'll have him hear it. :)
    5. I hope he does! My mother and father love this sort of music, too. :)

      I'm kind of curious now... I wonder if there will ever be a female version of HDM Bermann to match the male version. The song and story is about a Butterfly Couple after all.

      Or perhaps the artist was referring to HDM in terms of the philosopher/writer himself? Hmmmm...
    6. I have that song! always loved it. This song is from a series of chinese episodes that my parents watched and loved it. I hope they have it in english, I always want to know what each words meant.
    7. Beautiful song! Thank you so much for sharing it!
    8. You're very welcome! :D

      The song is inspirational and touching in more ways than one for me, and unfortunately, listening to the song is also really making me think of DollShe Hounds, too. :lol:

      The song sure seems to fit the mood of the HDM Bermann! I really wonder if the artist heard this song, too...
    9. thank you very much for posting this song! i heard it before, a long time ago when i was very young... ^^ think i must have watched bao qing tian on the local chinese tv channel too, hehe~

      i think the HDM bermann must have been based more on the philosopher zhuangzi's dream, rather than the story of the butterfly lovers...
    10. You're very welcome! :)

      I've read only part of the dream story, unfortunately, so I honestly don't know. Chinese isn't/wasn't my first language or even second at first, I'm abashed to admit, so reading the texts is a bit difficult for me.

      Now that I have more experience, I want to go back and reread the story.

      But I wonder why HDM Bermann would be named Hu Die Meng to begin with.

      Does the story itself mention Hu Die Meng or no? When I think of Hu Die Meng Bermann, I think of the song itself and the story in the song. I tried googling Hu Die Meng (in the pinyin and in the Chinese characters themselves) and I didn't see many other references that weren't about the song. :lol:
    11. Zadkhiel,

      One of the things I love about Anu's dolls is the fact they've opened up a whole new interest. I have one of Anu's first dolls, the San Shin Jujak. With this doll, I had to learn more about the lore and the history of the Chinese and Korean people.

      As for why Hu Die Meng..... Anu is picking "guardians" if you will, for her dolls' characters. Shinsengumi kurogatu is another of her dolls. I've been trying to get her to do the "Flower Knights," but no luck so far...^0^

      What a lovely song! I love it! ^^ Thank you so much. (I'm sure Anu's heard the song...) ^^
    12. That's absolutely fascinating! o^^o

      Thank YOU for sharing that information with me. It's amazing how history is intertwined with doll collecting and the like. I plan to look at Anu's dolls a little more closely from now on. :)