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The Importance of Naming

Jul 19, 2011

    1. So, I have ordered my first doll! After I clicked on the "confirm purchase" button, I immediately started thinking of names for her. I'm a name freak anyway, and I love thinking of names for future pets/kids/characters, so this is one of the parts of BJD ownership I am really looking forward to.

      I was throwing a few suggestions around with my husband, who also loves discussing names, and he suggested a name that happens to be the name of my great-grandmother. Now, I wasn't incredibly close with my great-grandmother, as she struggled with severe dementia through all the time I was old enough to know her (and she died when I was in high school). But regardless, I would feel weird using a "family" name for an inanimate object.

      At the same time, I wouldn't mind my doll sharing a name with someone I knew IRL (probably not a close friend but definitely a coworker or other acquaintance) whose name I really liked. I find names that I LOVE in all sorts of places!

      Hubs also suggested I use one of the names I have on my shortlist for future kids. Again, not sure this is something I am comfortable with. I wouldn't name a child the same name as I had already called a pet...I would imagine an older child would resent being named "after a doll".

      Some of the dolls on my wish list already have detailed characters and names planned out, mostly from my RP days. These names I am totally happy about using for my dolls and I think that these are great characters I'd love to develop into dolls.

      What about y'all? Where do you get your doll-naming inspiration from? Do you do themes, like mythology or floral names? Do you use names from old RP characters? Would you use family names, or names you'd also consider naming a child? Do you just look through name books/name generators? Tell DOA how your resin "children" get their monikers! :D As a name freak I would love to hear all your naming stories!

      ETA: My BBB Isabella will be named Marlo - I love the name, first heard it at college, and it's not a name hubs likes so it would never be a pet or a kid.
    2. I'm still figuring what to name my girl- I just ordered her today. *__* this is going to be difficult because I can never ever stick to one name for anything. Like my cat that we adopted from the shelter has like 7 different names from we call him. haha.

      But most of the time when I'm choosing a name I go by gut instinct on what name feels right when I call it out and seems to fit the most.
    3. I love naming my dolls ! :)

      Sometimes I'll already have the name picked out before the doll arrives.. but I've had a few cases where that didn't really work out. So, I know just wait to "meet" the doll and decide.

      I don't think it's terribly important to name a doll but it really makes a doll feel like it's your own and you can build what you think their "personality" might be like.

      I'll usually start by calling a doll by the doll-makers name like: Pong or Lumi or whatever (this especially works on Blythe dolls) and sometimes it sticks.
    4. I like having names for them before they arrive.That's how it worked out with my first doll, Vivica. My second doll, however, had a name, then my aunt and grandmother disapproved, so I reconsidered. She was originally going to be "Adelheid", then my aunt started looking through names with me and we had a list. From the list we agreed on "Aubree" and I wanted her middle name to be "Quin" and so she is.

      My third doll is actually a floating head. I didn't think of a name ahead of time. I was trying wigs on her, and when the blonde one worked, I took one look and said "Sophie". It didn't click right away, but I kept calling her Sophie and it stuck. ^^
      I have another head on the way though, so I have to start thinking of names again. xD Oh, gotta love the naming drama! But I do think it's easier to bond when they have a name.
    5. Like some of the other people on this thread, I had a character in mind when I bought my BJD. Crobidoll Yeon-ho fit his character perfectly, so I bought him. He was "Soren" from the beginning. (:
    6. With 3 of my dolls, I decided on their names after ordering them but before they arrived.

      For one of my boys, I had a very hard time coming up with a name for him, because at that time, I was busy and a little bit stressed about finals >_< I feel bad naming them after their mold name, but for Samuel, I just had a really hard time thinking of something that would fit him just as well, or even better than Samuel... but to no avail. It just sort of stuck since he was nameless, and I referred to him by his original mold name for such a long time already. But no regrets! :)
    7. For my first doll, Ophelia, I had a really hard time deciding her name. The debate in my head only lasted for several days, though. My boyfriend had suggested the name, the two of us have always liked it... but I thought it might be too mature for her. (TF Jasmine on immature girl body.) So I was saying "my Jasmine" for the first however long, and because I did not want it to stick, I finally decided I had to go with Ophelia. xD Now that I have her at home and I've gotten used to it, I have come to love the name for her.

      For Ophelia, I didn't have any character in mind, I just picked a sculpt I really liked, so in a way I think the naming process was easier. My next doll is going to be themed, so my names are more restricted. I want her to be a KOS-MOS inspired doll. So I'm not going to be able to name her just any pretty name, she needs a name that summarizes her character. It takes a bit more creativity to do that because I've got to think inside the box yet still come up with something unique, if that makes sense. xD

      All in all though, naming is so important to being happy with your doll. The whole idea of having a doll to represent you is giving it an identity. Without a name, it has nothing but a vague description.
    8. Robyn got his name before he even arrived! I had about 2 months to choose his name. I have also got planning to make one from scratch based on one of my OC's named Souryn. I like to have a name for them before they arrive (even though I only have the one right now)
    9. My first doll - I thought of her name before she arrived
      Second doll - I named her within a couple days from a list of names I liked and narrowed down to one that fit her.
      Third doll - Named her within the day she arrived. Her name just jumped out at me.
      Fourth doll - It's taken about a week and a half for me to finally decide on her name. I'd been tossing around her first name for several days though.
    10. I knew what each of my dolls' names would be either before or within a day after they arrived (I'm usually a planner when it comes to dolls characters)...except for one: my newest boy. I've had him for over a month now and he's still nameless...or rather, he's had many names (and a few different character types) that I thought would suit him but none have stuck more than a day or two. It's a weird feeling as I've never had this trouble with any of my other dolls. It's definately not a bonding issue; I love him to death. I just...have no idea who he is. XD It's like he's an unlockable character in a video game. Maybe I have to complete a few more quests or something before he reveals his true self. lol
    11. I had a lot of trouble when naming my first doll. (which happens to be a Dollmore Chami.) Her name kept chancing and chancing, and still, I was never happy with it. Even her characteristics kept chancing, and I just couldn't decide on anything.
      It had been almost two years when I just grew tired of my constant dissatisfaction and inability to decide things, so I just sat down with a notebook, a pen, and a big list of names. And so, my girl was named Vivian. That definitely took some time. |')

      My SOOM Aphan, Enar, got his name before there was even any certainty of me getting the doll in the first place. The doll bears such striking resemblance to a very dear OC of mine, I just had to get him. <'D I was just over the moon when I managed to gather enough money on time. (Dolls with time-limits on purchasing can be a bit tricky and so)

      I've been planning on buying one more doll, and then keeping a long, long break (unless SOOM spoils my plans again), and just focus on getting those few dolls I have into a condition where I can be completely satisfied with them. Well see what kinda circus will naming the next doll will be...
    12. With my Xaiver his name was decided like right whenI put his wig on but I have also had diffiulties naming dolls before, once it took me about a month to come up with a good name ._."
    13. I gave a name for my doll a month after her arrival
    14. Hmm... I haven't even got my very first doll yet, but i already got his name and persona... Including on what will he be wearing. xD
    15. I chose a name even before I got mine >w<'''
      Although when I eventually got him I realized it didn't suit his personality so I changed it.
      Personally, I would feel weird not having a name for my doll but that's just me... ><'''
    16. My Bobobie Mei (who will be ordered after Christmas) started off with the name Gwen, but I have changed my mind many times since when I started writing her story in May of 2010, and it will probably keep changing til the day she gets here. XD
    17. I'm a musical theater person, so that's where my dolls names come from. My Lati Yellow Lea is named Olive after a character in the musical "Spelling Bee". And I already know that I'm going to name my Soulkid Amy, (when I get her) Millie after the title character in "Thoroughly Modern Millie".
    18. Hmm, about half of the dolls on my wishlist have names and I haven't even purchased them yet. The same with the ones on their way to me. The names aren't set in stone just yet, but they're on my mind. If all else fails they have their mold names to go by till I think of something better.
    19. I have a list of names (representing members of a family based on a theme) that give me a starting point. Then when a particular doll sculpt I like has been bought... I figure out variations of the names on the list... and give the doll a name that suits his/her personality best.
    20. First of all, congruation with your 1st doll. I love to give the name to them but sometimes I was stuck into their characters & setting etc. I was thinking of my doll should be in this way but they're coming with another way. Since I got quite a lot experience for this, I decided to name them after they arrived.

      Some of them are still calling their model name as a nickname even I have given them the official one. Haha