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The inevitability of Doll Hordes

Jul 10, 2007

    1. I've noticed something. Dolls create hordes, or broods. Whatever you wanna call them... but they crop up.

      I got a doll. At this point, I knew ONE person who liked them, ONE person who hated them, and I didn't know if anyone else gave a damn.
      I am waiting on my second doll (and third), my friend who liked them has I DON'T KNOW how many, the person who hates them doesn't mind them and saw one the LIKE today, i'm giving a doll to one of my friends, and the others are quite interested....
      What is it about these dolls that binds people together in this way? How can they create a cult of people from those that even DESPISED them?
    2. I don't know, but I'm with you on the Horde thing. In fact, what was originally supposed to be a nicely organized site for pictures of my dolls is now titled "The Horde." :D I swear they multiply at night.

      And that's AFTER having sold about five of them to Griffonfeathers!

      It's... Insane!

      I keep looking around telling myself "nope, gotta weed out somewhere." And then I look at this or that face and it's saying "you can't sell ME..." How DO they do that?
    3. I don't think anyone despises them, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? :lol: What I think is that some people are a little more afraid than others to challenge the ideas imposed by society that liking dolls is childish, stupid or whatever... So they say that they don't like them because it's what they have been conditioned to say and think instinctively. Or maybe they just want to be mean :lol:

      I've showned bjds to other people and I'm absolutely sure some of them would buy them if it wasn't for the price :sweat Which is sad, because I wish I was in one of those hordes too! :lol:
    4. I'm amassing my own horde. People think the dolls are creepy from the photos we take and whatnot, or are afraid to touch them, but then I press Irian on them and let them play with her (Baron is offlimits except to those I can trust) and whatnot.

      Letting people hold them really helps. I have photos of Scott McNeil holding my Sydney and Jamie Bamber holding Baron, lol! I had people show up to Metrocon's doll panel Saturday night after seeing my dolls Friday or Saturday during the day...I've gotten one person to sign up on this site, and helped her and another new friend to choose the dolls they are now saving for *grin*

      I think dolls create hordes when people can hold them and see what they are about *grin* There's just something that most people can relate to...not sure what it is, but yeah.
    5. It's their secret dolly power--resistance is futile, you will all be assimilated ; )
      I got two people into bjds, and one of them hooked someone else. Plus, my dolls are taking over my apartment. I really didn't intend to end up with quite this many, and yet they continue to multiply. I might as well just give Frank my credit card and let him order all his friends and relations. And instead of finishing my own laundry tonight, I spent the evening sorting and organizing doll clothes. It never ends, I tell you.
    6. It happens. Its crazy. I started liking them, showed them to two of my friends. I now have 8/9, my two friends have three each. One friend got two of her friends into them. My other got at least five or six into them (even one girl who threatened to huck our dolls out the window the first time she saw them is now thinking of getting a tiny) Now between all of us we have a dollmeet of over 25 dolls in just our group and its only been a year. They're like a disease!
    7. Oh man, I have a friend who playfully suggests she will throw my poor doll out of the window whenever I mention him ^_^ but she isn't as hostile towards my owning a BJD as she once was, and she says that if she had that much money to burn she would think about considering getting one, haha. They are infectious beings, aren't they?

      I have my Elfdoll Red, my AoD Zi Yuan and my Iplehouse Soo Ri are on their way home, and I am considering getting a Bobobie, Dollzone or a Luts. I think the only thing keeping me from adding to my resin family is the amount of time you have to wait to get your doll >_<
    8. Horde, what horde? I've got 11 and erm...yeah, no-one I know really despises them. Most people I know want to hold them....or strip them... even my brother who used to like cower whenever they were around him will pick them up. I think they kinda grow on you...
    9. Heh, when I got mine today, mom just shook her head and said "You paid $180 for that?!" And then I made her hold him while I went to go medicate the cat. I think he's starting to charm her, though - she was suggesting old clothes for other dolls for me to make him try on and see how they looked and/or fit.

      It's some sort of freaky voodoo magic or something, I swear. xD Wonder how everyone else will react when they see him...
    10. I definitley ended up with a horde of my own... but you're also right about them infecting other people, too. :D

      I was "infected" after being shown my friend Minoko's El, Kaga. I'd had no previous interest in dolls at all...

      My friend Lori was the same way. She wasn't a "doll person". Until I introduced her to Harumatsu and Jen, and now she has four BJDs of her own. My god-daughter also has one of her own now, and we'll probably be getting my mother-in-law one for Christmas. ^_^
    11. I call it an addiction or a disease. A friend of mine got me hooked and out of sheer spite :) I've been hooking everyone I can. By gawd if I'm shelling out this much for a doll I don't want to be the only one!
    12. Eventually. My friend and boyfriend are quite interested, they'll listen to me ramble, and at one point my friend was saving for her own (until we decided to move...) so who knows.
    13. I wish I could make a doll-loving hoarde ;w;

      Alas, I just left school, there was one girl who liked my dolls, but could never justify spending that much one one. Another was terrified. She slapped my camera out of my hand and screamed when I showed her my Lishe o_o;

      Everyone else I know roll their eyes when I say the word 'doll'. They think it's a phaze that'll 'pass' &#172;_&#172;

      It must be really great though X3 For both parties! Knowing you've inspired something and finding something so beautiful you can hold and such like that before you have to buy it. ^_^ ~ &#9829;
    14. There's definitely a horde building up around me! I'm still the weird friend with 8 dolls, but now that my friends are starting to get them/consider getting them I can see the trouble starting... Haha, even my mom has an account on DoA, though she still says she's not getting a doll.

      I was infected through my LJ friends list, where it seems like 2 or 3 people got dolls around the same time and then suddenly everyone (me included) had one!
    15. Am I the person who likes them? XD
    16. I'm coming close to having a horde ^^; Four home and two more planned. I sucked a bunch of my friends into liking them, but not enough to want to buy one (or rather, they'd love one, but the price kinda scared them.) But they are forever pawing my dolls when I bring them to class. @_@
    17. LOL i don't have a horde yet since i'm only ordering my first doll in about a month....HOWEVER....i am already planning out the purchase of 3 more dolls....:doh ...i think i'm already sucked in....
    18. I bought my first doll in May. I now have 3 in hand and I am waiting for one. PLUS two more planned for. Eeek.
      A horde indeed.
      However, the only person I have passed the bug to is my sister who is saving for a doll now.
    19. It&#180;s their secret plan for world domination.
      They are taking over mankind... one at a time... ;-)
    20. I knew it! :|