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the Interference of Real Life

Dec 9, 2010

    1. Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed, but I didn't see it so I'm just gonna run with it!

      Anyway since the beginning of my interest in bjds real life has always found some way to interfere. It took me over two years to save up for Duncan and that was largely in part because real life would come knocking and I'd have to sacrifice some or a few times all of my doll fund just to make it by. And now the same thing has happened while saving for my IH Tatiana - real life has come knocking hard this time. Only I'm refusing to back down and so instead of being gone this time my doll fund is on a temporary hold just in case.

      So! I'm curious has this ever happened to any of you? Has real life every intervened and completely screwed up your plans for your first/next doll? Share your stories here! ^__^
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    2. Yes, saving is a hastle, especially if you're a teenager, I just got to order my first doll after a year of saving. Things like buying clothes, and school supplies affected my already low money count, not to mention my studies affect my money earnings. Since christmas is coming and I have to buy gifts, my doll money has become gift money, so no new dolls for a long time.
    3. Definitely! I had saved up a good $600 to go towards my first doll, about a year or so ago.
      I was so excited to have the opportunity to actually buy my doll.
      ( Originally I was interested in DOD Ducan, or Iplehouse Mars )
      However afterwards my mom had decided that it was up to me to pay for my plane ticket to where I was travelling.
      Because suddenly she couldn't afford it anymore.
      It was rather upsetting, and all of my hard earned money went towards something my mom couldn't afford.
      I finally have my doll now, but I had to wait an entire year because of that.

      At least you ended up getting your doll in the end, right? :'3
      So it was definitely worth the frustrating wait in the end.
    4. Real life is definitely getting in my way right now, I've been unemployed since May. :( The only reason I got my first doll + anything else I have for her is thanks to friends and family giving me birthday/Christmas money and things like that, and being able to use it since I am staying with family as I have nowhere else to go. That and my doll was secondhand to begin with. I'm hoping to have a job soon, though.
    5. Yes -sigh- I feel horrible. I was going to buy a head from a wonderful woman here on DoA and since I'm currently underaged, my money is at the will of my mother's paypal account >.> So one night it was, yeah sure, next it was no, and it went back and forth at least twice until I felt so horrible I just told the woman I couldn't buy it and couldn't go through with the deal.

      It was really horrible. I don't think I'm going to buy any dolls until I get out of my house ;_; -headdesk-
    6. I've had to wait two years to get my doll (who's coming home tomorrow). Both times I've been all right to get him were scrambled due to real life issues. It was really frustrating and disheartening to have to use money I put aside for dolls to fix my car, or whatever emergency that cropped up.
    7. Blahh, yes. Issues continuously pop up. I remember when I was trying to purchase my first doll back in '06, my chevy died...and died again..and again... And each time I'd have to spend money to get it repaired because something new would break with it. So my doll fund kept diminishing to nothingness. As for college, I ended up going a full year without buying any books for my classes which saved me about $1000, so I was able to buy another dollie. (Believe it or not, I actually survived without books! It took wayyy more effort than I thought, but in the end I was able to afford my dollie becuase of that).
    8. Yes it seems every time I think things are going smoothly something pops up. There is always something that needs done around the house. That is the rule of home ownership I guess. The fence needs repaired, a plumber needs called, the siding needs replaced ect to infinity. Or the car needs repaired somehow. Then my health has been iffy of late. I have gone from taking 0 medications to taking 3 different medications daily and visiting 2 different Doctors routinely. We have good insurance but it still takes its toll on my dolly funds.
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    9. Yeah...my money for dolly items and my saved money in general has been all used up. XP I'm jobless, and had to move yet again. This time back with my grandparents this past wednesday...I have to go back to counseling before I can go back into the workforce...since some things happened that really screwed with my head and messed up everything I had "fixed". ((A few screws came loose, lol))

      I was very lucky to get my first doll before everything tanked. Life happens. I am a strong person, and I will get back up on my feet again. Then I can save up again for my next doll. Priorities come first, life comes first, and you're health comes first. I try not to worry too much about getting my next doll, and I try to not get too upset. Eventually I will have that next doll, now is just not the time. Who knows, maybe he'll be even more affordable, or maybe i'll come across an even better one when I have the funds. <3
    10. For me, Saving up for my first doll wasn't a problem. ^^ I had just graduated High School and people were sending me money left and right! Now that I'm done with High School, moving on to college, I have no money as of late. D: I've been having to use my birthday money on household things like Toilet Paper and food ever since I moved in with my fiancee.
      ^^ Determination is key though. I want another doll real bad, but I need to take care of Audrie first. :P She isn't even finished yet.
    11. I intend to buy a doll this year and have to give up an overseas trip to put the money into my doll fund.

      I was about to place my order when the doll company started their X'mas event. I would be entitled to a free 1/4 size limited edition head with make up. But I am troubled. I have no use for that head (I only collect 1/3s) and I find it a hassle to trade or sell it. I'm trying to think how I can fit a 1/4 into my doll family of 1/3 size. Perhaps I should postpone my purchase...
    12. Ah yes, sometimes there are things that are just more important.

      I was going to buy a doll last spring, but visiting one of my best friends in Arizona ended up being a severe priority as she was having a really bad time, and spring break would have been my only chance to take a trip in the coming months. After that, I had to take some summer courses which really depleted my wallet.

      At least my collection has been able to expand recently. :)
    13. Yup, I know how this is! I have resin fever, but I have several large expenses coming up next year and I'm trying to be a Responsible Adult (TM) about it. It sucks. I'm contemplating selling off one doll to pay for other doll projects, which I can rationalize. Selling doll stuff to buy other doll stuff doesn't affect the budget the same way as, say, diverting a mortgage payment to get the SID I want. :)
    14. Only once. I was going to buy a SOOM Idealian Pangen, but my friend was in trouble. So, I helped her instead of buying him.
    15. Oh yeah, this hobby never interferes with my life but my life sure likes to bug my hobby! XD
    16. Yes, my life definitely does. I don't have much of a personal income, so I am only really able to buy one thing at a time (medium-large things I mean) so yeah, other life stuff gets in the way of my doll buying. Like new clothes, new camera and roller-skates are the things that are currently getting in the way.
    17. yeah, real life definitely gets in the way. i'm taking a major exam next year, and it's not the money that's preventing me from buying more dolls, but rather that if i do get a new doll, i won't be able to focus on my exams, and as such. no dolls until the major exam is over (next year ;_;). and then since i'm still a teenager, my parents are a major concern as well, because they don't like me spending money on dolls. or rather, so much money on dolls. :/

      then going out with friends or what also eats up my savings. but that's also kind of cos i know i can't buy anything until next year, and i don't feel all that motivated to save. D:
    18. Yup - I find myself wishing I didn't need food and other basic necessities to survive so I could just focus on rent, art school supplies, and BJDs. :) But since that's highly unlikely - darn well impossible - I just move and do what I have to. Then really bounce off the walls when I save up enough in my fund to get something I've had an eye out for.
    19. my doll fund are the most important. all my money goes for that unless i want a book or something. but that's not real big interference...
      so actually, it's my doll who interfer with my real life xD
      I pretty much never go out or need anything (live with my parents. they pay the bills, clothing and food), but it's always after I spent all my money on doll or doll stuff that my friends want to do something xDD
    20. My doll fund is very important to me and I'm so bullheaded that I refuse to let certain things in real life that can wait stop me from my personal BJD goals. I'm in the process of a layaway for my gorgeous Mase because I found him through another owner. I need to have at least $350 before I can do the first layaway since I'm paying two payments of $275 for him. Luckily, I don't have any bills for my place since I live in the dorms.