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Contest The Junky Spot PicSpam Contest: Win a free doll or doll-related item EVERY WEEK!

Feb 20, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      The Junky Spot Official Weekly PICSPAM Contest on Facebook

      That's right, we'll be giving away 1 doll or doll-related prize each week on our Facebook Page!
      Each week, there will be 1 winner! Win a doll or doll head or doll related prize each week!
      Contest starts each Sunday at 12:01am. Contest ends each Saturday night at 11:59pm.


      1) "Like" the Junky Spot Facebook page so you can post on the wall. THE JUNKY SPOT PAGE ON FACEBOOK

      2) Post a picture (or pictures) of your Junky Spot Doll(s) on the wall. You should title/caption each picture with which brand and model the doll is. No maximum amount of entries...post as many as you like, however YOU MUST POST INDIVIDUAL PICTURES, NOT ALBUMS. This will make it easier for the random judge to view all pictures at once.

      3) Check back once a week to see if you won! Results will be posted once a week (usually Monday or Tuesday the following week). Winners will have 1 week to claim prizes by emailing us at info@junkyspot.com


      1) Doll shown in images MUST be a FULL Junky Spot Doll, meaning body AND head. Please be prepared to give us the paypal email address used to purchase the doll. Secondhand/Thirdhand is fine, but you will still need to give us the paypal email address used to purchase the doll, or the credit card billing name of the original purchaser for verification. (the verification portion will be handled via email of course, not on facebook.)

      2) Original and unique submission images only. You may not have already posted a picture of your doll already on a prior week.

      3) All images taken by Emory and Emily will automatically not be part of the contest.

      4) Winner(s) each week will receive their prizes at no charge, including shipping.

      5) Some prizes will be "random", some will be annouced in advance.


      1) We will be asking 1 random judge per week to pick their favorite submission. Some judges will have absolutely or very little doll or judging experience. I will be requiring these judges to also give me notes to post on WHY they chose the winning image.

      2) As there are barely any rules, no theme, no subject manner, the only advice i will be giving is to make sure your images are clear, in focus, and of a decent size for the judges to view. A dark fuzzy photo will obviously not win. (unless it's a clear bright image of a dark fuzzy doll...hmmm.)

      3) The more your enter each week, the more chance for you to win. Currently, there are only a few images posted by users per week.

      4) The goal of this contest is to show off what our customers have done with their dolls. This helps inspires not only others, but newbies to our hobby realize what can be done with the dolls that we sell. We love seeing the characters you gals (and guys) have created, so we're encouraging you to share!

      5) Winners, timelines, questions, and comments will be handled in the DISCUSSIONS section of our Facebook Page.
    2. For the first week of submissions 02/20/2011 to 02/26/2011, the prize will be:
      1x Doll-Zone 44cm Scale Head: HID in white skin with random eyes, blank.

    3. For rule #2, does that mean that you can't post a picture of the same doll the next time (same doll, new picture) because that's how the rule sounds to me, but it seems a bit odd?
    4. yup, same doll each week is fine, although you can't post the same IMAGES in future weeks.

      Also, week 1 just closed, will be posting the winner Sunday on our facebook page.

      Week 2 just started! Prize for this week is: Elfdoll 2.8cm Seed "Sissy"!
      http://www.junkyspot.com/IMAGES/MISC/fbpicspamweek2.jpg for the image.
    5. Week 4 just started! I didn't post Week 3 because it involved an OT doll as the prize.
      But this week's prize is a free pair of MSD sized Doll Heart shoes :)