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The Keychain Shoe Report! Which ones fit, which ones don't!

Dec 1, 2004

    1. I've heard some people using these as doll shoes... any information??
    2. They were used on msd size/type dolls. *seen pics of them somewhere*
      But, I wonder if those keychains only come in left or right foot, but not as pair.
      If I remember correctly, there's a trick to sliding in your doll's feet in them
    3. They don't come in pairs, but there are right and left shoes. I just got some of these today, and noticed something you might want to watch out for. One shoe fit nicely, but the other was too narrow. :\ Apparently, the widths vary from shoe to shoe.
    4. Brought Maya w/ me to Old Navy. Thank goodness, cos I couldnt get her big feet into those Ugg Boots for the life of me!
    5. I've heard they don't fit the MSDs. They do, however, fit my Unoa. The size on the shoes is variable though, one fits really well on her with or without socks, the other one fits wonderfully without socks but takes a TON of tugging to fit on with socks. I bought the slip on shoes, haven't tried the Uggs.

    6. Here is Jeremiah Blue in her hot pink Old Navy Uggs. I did have to slice them down the back pretty much all the way to get them on, but as you see, for a photo they look great!! I also cut out a good portion of the fleece that was stuck down inside, then stuck the rest back in - doesn't show, and made the boot bigger. ANd please note, Jeremiah's feet are wider than my two DOD girls, yet they DID fit her as you see.
    7. Oh dear... How confusing. O___O I just wanted to pop in and get some so she doesn't have to meander around barefoot.

      I guess I'll get two of them and make sure they're the same....and the bigger of the ones there.
    8. I am pretty sure (I could be wrong but...) that somebody posted their DOD in the little flats. Hm. Well the uggs fit for sure! :grin: And OHHH the slippers, the slippers are ADORABLEEEEE.
    9. Well. Odette is my Christmas gift... :oops: I didn't want to ask for any more besides just her and the face-up. But I do Wanna get her some shoes! Especially the uggs/emus(I have the kind that are called Emus. They're tan.) Cause I luv em. But the Slippers sound adorable too!

      ...I think there's a doll shop close to my house... I wonder if they have anything? (Probably not. But who knows??)

      I've also seen little shoes like that at Claires... I wonder... O_O; I can't wait until Odette gets here to buy them! I better just get them now...
    10. They fit Unoa Purrfectly! Got 2 pair...and the fuzzy slippers too - although they are a tad big
    11. I have a DoD and I had no problem getting his feet into them. They're a bit hard to get on the first time, but then they stretch out and it becomes much easier. It's certainly worth the $6 for a pair! :D
    12. Hi!

      My Volk's Super Dollfie Cute (Kaede-"Sugar") perfectly fits into the fuzzy slippers, and one set of the ballet flats, but the Uggs boots will need to be cut down the back, and the zori style sandals are too short. The fuzzy slippers are consistantly sized, and the Uggs looks to be as well, but the ballet flats vary in width and the dark ones can mark your doll's feet unless you put them on over hose. Since Kaede-Sugar is the only BJD I have, I can't speak to other models, but from comparison pix posted here, her feet seem look to be about the same size as Mini Super Dollfie. All the shoe keychains I found were $2.99 or less so...Happy Shopping! :lol:

      Hugs! Juli DC :grin:
    13. Well, I wanna get her slippers. =3

      What's this about Ballet Flats?? TELL MEHHH!!
    14. **SHER FAINTS OVER THIS PICTURE** where did you get the HELLO KITTY lunchbox? she is adorable! **SHER FAINTS ALL OVER AGAIN**
    15. Wake up Sher :::administering smelling salts:::: I will share my secret.....5 and Below....a new store (in my area anyway) right next to my Old Navy store. Its so much fun...cool stuff I will never go to a dollar store again.
    16. Everyone that has these shoes could you post pics. I don't have an old navy where I live and the website doesn't have these there. How much were they? Did anyone try out the one's from claires. If I get the chance I'll check out claires but I don't have my dolls yet to try them on. I'm getting too and bee-a and I'm obsessed with shoes for them. so I'm definitely interested!! Thanks to anyone who can put up pics!
    17. okay it's me again... Lolly first of all SQUEE there is a 5 and below in my TOWN! if I wasn't already in my monkey flannel pajamas I'd be there!!

      And here are pix of the Old Navy shoes I have. I only have uggs and slippers. They are $2.50 each, so that's $5 a pair. Of course dollmore uggs are I'm sure MUCH better, you have to split these etc to get them on a MSD sized doll, but for $5, no shipping, it's really not too bad and I think they look great. The slippers fit Sabrina too (CH Choa); her foot does kinda hang over, but for pix/display, I thought they were fine. But they DO fit Jeremiah Blue perfectly. Lots of fun colors, they had bright green, hot pink, and white I think.

    18. OMG, Sher - where did you get those black & white striped stockings for Jeremiah?
    19. Aren't they CUTE??! I got them from freakydizz on ebay, dizziness here (??) I think... they are awesome. Stretchy, fit really well, stay up. And actually they are dark grey and black, she didn't have black and white. I am addicted to stockings.