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The Latidoll yellow clothing thread

Jul 11, 2006

    1. I'd like to compile a list of clothing that can fit Lati yellow. They are 16cm tall dolls, but their heads are so large compared with their bodies that it's difficult to make out what other doll clothes could fit them. Has anyone tried Blythe clothes on them?
      How about other clothes that fit? It would be great to have all this in one thread.
    2. Some short sleeve blythe t-shirts fit, and some sleevless tops fit like knee legnth dresses. Blythe pants would be too long, but some of the shorts fit okay. I have tons of blythe clothing so if your there's anything else you want to know, just lemme know . :daisy

      The remco heidi shirts fit, but I'm not sure about the pants...
    3. Yes I would like to know this too! And shoes >.< I desperately need shoes!
    4. My LaTi Yellow can wear clothes that fit Helen Kish's Ellery, and shoes that fit Kish's Riley. There are not a lot of Ellery-sized clothes available from stores. This fall another small Kish doll the same size as Ellery will arrive. (Her name is Jessamyn.) Maybe having two dolls this size will cause more clothing to be designed and made available.

      There are lots of Ellery sized clothes on eBay, but sometimes I think they are too infant-like for my LaTi Yellow.

      It's hard to find just the right size and look. I think I need to remember how to sew ... :roll: ... right after I clean up the mess that surrounds my sewing machine and everywhere else!!! *_*

    5. I discovered a great source for clothing patterns that are made for Helen Kish's Ellery doll, and therefore should fit Lati Yellows nicely, either with no adjustments, or with very minor adjustments:
      OR you can try this address for the home page: http://stores.ebay.com/D-Zinerclothes4dolly (look under "patterns for Ellery Kish").
      This will be a wonderful source of patterns for people who can sew. The site has Ellery-sized patterns for both boy's and girl's clothes. This same seller ("Eli") also sells Bitty Bethany-sized patterns, which fit Latidoll Green or Petite Ai. I've bought patterns from this seller before, and the patterns are pretty nice.

      When you say that they "can" wear clothes for Ellery, does this mean it is a perfect fit, or does it mean that the fit is not perfect? For example, are the clothes too large in some areas, too long, etc? Thanks for your response.
    6. i am finding that he lati yellow miel fits in a number of stacie (of the barbie family) outfits and knockoffs...not the shoes, but there are many ebay sellers who sell 24/25 shoes in a variety of styles and colors...i'm waiting on coco, so my two girls will half to fight over clothes...looks like i'll be sewing a lot more myself! :chibi
    7. Hi, SnowSong,

      I have been very happy with the fit of the Ellery clothing on my LaTi Yellow, but I have tried only dresses, no pants. Bonnets are much too small, though.

    8. I just got my Lati Yellow, and made two dresses for her using patterns for the Ellery Kish doll. They fit perfectly with no adjustments! EDIT: I later bought a dress made for Ellery off of eBay, and it fit perfectly (except for the hat, of course). It's like Ellery clothes were made specifically for Lati Yellow ... It's great!

      Shoes for Lati Yellow
      Riley-sized shoes fit Lati Yellow. These are shoes for the 7-inch Riley doll by Helen Kish. Riley shoes come in 2 sizes. Size 28 if the shoes are worn with socks, or size 25 if they are worn without socks. This is how it is with Lati Yellow, also. Size 28 fits Lati Yellow only if they are worn with socks, otherwise size 28 would be too big and fall off their feet.
      Size 25 fits them perfectly if they aren't wearing socks. I'm finding that I like the size 25 shoes on them better than the 28's.
      I have lots of Riley shoes, so I've been able to try these sizes on my Lati Yellow to check the fit of each size.
    9. I have many Lati Yellow items on my web page. Go take a peek. I will be updating the outfits (adding Easter items) later in the week.

    10. thanks for all the info!

      i've seen photos of lati yellows wearing kelly (barbie's relative) clothes, for what i can gather it is a bit thight but it looks ok.
    11. Gosh, Yellow Lati could never fit into Kelly's clothes. I have written 7 books on Kelly clothes, she is about 2" shorter and much tinier than my Lina. I will try to take a photo of them together this week. Just finished making 20 t-shirts for Kelly, the pattern I have for Lina (yellow lati) is almost 2x bigger. I think some of the Kelly Klone dolls MAY fit Yellow lati though, they are larger, and sometimes they are beside the Mattel Kelly dolls. Lati whites are the same size as yellow latis though, about 10 cm or 4" tall.

      So many dolls, so little time.

      Mary-Lee :-)
    12. I think you mean Lati Whites are about the same size as Kelly, not as Lati Yellow!
    13. The new "Amazon" Kelly's clothing will fit Lati Yellow. You can only buy the clothed dolls, there are no clothing packs yet, but she's a new 5-6 inch size that was released last year by Mattel. I usually find them at Target or Walmart.

      Walmart also has a line of little Brass Key porcelain dolls in heart-shaped clear plastic boxes (I'm not home or I'd give you the name of the line), and their clothing will fit Yellow. There are about seven different styles, and they're less than $10.
    14. Yes, I have tried my amazon 6" Kelly clothes on my Lati yellow, and they do fit, although they have different shaped bodies so not everything will fit great - but so far so good.

      Lati white, mine is on order, but I won't have it for a few weeks - and I can tell you for sure then.

      I had forgotten there were 2 sized Kelly dolls. Funny, I have pattern books for both, I should have remembered about the big one.

      Some days . . .

    15. i found this other photo:


      i dont know there were different sizes of kelly dolls, apparently these clothes are from the 6'' doll.
    16. Yes, there is now a 6" sized Kelly doll and her clothes do fit Lati yellow. The original, smaller kelly doll clothes do not fit.
    17. I have the larger 6" kelly - I think 6 of her (all that were made) I had just forgotten about her.

      Yes, I will have to raid her waredrobe for my Lina (lati yellow).

      Thanks for reminding me. I do have many things for both dolls on my web page. Guess I have too many dolls!!! Can't keep track of what fits who!!

    18. The photo in the flicker album shows her with tennis shoes. Are those Kelleys shoes also?
    19. No, I'm guessing they're Blythe tennis shoes. The Kelly ones are too small, I'm hoping they'll fit my Bobobie.

      I think that's the set with the little red wagon in it. It has a skipper-sized doll in it as well.