The Lonely BJD Planet - (Google Map Dollie BJD Shop Guide)

Jul 1, 2011

    1. Hello dollie folks!

      midspace & I have put together a public Google map that marks BJD related physical stores (as opposed to online shops) around the world.

      LINK: The Lonely BJD Planet

      These are stores that carry resin-cast BJDs as well as vynil BJDs (such as Obitsu, Dollfie Dream, Azone, etc). Some of the stores we have listed may not have a focus on BJD, but we've included them anyway as they may have accessories & clothes that you may find of interest for your dollies.

      If you can contribute to our map (either to correct existing info or to add a store profile), please contact us by way of the Private Messaging or post your information in this thread.
      But please provide us with specific information (we cannot use vague descriptions for example: "there's a shop at the bottom level of this mall, in this suburb, you get to it using this bus route") instead please provide us at least with the:

      (1) name of the shop
      (2) website
      (3) official street address

      Thank you for your attention!

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    2. This is awesome, it should be stickied! XD

      I'm not sure if it is a physical shop or not (I'm sure someone here knows XD) but Fairyland's address is this:

      #201 songeun / B D2-1, donam1-dong, sungbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
    3. Thank you! we've got a few other additions as well, please be patient while I get our "technical boy" (midspace) to put all the info in.
    4. Should some more of the Mandarake shops in Japan be included aside from Nakano Broadway? They're not exclusively dolls, but some of the locations do carry second hand dolls and clothing. I'll get the addresses of the best ones and send them if you'd like. There's one in Osaka that I'm thinking about specifically.

      EDIT: Here's the websites to the locations I had luck finding doll stuff in. I didn't have a lot of luck getting the English addresses. I might have them in my files, but it will take a bit of time for me to find them. I'll put the Japanese addresses in, since at least they're searchable on the maps.

      Mandarake Grandchaos (Osaka)
      This one was actually pretty good. Good deals on second-hand clothing. Some dolls in stock.

      Mandarake Shibuya store
      31-2 Udagawachō Shibuya-ku B2 fl, Shibuya Beam Bldg
      this one had a couple dolls in stock, but very, very little in the way of clothing/wigs/etc.
    5. @Edtel: Yes that's fine :D Just send it to Helene. The more the merrier :)
    6. Please pm us with this infrmation as long as its up to date and accurate, it would be so great thanks! We havent been able to verify if the mandarake shops indeed do this.
    7. Mandarake Akihabara Complex also has second-hand BJDs, clothes, and the Himekazura wigs. The address they give is 東京都千代田区外神田3丁目11-12 (which I think would translate to 11-12 Sanchome, Sotokanda, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)

      Les Golfes is a doll shop that imports and sells Volks standards. They're at c/ Diputació 256 Barcelona, Spain.
    8. The doll market in NC carries various BJDs, clothes, and some OT dolls like blythes, momoko, etc.

      Doll Market
      4215 High Point Road Greensboro, NC 27407
      (336) 632-4600
      (sadly their website isn't as easy to navigate by doll size/brand any more, at least clothing wise)
    9. thank you! they have been added
    10. We need more stores in South Korea. Can anybody contribute meaningful information?
    11. A small contribution to the shops in Taiwan

      :) Doll’s Villa
      [FONT=&amp]Address[/FONT]: [FONT=&amp]台中市南屯區文心南二路[/FONT]431[FONT=&amp]號[/FONT]
      [FONT=&amp]Phone[/FONT]: 04-23800851
      [FONT=&amp]Open hours[/FONT]: 13:00~20:00 ([FONT=&amp]準時開店,[/FONT]每週一公休)

      :) Summersister:
      How to get there photos:
      Address: [FONT=&amp]台北市西寧南路[/FONT]72-1[FONT=&amp]號[/FONT]5[FONT=&amp]樓[/FONT]1[FONT=&amp]室[/FONT]([FONT=&amp]西門町新宿[/FONT])
      [FONT=&amp]Phone[/FONT]: 02-23897796
      Open hours: 14~21:30
    12. Added:
      "Mandarake Grandchaos (Osaka)"
      "Mandarake Shibuya store"
      "Mandarake Akihabara Complex"
      "Les Golfes" Spain. Streetview pinpointed exact location.
      "Blue Fairy Cafe" Korea. Thread 475000

      Not added:
      "Mimiwoo". Their listed address is an office. They do not have a physical shop. [CONFIRMED with Mimiwoo]
      "Fairyland" Korea. Confirmed as Workshop (ie., factory). No sales. No showroom.
    13. There is a slightly BJD related shop in Philadelphia PA (USA). I say slightly, because they are technically a toy store, and for dolls that they do have, they mostly deal in fashion and antique dolls. They do carry a lot of clothes and wigs and shoes, and other accessories that are suitable for BJDs though (mostly Kish and Berdine Creedy).
      And as far as actual BJDs, they do have some Bishonen House guys available. I dunno if they are a dealer or not though, as I've never bought a doll through them before.

      -Happily Ever After
      -1010 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

      (215) 627-5790

    14. According to this page,
      Their address is:
      713 W. Main St.
      Jamestown NC, 27282

      o01101011, where did you get that Greensboro address from?
    15. In Bangkok, there is a shop selling BJD items (and occasionally a BJD or two) in JJ Mall, Chatuchak.

      Bambino Dolls
      2nd floor, JJ Mall,
      Kamphaeng Phet 2, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

      There's also Monaeglow in Chatuchak Market itself, but I haven't personally been there - the market is a seriously confusing maze! :XD:
    16. Added:

      "Summer Sister" [Taiwan]
      "Doll's Villa" [Taiwan]
      "Nine9Style" [South Korea]
      "Happily Ever After" [USA]
      "Bambino Dolls" [Bangkok]
      "Monaeglow" [Bangkok]

      Thanks for your contributions! Please add more if you know of any.
    17. That Nine9style in Korea was that the physical shop in Hongik University? According to their announcement page they have opened one in there
    18. Yes, this is the only Nine9 Style shop.

      There are images of their new shop in the following posts on their website.

      Please note they appear to stock items from the following manufactures in the store; "Ajumapama", "PrincessDoll" and "Sadol".