Update The Lucky Bag Event Extended + New Sets Of Bags [DOLK]

Feb 21, 2020

    1. Good News "Lucky Bag Event Extended"
      We would like to inform you that we extend the lucky bag event until Feb. 29.
      We also added some new sets of the bag.
      Don't miss it, get them now!

      We are offering our 2020 lucky bag to those lucky customers who want to order within January 24 - February 29, 2020.


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    2. Are the new sets of bags added onto what is already being sold? :0
      Edit: Idk if that made sense lmao like restocking what is already there
    3. What does "doll sets" mean? Is it a doll with a fullset outfit and accessories? Or is it more than one doll?

      Are the outfit sets a single fullset outfit or is it a mix of clothing and accessories?

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    4. This is pretty much what I was wondering, too. Is it a blank doll with some random clothes tossed in, or an actual fullset?
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    5. From what I read about last year's bags, they come with a Faceup and eyes. But I highly doubt we would get a full set! I'm assuming just the cheapest clothes in stock in that size. Could be wrong.
    6. Sorry for the late reply, we just back from Day Off! Every lucky bag has an Icon of doll or Outfits/Dress
      and Yes doll set is a full set doll with a dress, outfit set is a mix of clothing and accessories and some of them are really a number of fullset outfits.
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    7. just so I completely understand
      The ones marked outfit sets can be doll or outfit? or is it just clothing/accessories?
      The ones marked doll sets are doll plus random outfits?
    8. Hey! When will the doll lucky bags be shipped please?
    9. The one's marked outfit sets are it just clothing.
      The ones marked doll sets are doll plus outfits.

      After you order and paid it will ship ASAP, one's we already confirm your shipping address and if we already had a schedule for shipment. Usually every Tuesday or Thursday of the week.
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