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The Majority of your Doll collection is which size?

Jan 22, 2010

  1. Mecha Angel/SSD/Hound

  2. SD

  3. MSD

  4. Yo-SD

  5. Tinies/BB

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I love seeing polls, so I know I'm asking a similar question to other topics.

      However, this is not for PLANNED doll collections, this is about your doll collection as it IS RIGHT NOW.

      For example: I have a lot of MSDs and SDs planned to join my doll collection. However, at this very moment, the majority of my collection are tinies.

      The question is:
      What doll size makes up the majority of your collection right now?
      - not including floating heads (or bodies for that matter)
      - And not including any dolls you plan to add to your collection.
      - Any dolls on layaway or in transit also do not count.
    2. Good idea for a poll! I have four SDs and two Minis, so the SD guys win!
    3. At the moment it's Yo-SD ^_^
      But that'll change :3
    4. Haha... nvm. I can't read. xD
    5. Six big boys and one Mini. Heh. Poor mini. He'll be re-homed into a JDelf in the near future. ;) I just love the Presence of the big ones.
    6. Nope, sorry! Just the ones with bodies... I have a head or two I couldn't count.
    7. Both my girls are MSDs. :)
    8. I've got three SD's (and that's about all I can carry around with me so it'll have to stay that way for awhile. ^_^)
    9. SDs are my first love but recently the tinies seem to be accumulating around here. I tried MSDs but ended up selling them as I never could really get into that size. I'm a bit disappointed in all the super large dolls coming out now as I don't have the space for them & don't want the expense of yet another size of clothing.
    10. Mine are about evenly split between the first two groups, but I went with the bigger of the two. I have very few under 65cm with the EIDs and Super Gems and Mecha Angels all loafing about.
    11. 4 sd and 1 msd.. (and another comming in.. but still sd's ftw)
    12. If I don't count my floating heads and incoming dolls, I have 7 SD and 6 70cm dolls. (and 1 tiny)
      But if I would count my floating heads and incoming dolls, I would have more 70cm dolls. :lol:
    13. I have two SD's.
      Love it from the first sight:)
    14. Mostly SD's, even the floating heads but since you've specified that they don't count, Sorry Lucas. xD

      I have:
      1 Mecha Angel
      3 SD's (plus one SD size floating head)
      2 minis
      1 tiny, but she could possibly be getting sold soon.
    15. I have a little bit of everything, but mostly SD sized dolls. I like the size. ^_^
    16. Not counting the floating heads, I have three SD's and 1 MSD.
    17. I've got 15 SDs to 5 Yo-SDs, so the big guys are definitely in the lead! :)
    18. Not counting heads or incomings, I have one SSD, one SD, four MSDs, one YoSD and two Tinies! MSDs win this round.
      I don't have a preference... I love them all the same!
    19. I should add myself in - not including heads, I have: 1 SSD, 1 SD, 2 MSD, 3 Yo-SD and 6 Tinies!
    20. I have one MSD at home, and One MSD on the way!~!~