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The mods can't read your private conversations unless...

Nov 8, 2008

    1. ....you send them directly to us!

      You may not have noticed, but when you receive an email notification from the forum (either for a PM or reply to a subscribed thread), it says "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL" several times in large text.

      In order to reply to a thread or PM, you must log in to the forum. By replying to the notification email, you are sending your response directly to the moderator's email inbox, which is checked and read frequently. :doh

      Please remember not to reply to PM notifications. Our PM system does, by and large, work when used correctly. But if you reply to the email rather than logging in to the forum, the person you are replying to will not get your response, which could be problematic for a Marketplace transaction.

      Thank you!
    2. I'm bumping this because we're been getting a lot of people replying to PM Notifications - please don't do this. Your responses are NOT getting to the appropriate person and it's no doubt contributing to people claiming that the PM system doesn't work. It does work, you just need to use it correctly. :sweat
    3. Bumping this again. Please do not reply to PM notifications unless you actually want your messages going directly to the moderators. Thanks. :daisy
    4. *bump* Gave it a snappier title in the hope more people will read this. ;)

      Please don't reply to PM notifications!
    5. *bump* We're getting a lot of people replying to PM notification emails again.

      To reply to a PM, you MUST log in to the forum. If you reply to the email, your response will go to THE MODERATOR'S EMAIL, not to the person you are trying to contact. This is not "the PM system being buggy" and disrupting your sales; this is the PM system being used incorrectly.
    6. Bumping this again.

      Please remember that replying to ANY forum notifications (PMs, thread subscriptions) will only send your content to the moderator's email. You MUST log in to the forum to reply to PMs or threads.