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The most attractive bjd you've seen?

Nov 1, 2014

    1. So I was just wondering about the most beautiful bjd you've ever seen. Like if this doll came to life they would be a famous model and everyone would want to date them. If you could include a picture that would be great too! [emoji4]

      ~meow [emoji74]
    2. Doll Love's Ruoyi for sure. Her eyes are just so gorgeous and she just looks so refined and perfect ? I'd upload a pic if my phone would just cooperate :/
    3. Dreaming Vamp e\Elf El, in ws, not sure who did the face-up or who was the owner.
    4. Oh, Soom...stop it, you. Hyperon, Hornblend, Gluino, and Puss-in-boots all have features I find attractive for different reasons. Any one of then would make drop-dead gorgeous male models. I know it's not quite the answer you were looking for, but I honestly have yet to come across one sculpt that bests these four in my mind. And for women, Supia's gorgeous ladies can't be ignored. Haeun, Ariel, and Rosy are my personal favorites.
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    5. Personally I find that the most attractive male BJD is David Kuncci of Dollshe craft, he's perfect! *.*
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    6. Fifth Motif GooHwa and Soul Doll Onulharu. I'm a sucker for realistic, asian-looking sculpts.
    7. I have not yet, but one day maybe my prince will be finished and he'll woo the world!
    8. Iplehouse EID Asa.
      Gah! Too beautiful to be alive!
    9. The most beautiful BJD I have ever seen, and ever will, is Aaron St. James's Custom House Choa named Audrey. I immediately fell in love with this girl upon seeing her, and I think it's because she reminds me of Amy Lee (Lead singer of Evanescence), who is someone really important to me. Audrey has everything on my "perfect" checklist. Pale skin, dark hair, light eyes, and a full figured body.
    10. Tough one but I think I'll have to go with SOOM's Mecha Angel Saiph.
    11. It's a doll I'd never own since I'm impartial to the size, but Luts Magical Twins Fia always strikes me as truly beautiful doll.
    12. Fifth motif Venitu, he has a perfect hands, perfect body and unique head sculpt :3
      And some Soom doll, 'cause I love the fairy tales so so bad :3
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    13. It's hard for me to decide.. I know so much beautiful sculpts. But I think it will be Peak's Woods Goldie (not the wake-up version but the normal version). I still hope to get one someday, she's really magical to me.
    14. God, I've seen so many beautiful bjds. It's hard to pick one as the most beautiful. The ones I like each have something about them that's attractive. What I will say is that they all have a realistic sculptural theme in common. To answer your question-at least somewhat-I will say that the most attractive dolls I've seen belong to Iplehouse, Granado, Crobidoll, Migidoll, and Soom. Limhwa gets an honorable mention, as does Angell-Studio. Oh, and I can't forget Dollshe! If you want me to name a specific doll, I'll choose one from my long list of beautiful dolls: Iplehouse EID Yur. I do want her, after all. :wiggle
    15. Soom Dia boy. I don't want to own SD's, but omg, Dia is hawt!
    16. This is the hardest question ever, I don't think I could just pick one. Soom Dia boy, Hyperon, Ender, Gluino, Heliot, Dollshe Saint, and Iplehouse Eric are gorgeous males in my opinion.
    17. Dollclans Kien. *A* Before I had one and before I even had plans to get one, I would aleays go to their site to look at all the different photoshoots they did with that sculpt.
    18. It's so hard to choose one but for me I think Nabarro Booth is gorgeous. Maybe because of all the images I've seen of how people have styled him/her to bring such exquisite personalities to the sculpt.

      To me a sculpt I didn't give a second glance to can change totally how much I love the doll with how the owner has customized it. That's why I love to do image searches on a doll I'm considering and to see the pictures that people post here. Unfortunately I always seem to be too late on a preorder like I was for Booth. So I'm still trying to find that bjd that is truly exquisite to me that I can actually own.
    19. Hyperon. I love him with blonde hair and blue eyes. The first time I saw this doll I immediately thought I wanted and I should have him with me.

      I like especially how his eyes seem upset by something he can not solve and how his lips appear to be always ready to say something.

      His face is a perfect combination of softness, gentleness, manliness and even innocence. He seems perfectly ready to love.

    20. Soom amber should come to life and become a super model omg *-*