The Most Disappointing Doll

Sep 22, 2020

    1. I think we've all had at least one doll that we were really excited about but, after opening the packaging, you felt really deflated. And I'm not talking about a doll that was damaged in transit or was not the one that was advertised. I'm talking about the doll that arrived perfectly but, for some reason, it left you feeling disappointed. What doll was it and what happened with that doll?
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    2. Oh god I did - Iplehouse Owen, got him right after release, opened him and was so... Disappointed somehow. Idk what I expected but it wasn't what he was. Didn't help he was meant to be one incredible important character of mine.
      Sold him like five minutes after arrival...

      And then years later I realized, oh hey, maybe Owen was right and I wasn't ready! So I hunted down one second hand - which turned out to be precisely the one Owen I had sold all those years ago :lol:
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    3. I’m really trying to think of any doll I was disappointed with at the box opening... no, not dolls, but wigs, and other clothing items. Most of the dolls I’ve sold on, the dissatisfaction came on gradually, or a new better doll came out that fit my tastes better and I had to sell one to get the new one. Thankfully I’ve never experienced dolly disappointment when seeing the doll for the first time in person. I can imagine it would be very upsetting to have had great expectations and then only disappointment, so heartbreaking.
    4. My most disappointing doll always is a doll I didn't purchase and someone else did and I really end up loving it, lol.
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    5. When i saw the 2D Cream doll photos, he was super cute and adorable. when i got him finally, nothing was wrong with the whole process of waiting, but when he arrived the face up wasnt the one i wanted as the default was not even close to what i got. I did get a partial refund but i tried different wigs and eyes to bond and nothing was working... i opened him and i didnt feel the spark i get with some of my dolls.

      At this point i sold him to someone here (or on fb.. cant remember..) but when he arrived at their place, they were so stoked/happy... i was happy for them to get a doll theyve wanted a while.
    6. Mine was quite recent; La Legende de Temps Roderich. When I saw his promo photos, I was very captivated by him. None of my dolls are realistic in style, but I went for him anyway as I thought that the Ballerino body was gorgeous.

      A few weeks before he arrived, others started getting their boys and I was extremely put off by them not coming with extra S-hooks for the interchangeable feet. That, coupled with seeing how many arrived damaged, must have flipped some sort of switch in my brain. When I opened the box, I had already decided I was probably going to sell him, but actually holding him solidified it for me immediately. Something about the way he felt was off to me, and I was afraid to move him because he was strung so tight. His face was unpainted but I did not feel inspired by it at all. I just felt...absolutely nothing. He is beautifully sculpted, and there are like, pores in his face, which is super cool. Just not for me!

      I was happy to get him to his new home, and the new owner was overjoyed to have him! There definitely are dolls for each and every one of us!
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    7. Oh, excellent topic! Who that's been in this hobby for awhile hasn't had one of those :huh?: moments? Mine was an Iplehouse Grace, my first large female sculpt...whom I admittedly bought because I thought that I should have, well, a large female sculpt. Everyone else seemed so enamored of theirs, while all I collected were tinies and the big, juicy guys. I opened the box and she was lovely, but I had no idea what to do with her...she was just kind of...there. I sold her to someone who would give her the love she deserved, and never looked back. To this day, my one and only big girl is the one in my avatar (I do so love her for her witch-fox-girl uniqueness), and she may well be my last, I haven't decided. It was a great lesson, though, that just because something is popular with other collectors, it may not be the same for all of us.
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    8. I agree, a very well thought of topic! Hmm I'd have to say that my minifee Alicia was one. There was another but I guess they were just that forgettable to me lol. He was cute but I've found minifee really need a special Faceup or heck even to be modded to truly catch my eye.
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    9. When I was very young, I bought a boy YO-SD because I felt like I should. At that time I figured all BJDs were equal (in that I should like them all equally just because they were BJDs, not that some companies are better than others). I met the lady selling him at a doll show and I only had my first doll, which I had waited months for from Lati. I felt like I should buy him because he was right there and a pretty good deal and I didn't know much about the secondhand market at the time.

      Well, right away I was disappointed. His legs were stained dark purple from black pants and I discovered that I don't like boys or the YO-SD size. I kept him for years mostly out of apathy before I finally found him a new owner who would really appreciate him. He had the smoothest, softest resin ever but I couldn't get past all of the things that I didn't like. I learned that you can't force yourself to like something just because you feel like you should!

      I also felt the same way when I bought a Realfee body. I think they're so cute, especially with Littlefee heads, but as soon as I opened the box I just knew it wasn't right for me. I love tinies and MSDs but something about that in-between size doesn't work for me.
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    10. I don't think I’ve had a major disappointment with any of my dolls. I’ve also been mostly disappointed by wigs and eyes I’ve purchased :sweat

      The most disappointing thing for a doll package was when I bought a second hand Migidoll Yujin and his nose blushing had chipped in transit. But its been years and I’ve honestly just left it LOL (hard to see it in photos anyways).

      I might have been disappointed if I went ahead and bought a 5th Motif Venitu. Love the sculpt but I think he is not for me.
    11. That was me when I was opening my Littlefee cygne full set.
      I loved to promo pictures, but as soon as I opened the box, my stomach had a sinking feeling and I knew that I was going to be selling her.
      I still really like seeing pictures of her though.
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    12. I've had a few... an Angel Studio Gabriel, a Migi Yujin head... most recently, a Dream Valley Cayes/Bethel hybrid. In each case, they were just an instant "nope" as soon as I opened the box. My Dream Valley Qing took a little longer to end up in the Not Mine pile, but... yeah. Her to.

      Sometimes a doll just isn't right for your crew.
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    13. Gloomydolls Eris. I drooled over her for a long time and finally was able to snag the last one in the skin tone I wanted.
      She came and I was excited for a few minutes after opening her, but it wore off fast. I tried giving her a faceup twice, neither one I liked, then sent her off to get another from someone else. I liked the faceup better but nothing seemed to work for her. No matter how I dressed her I just wasn't satisfied, tried moving her along three times. Beautiful doll, but maybe just not meant for me.
      She's finally going to a new home though!
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    14. I've had two.

      The first was a DragonDoll Cheng. He was one of my first big dolls and it was when the company was new. The first disappointment was that his faceup looked nothing like the company photos, it was more feminine. The face was also a lot flatter than I expected and the eyes were a lot narrower, almost like his eyes were partially closed. And the worst part was that his feet weren't fully sculpted! They were totally flat on bottom, like a cheap action figure. On top of all of this, he was just HUGE and heavy, way too big for my tastes. I was so upset because he was the most expensive doll I'd bought at that point and I didn't like him at all. He was one of the first dolls I ever sold.

      The other was a Mirodoll girl. The quality was just awful: resin, sculpt, color...just...not good, and nothing like the sales photos. I tried to make it work, but ended up trading her off for something I liked better.
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    15. I hate to admit this, but I came so close to giving up on my LS ZhuZhao. When I unboxed him, I was unused to his lanky aesthetic, and he had a mild case of giraffe-neck syndrome owing to the newer style of the company. Most of my preexisting male clothes looked so baggy on him, it was hilariously awful. It was the first time I didn't have a connection to a newly-arrived doll. He was my problem child for a while, and I openly called him a problem case.

      However, his story had a happy ending -- after persevering with a wig for his huge noggin', and having him sent off for a faceup, I finally clicked with the guy. An added bonus was I fell in love with just how well-engineered his body was, that I've since decided I'm willing to sacrifice some aesthetic for my dolls, if it turns out they'll be able to pose just how I wanted them to pose.
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    16. MYOU Silvia. My other MYOU girl's joints have such a nice range of motion... I was not expecting to be so sad with an effectively single jointed doll. At least she's pretty, I suppose.
    17. This has got to be the most amazing thing ever! Got the doll that you sold years ago - that's really awesome! (It's meant to be lol)

      Well personally I don't think I have any dolls that "disappointment" me, just different from what I was expecting but I love them anyway.
      My Grail doll Soom Euclase was different for sure. His face, lips shape, and the overall structure was just different from what I was expecting. But I still love him! I guess it's really about whether the doll fit your expectation of how they should be or not, so if you don't have any expectation then you will be ok lol
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    18. I've only had one doll that was a big disappointment, I mean I've rehomed, or reshelled a few, but only the one from it being not what I had hoped/thought...

      I use to own a Soom Azur, and I've never been so disappointed by a doll before or since him.
      I fell hard for the idea of a "male siren", and his photos were lovely, and I knew going in he didn't have a lot of joints so would have limited posing... But what I didn't know was how heavy photo-shop was used in Soom's pix of him. So I get my mer-boy after a wait that felt like forever, and I find his tail can only really be in a siting pose. See his lap joint has this large hole that if he is in a upright pose shows, so it's sit or massive can't hide it hole. Add to that how much lighter his blushing looked in person and a few other minor things and I was just so heart broken over him. (none of his flaws on they're own did him in, it was just all at once and not being what I thought I was getting)

      Poor the Azur ended up a shelf baby, but not even in a place I looked at him, I kept trying to talk myself into keeping him as loved the idea of him more then the doll it's self. I finally made up my mind to sell him a few years ago at a doll meet. And I have no regrets on it, I talked to the new owner about what I thought were his pros and cons, and Azur got a new good home with someone that would love him more then I could.

      I meanwhile kept so much of the idea of "male siren" and have reused part of it in making a vampire the masquerade PC, that is a male Daughter of Cacophony. (mostly female clan of vamps, with cool vocal powers, and the clan is nick named "sirens") I also reused the name I gave my Azus as said PC's stage name. As for the mermaid/merman side of things I have finally gotten around to finding the right mermaid doll for me, and have an incoming merboy. (One I've seen the body style of in person at doll meets so know what I am getting.)
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    19. For a short period of time, I was disillusioned with my now favorite BJD, but that was mostly because I had a goal to steal his body for my then one and only male BJD. I was so set on hybridizing my first resin male doll with the Limhwa Limho Mano body, that I didn't really think about anything other than the fact that the body would belong to my SoulDoll Paris, and it had to work like that. When the Mano arrived, it wasn't happening. The SD Paris is highly stylized, very old school BJD, so he has a tiny jaw/chin area, that wouldn't be possible to mod and place on the Mano body successfully. I was so devastated, I placed a for sale thread within a few hours of having received him. However, I knew there was nothing wrong with the doll, I was just upset I wasn't able to steal his body for my Paris. I took the sales thread down the next day (if memory serves), and I decided I would keep the doll. He's been my favorite doll since then, now it kind of makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking back then; I love him more than I could imagined, just from wanting the body to hybridize (mostly fell in love with the hand sculpt) and nothing more. DX

      after multiple facial additive mods, if anyone is curious. He looks very little like a default Mano, but that's not why I modified him. (:
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    20. My Volks FCS F09 MSD didn't thrill me. She was all right in concept, but she didn't feel right once I saw her in person.


      After heavy modifications though, I'm much happier with her

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