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The most expensive doll/accessory you ever bought.

Feb 26, 2019

    1. What is the most expensive doll or doll acessory you have ever bought? What motivated you to buy it?

      For me it’s the new Minifee Iru Fullset. The minute I saw it it became my grail doll. I’m the rabbit queen (I rehab abused rabbits) and he will be my rabbit prince.
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    2. My Commodore Williams is the most expensive doll I ever bought. His initial price wasn’t out of the norm for a limited, but I’d missed both chances to get him and had to go through eBay with a very jacked up price. As for accessory, I just bought a dress for one of my girls that was $123, which is a lot more than I’d normally spend on just one item that isn’t a doll itself. Usually I’m pretty good at being “frugal” about the things I buy in this hobby, but sometimes something just calls to me and I have to get it, not matter how ridiculous I think the price is.
    3. well, for me if was my Lillycat Ellana. I paid about 650€ for her and right now she is my most expensive doll (without her clothes)... but considering usual doll prices in SD size this might still be very average :sweat
    4. I don't have a real answer to this thread ( Maybe a 30$ sweater??)

      I just wanted to say this is is cute oml it just made me so happy to read!
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    5. Well, if we're talking most expensive doll, blank with nothing, that's probably my Kid Delf Pegasus. I bought a different head to go with it, so in total, I spent a little over $800 just on resin. Considering that I generally stay in the MSD-range and smaller, that's pretty high. As for most expensive accessory, if we're counting outfits, I think it was probably one of the fullset outfits I own. Several those are around $150 without shoes. If not, then I'd say that it's probably the Dolcebella eyes I bought at a convention years ago that I paid $77 for.

      I also have a bad habit of looking at Cheerydoll outfits and then crying internally when I realize just how much the ones I want cost.
    6. Almost $1100 for Dollshe Grant Phillippe with all optional heads, heands, feet and L4 (fully poseable body).
      And it terrifies me that I would gladly pay such money it again, if somewhere appeared possibility to buy Ringdoll Priest K fullset from 2015. But that it's very unlikely, so my money are quite safe for a while (I hope).
    7. Hmmm I feel like smaller items add up fast, but as the most expensive single item? Probably, currently, since i have plans for a big purchase later this year, I spend most on the eyes, about $50-$60 a pair. If the eyes are wrong, the whole doll seem off. I consider it an important investment since I feel it gives my doll a 'real' look :)
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    8. A few years ago I got a miniature, very realistic canon camera (not working, of course). It has the strap and the lens cap. So cute!
      I think it was only available in some countries so I got it on ebay for, I think, about 70$cad. So far that is the most I've paid for a single item for dolls.
    9. I haven't bought all the pieces yet, but the hybrid I'm currently building will be far and away my most expensive doll, probably over $800 all told not including shipping. So, not that much in terms of this hobby, but a lot for me! It will be worth it though if I can finally shell my character.
    10. My most expensive accessory is a pair of pants for my Obitsu 48cm guy. Since the body is almost 50cm and hard to dress, I had to buy the pants from Parabox in Japan. The pants were only $25, but the shipping was $27 with ems. So over $50 just on one pair of pants (and there wasn’t anything else I wanted to add to the order). I hated to pay the shipping, but am very happy with the pants!
    11. I love everyone’s stories! It is always interesting to hear about what other people have gotten. (Not to mention makes me feel better about my own spending on this hobby!)
    12. My $360 littlefee came with a $320 little sister... does that count?:lol:

      Otherwise my currently on-layaway SD is my most expensive. I think I spent $30 on a pair of boots for Carrie (of course we've lost one of them:|)
    13. Im a cheap skate and I feel alot of bjd related items are overpriced. I can see spending a nice price on something that is well made with a lot of detail but lately it seems like people are overcharging for the things that they make. Like $30 on a simple bjd t-shirt to me is ridiculous. I don't even spend that much on a shirt for myself. I think I have a difficult time with spending more on my dolls clothes then I would for myself. I think the most expensive thing I bought was like a handcrafted wig. But I generally try to be more practical when I'm trying to find things for my dolls. I'll ask myself if it's worth it ,if it's really worth the price tag before I'll buy.
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    14. Most expensive doll would definitely have to be my Dollmore Trinities. With the seam sanding I'd added, they cost around $2800. Each. The pair of Lusions I also own cost roughly half that, each.

      The most expensive accessory I purchased? Well, not counting clothes, that would have to be the size 13/14 human hair wigs I purchased for the Trinities and Lusions.
    15. Definitely some of my volks dolls, I spent 300 on a mini samurai katana actually made like the big katana swords, but it was for kenshin himura batosai, he deserved a real katana, even dropped it by accident and landed 2 inches in my calf, needless to say I dont play with kenahins sword.
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    16. Ringdoll Frankenstein 2011 full set. It cost me a little over $800 USD direct from Ringdoll. It was actually a pretty good price for a doll with a completely unique body (sculpted stitches all over), full body painting, two wigs and two outfits.

      I saw the promo pictures and I thought "Yeah, I want to buy that."
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    17. The most expensive doll I ever bought was my IOS AoT Levi Ackerman, and I still cringe when I think of what he cost me on the resale market. I can't even bring myself to write it down. But...his fullset consisted of two outfits, including swords and 3DMG, and it was all beautifully made - so I guess all in all it could've been worse.
      ...Well no, not really - but that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night. And the worst part is, I'd do it again. :sweat

      What motivated me to buy him? I waaaaaanted him! Is there any other reason? ;)
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    18. I don’t own much bjd related but my most expensive boy is my distant Memory sunho. I paid $550 for his head and have a $400 body on layaway for him. Just bought him a pair of eyes that were $50 and want to commission a lace front wig (rip wallet) and get him a new faceup.

      About to spend like $250 on freedom teller too and honesty when he’s all done this boy is going to cost me $1.5k

      I never really totaled it up before oh dear
    19. My SD dolls are all around $400 total except for my most expensive doll. She's a supiadoll hael in their old tan on the new 65cm body and I believe she was around $700. Now I can't imagine spending that much on another doll, since all of my other ones are so much more affordable.
    20. I think the most expensive thing I've bought for a doll is a custom wig that cost $90. I'm waiting for it to be delivered so I'm hoping the cost is worth it. ^^