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The Most You are Willing to Pay for Clothes?

Nov 9, 2017


Price Limits for Customs??

Poll closed Nov 23, 2017.
  1. $500!

  2. $300!

  3. $150!

  4. Less than $100

    1. I’m not sure if there is a thread with this question, so I’ll ask here(please let me know if it has been asked and I’m fine with it being moved! )

      What is the absolute limit for money that you will spend on clothing for your doll in one go? Not a total for what you paid for him/her(I know it can add up to WAY more) but in one shot purchase or with layaway.
      Dresses vs shirt snd pants?
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats?
      Custom outfits for your doll?
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments?

      I can make my darlings clothing without a problem since I sew a LOT so her clothes are all custom, but shoes are a disaster for me, so I think my highest amount I’d pay is $50 for real leather boots in brown or black, with good soles(rubber or something durable) and nice treads(she loves leaving footprints in snow/mud/dirt). Amara has small feet(she’s a little 1/6 doll) so any more than that for a price is too much I think...

      If I was going to pay for a full outfit, I think I have to set my limit at $150.00 absolute max. Depending on the quality of the fabric and sewing, and reputation of the company, I MAY be persuaded to dish out more, as long as there’s a payment plan available lol. How about you guys/gals?
    2. There are one, two outfits I would be willing to slap 500$ for on the table. Really have to admit that, which is why I voted for 500$.
      However, they don't exist and the chance that they will ever exist in a quality I want them to be is nearly zero (because their human version is already difficult enough to replicate, but doll size?).
      Which is also the reason I would be willing to pay so much, even finding a seamstress that is capable AND willing to try seems impossible...I know, I have asked many very skilled ones down to seamstresses who work for companies.
      No chance.

      Else I would say 300$ for a full outfit is my general comfort zone when it's something I REALLY want/is custom. Of course I'm always glad when it's less though :lol:

      Regarding the list:
      With or without shoes? But the 300$ there still stands, maybe a tad more when it includes some REALLY nice shoes.
      50-80$, really depends on the model and how "perfect" they are. I rarely buy shoes, in some cases because I yet have to find something that says "THIS IS IT" because I often just buy one or two pairs for a doll so those have to be "the ones".
      When I'm desperate and glad to finally have found the perfect model I am willing to shell out more just to be over with it. I really hate buying doll shoes.
      Dresses vs shirt and pants?
      I generally only buy detailed dresses, so for a "regular" one that doesn't come with fur, feathers or heavy embroidery but is still far from simple 100-150$. Shirts, only dress shirts, 30-45$. Pants...regular ones 15-25$, if they are special (like custom made hoof pants or similar) up to 120$.
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats?
      No fan of hand-knit stuff. Coats 150-180$ if they are really detailed (like the one from my icon).
      Custom outfits for your doll?
      Honestly depends, anything from 100-500$.
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments?
      Those 500$. That's already painful enough LOL

      Those are all (soft) maximums of course and only apply if the pieces in question are really perfect. I of course try to shop cheaper (I buy a lot from Taobao too), but sometimes it can't be helped :sweat
      If I am desperate I might in some cases pay more, but that's only true for custom stuff. In some cases you are just glad someone is capable and willing of doing something.
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    3. I think my limit may be over $500 if it's really impressive... like a perfect suit of armor. :love But so far I haven't encountered anything like that.

      Fullset? About $200 and under if I love it.
      Shoes/boots? Around $30-$50
      Dresses vs shirt snd pants? $30
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats? nope
      Custom outfits for your doll? $200 and under
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments? Um... installments feels too far for me. Right now, I don't see myself doing that. But who knows in the future. It would be some outfit.
      #3 brightberry, Nov 9, 2017
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    4. This would include the exchange rate, so this would be my preference. Of course that can always change if I find something I HAVE to have.

      $300 but I am REALLY picky on the fullset items if they are on the second hand market. I've heard some horror stories, so I tend to stick to buying it with a doll I want.
      Shoes/boots? $150. I tend to buy shoes in bulk so it always ends up way more then I would like to admit spending on a doll.
      Dresses vs shirt and pants? I don't tend to buy dresses that much due to how annoying it is to get clothes to fit my SD girl, but probably about the $50 mark. Shirts i'm happy to go up to between $30-$40 depending on how detailed they are and so on. Pants i'm happy to send upwards of $100 if the quality is amazing. Like Code Noir jeans as a one off buy to spoil my doll.
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats? I don't like hand-knit sweaters at all so I wouldn't buy them. And as for coats, I spent $90 on my girl's rabbit fur lined coat from Code Noir and I have no regrets!
      Custom outfits for your doll? Anywhere between $200 to $300. Mostly because my custom clothes would be detailed and probably a pain in the butt to make on miniature scale. So I want to make sure I'm giving the artist the right amount for their work.
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments? *rolls away laughing and hiding my credit card* Depending on how long the installments are and how many items I have (again I tend to buy in bulk), probably upwards of $500. But I tend to limit myself to only $300 max. But the next layaway I'm putting on will be up there in price because it will include shoes, wigs, stand and a few other trinkets. So yeah...:frownyblush:
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    5. I don't think I could bring myself to pay more than 100 dollars for anything in one go right now. I love drooling over Freedom Teller, but that's the only thing that has remotely tempted me to go over my limit. I could see myself maybe going up to 150 or even 200 in the future when I am hopefully better paid and don't still need to still save for bodies. But for now, that money could go towards resin, so nothing above 100.
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    6. I'm not willing to pay very much since I can sew. It's a matter of which is worth more, my time (and being un-lazy) or the cost of the clothes. I can't ever see myself spending hundreds of dollars on a doll outfit unless it was like complex, human looking metal armor or something.
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    7. I chose $150. I have spent $200 a couple of times, but I don't think I would again, and $300 is definitely too much for me. I can sew, so I make a lot of specific things if I can, or I collect pieces to create what I want. I sometimes will do a clothing order over $200, but it's usually for lots of separates and accessories, not one outfit.


      Fullset? Probably....zero. I prefer to mix and match pieces to create outfits, and I haven't really ever found any pre-existing fullsets that I'd consider buying.
      Shoes/boots? Typically, I prefer to stay under $30, but I might go up to $50 for something very specific for a hard-to-fit doll. My Iplehouse Erica has extremely wide feet and most SD shoes don't come close to fitting her. I probably would pay $50 for a pair that fit her fat foot and her personal style perfectly.
      Dresses vs shirt and pants? Maybe $25 for a dress, since I'm pretty happy with my own dress making skills and can make most dresses I'd want for my dolls. Shirt and pants, maybe $85. I usually like jeans and casual tops for my dolls, but I'm super picky about the realism of the jeans, so most companies that meet my standards are around $40-60 a pair (Nine9 Style, Luts, TTYA, etc), and I often commission custom t-shirts for my dolls, which run about $20. Include shipping, makes the perfect outfit around $85 usually.
      How about hand-knit sweaters/coats? I'm cheap with coats because there aren't many situations that require them for my dolls, so I'd say maybe $25. Sweaters, I might go up to $50 for something very specific, but the quality absolutely must reflect in the price.
      Custom outfits for your doll? Again, most of my dolls have pretty casual style or something I can make, and when I do commission people, it's usually for individual pieces. The most I spend on custom work is absolutely on t-shirts. I love attitude, cartoon, movie, tv show or music shirts for my dolls, and I'm very picky about the quality of the pattern and sewing, plus I want them screenprinted and not an iron on decal that will crack or look homemade. I want their shirts to look like something I could buy for myself at the mall. I've probably spent over $200 on custom t-shirts, and I plan to buy more.
      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments? It wouldn't change my limit, since I don't have a steady spare income, so I don't like buying on layaway.
    8. My vote went to $300! I currently cannot sew too much right now, but I hope to be making my own clothes within the next year. I am sure the max limit will go down because of that, unless certain clothes are just amazing and fit the exact image I want! The most expensive full set I plan on buying is a $250 dress set, so I think the highest I would go is $300. I see myself spending more money on female clothes than male clothes, simply because I want my female dolls to wear fancy and elegant outfits that I probably would not wear in real life. :3nodding:
    9. I do sewing commissions in the summer. The average cost for my full custom outfits in the past has been $250-$300.

      Keep in mind that custom OOAK work is going to be MUCH more expensive than a basic item or color-swap of a design the craftsperson already has, because they have to make a new pattern for the project. It's a much longer process, and the craftsperson deserves compensation for their labor:
      - Rough pattern work/blocking : 5-10 hours
      - Mock-up sewing/prototype : 2-4 hours
      - Pattern adjusting and refinement : 2-3 hours
      - Constructing final product : 10-40 hours

      So, minus material cost (fabric, thread, finishing notions, etc), an average commission of $250 for me works out to $5.88 per hour for skilled labor. Minimum wage in my province is $12.20.

      BJD seamstresses often severely under-charge for our services because people in general aren't willing to pay the equivalent of a fair working wage for custom doll clothes.

      Just something to keep in mind. :daisy
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    10. I chose $500, the most I paid for one full set outfit in one go was $400. I've seen some really amazingly beautiful top tier quality SD dresses (fullset) go for $1000 and I'll gladly pay that amount but will have to do layaway for them.

      Most of the time I purchase fullsets so thankfully I don't have to worry about shoes. If I do, the max I'm willing to pay is $50 because I don't normally take full body shots for pictures.
      Individual dresses, shirts and pants $80.
      I haven't purchased any sweaters/coats, but max is probably $50 as well because I don't see a need for them in the photo concepts I'm going for.
      Custom outfits, $300, only because the seamstresses I like don't do custom orders so if I do get one, it'll probably be from an artist that I'm not super enthusiastic about but still like.

      What’s the absolute limit if you could pay in installments?
    11. Sounds like you have everything sorted out! :3 What IS Taobao btw? I’ve heard a lot about it but haven’t done any research yet...

      Dang, a suit of armour would be amazing! XD and depending on the size too, it probably need some ageing, and details galore, maybe even chain mail if you could find links in the right size....o.O I can picture it in my head! And now I want some. XD

      O.O I haven’t heard any horror stories about the second hand market yet....I can picture the horrors that can occur to clothes though....-shudders-

      Oooh, Freedom Teller??? Company? Person?? Have a link???? X3 I love ogling clothes lolxD
      #11 CuteyCreations, Nov 10, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 10, 2017
    12. Company. Their clothes are nice, but pricey. Here is a link: [Freedom Teller*] BJD Handmade Doll Boutique
    13. I think I have a similar dilemma, though I admit I’d pay out good money for leather shoes/boots and a super good looking outfit(complete with underwear, socks, coat, accessories, everything) I would look into paying more too....Though a set of metal armor would be pretty awesome!!

      O.O it’s a high quality fashion boutique for dolls!!! Holy smokes those shoes though...-drools- XD

      I can understand the layaway hesitations, and it would have to be a last resort for a whole set I absolutely adored.....oh! Where do you get your custom tshirts????

      Ooooh, what’s the dress set?????

      Waaahh, so much explanation!!! Thanks so much for the breakdown of info!!! That....kinda sucks though about the price for the clothing....:/ I hear it goes like that a lot though, and quite a few people charge for the materials and double or triple that to get a price rather than try to calculate the time it takes to make the items. I do a lot of seeing as well and just making a new pattern is time consuming in itself, especially if you try to go off of a description rather than a drawing or sketch.

      Wowwww, $400 for a set?? What did you get???? I’ve seen a few 400s before but not many!
      #13 CuteyCreations, Nov 10, 2017
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    14. I get them from Dollheimr on Etsy! They keep several styles in their shop, but they also can custom make them in most common sizes with any image you like. They're one of my all time favorite doll clothing shops.
    15. Nice! I’ve seen some of their stuff I think, I’ll need to check them out again! :3
    16. I am looking at a dress from Cheery Doll. They have such pretty clothes. :whee:
    17. Oh wow they do!!! The Tender Grace dresses look adorable!! There’s so many outfits I want to buy or make now lol xD
    18. Hahaha, I know, right? I will probably get a few sets. :XD: I definitely want to make detailed clothes like that in the future!
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    19. I wonder where they get those lace accents! I’m seeing SO many different laces on doll clothes that look so delicate! XD I keep using exclamation points lol oops? XD
    20. I purchased an outfit made by Japanese seamstress Aiko second-hand! It had a very very limited production and the demand is high on her outfits. Original price was $200, I got it for $380 + fees/shipping from Japan = $400. I'll try to get a picture up when it arrives :D

      But in the mean time, here's an SD outfit with an original price of $600, going for $1000 in the second-hand market :shudder
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