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The Name Game: The issues with choosing a name!

Feb 27, 2010

    1. (Mods move or delete this if its in the wrong space and please tell me where it would be more appropriate)
      Ok, I know you guys have gone through the same thing that I'm going through now, finding a name for your soon to be home doll! My issue is that for the past 2 years I've been in love with the DZ Mo3 and Bobbie Mei head (:sweat) but that's all Ive been calling them Mo3 and Mei. Now that I'm in the position to actually buy a doll I have no clue what to name him (or which one I should get:sweat) My question to all you guys is:

      • How did you come up with a name for you doll/s?
      • Does the name have a special meaning to you or in general?
      • Do you think names are important to owing a doll?
      • Does naming your doll make him or her closer to you? ( yes I do realize this could be part of the above question)
      • Have you ever hated/changed your dolls name? and/or do you change your doll's name to fit your mood or current whim :lol:
    2. Well, for me, I just really always liked the name. Even though Yuuki a common name, I just knew that it would fit my boy. His character isn't attached to anything specific so I really had to go for what felt right with his personality.

      As far as importance, it's really up to how the owner feels. I don't think that there is anything wrong with using the mold name. If that's what you have called them for so long, then they may have become that name. Even I occasionally refer to my boy as "my Bory" because I referred to him that way for so long. At this point, it's a nickname and I like it that way.

      I wouldn't ever change his name. I suppose it's different if you re-flesh one doll's character into another doll, that then the name would follow the character. Other than that, it seems a little fickle to just change the name on a whim. But, I suppose, if someone really wants to, they could just go and change it. Whatever floats your boat.

      Hope that was helpful ^_^
    3. sorry, mistake
    4. So, I've been wandering about, and I see that a large chunk of people have given their dolls Japanese names. Nothing against them, but I'm rather curious if it's because of where the dolls come from, or just a thing?

      Also, I'm interested to know how people go about picking a name for their doll. Do you use a name generator? Or look up a word in another language to use?
    5. Well, none of my dolls have Japanese names, so I can't answer your first question for sure. I think it probably is because a lot of people here are into anime and manga, or just Japanese culture in general...

      As for me, I waited until I got my dolls to name them, then just chose names I like that I felt suited them. The two exceptions to this are my Feeple girls, who I named when I ordered them. They are both Russian supermodels, and I had names in mind when I picked them out, so it was easy to name them.
    6. Russian super models eh?

      Lately I've had such a tough time with names. I used to be able to just think one up, but over the last year I've dropped to using a name generator. D:
    7. I usually end up trying out a bunch of names until something fits. Intended "companions" will end up with matching names.
    8. Well, In my personal opinion, I'm not a big fan of Japanese names for dolls. No offence to anyone. :3 So none of mine are Japanese.
      I've heard a lot of the names I like from books I've read and shows I've watched, actually~
      I usually write them all down and make a list, then use process of elimination to pick one. I also take into consideration what I think "fits" the doll the most.
    9. Very interesting.

      It's good to hear how people pick names. What sort of names did you guys give your doll(s)? I'm interested to know. ;3
    10. None of my dolls have Japanese names--I just pick names I like. My latest doll was kind of hard to name, so I asked for help here--I did a gallery posting of her and explained her concept a little bit, and people made suggestions. I ended up naming her Suzette, which was really close to some of the suggestions. A lot of people ask for naming help on DoA.

      I have one doll named after a writer I like (Tanith), and all the other names were just names I liked the sound of. My first doll, Nell, took the longest to name (about 6 months), and my RS Ai, Audra, was the shortest (2 days).
      I have never been able to name a doll before I got it, though. I've thought of names, but they never work out when the doll actually arrives.
    11. Well, none of my dolls have a Japanese-inspired name, so I can't really answer that. ^^;

      As for how they got their names, I usually come up with a list of possible names just by looking at owner and company photo's. Then, once they finally arrive, I pick out a name that suits them the most.

      However, recently, there is one exception. I've already picked out a name for one of my yet-to-be-ordered dolls. ^^
    12. I agree with Caidanbi on how I think it's just loving the culture and anime and possibly respecting the origins of the doll.

      I have done roleplays for... 6 years... and I have never resulted in going to a name generator. I either compare names using Babynames.com or other similar sites or look up a word in a different language and combining them with others (usually japanese in this case)

      But it all depends on the doll. Most likely I'm going to name the doll once I have a personality iron out for him/her which means they have to be in my hands to do so.
    13. Very nice.

      I actually named my guy (my only doll right now) before I got him. I had a roleplay character that I never got to use, and I really liked the name I had picked. So I just decided to use it, cause it sound really nice and fit the doll.

      I actually get a lot of my names from this site http://www.behindthename.com/
      It's nice, because it gives names and meanings behind it.
    14. Only one of my dolls has a Japanese name and it is really more of a joke. It's part of his story line. All of my dolls are original characters so they have names before they are dolls. I am actually bad with names, I always get hung up trying to find the "perfect name" and wind up over stressed about it. As a result I have been known to write entire stories with a letter or ____ to fill in for character names. Sometimes I have friends help me by suggesting things, or I will use one of the online name meaning sites. I have never actually used a random name generator personally though I might be tempted to try one. I usually wind up with names I like the sound of that have meanings that fit the character. I apparently really like A names, K names and flower names. I also lean towards names that are Celtic in origin.
    15. Three of my dolls are "character dolls," and have names reflecting that, but only one is Japanese - Hakkai is Chinese, Kazuki Japanese, and Fai is... not from this world? lol. So their names depended on the characters, whom I chose because they mean a lot to me, for various reasons and in various ways.

      My original character doll, Van, hails from a sort of Final Fantasy-ish steampunk setting that plays with both Eastern and Western ideas. His own area and family are a bit old-style European, though. His name sort of reflects that, though admittedly it's also a name I've been very fond of for a long time.

      None of my dolls get their names when they get to me - I always have them predetermined, and they're all based on existing characters (whether my own or from fandom)... so, yeah. xD; The fandom characters I want dolls for are, by and large, Japanese, at least in name origin (exceptions being Hakkai, Fai, and my planned doll Integra); one of my OCs I want a doll of, Minoru, is Japanese, but he also hails from a fandom setting based in Japan (he's an OC shinigami based on the rules and regs of the series Yami no Matsuei). So for me, it's all setting and origin~
    16. If the doll's character is Japanese, they'll get a Japanese name. Most of my dolls have either French or English/American names, with the exception of one which has a Mauri name (Aoatéa). She's my reminder of my eventual goal.

      Though the name Naomi can be considered a Japanese name, but I don't really take it as that. She could be Japanese, though, since she's a Volks. She's still defining herself. :sweat

      Besides that, I pick names I like that correspond to the character the doll is or will become. I don't have specific personalities for the dolls before I get them, but I find choosing a name I like leads to a personality. And I'm an eclectic person, so there are tons and tons of names I like from all different countries and languages. :)
    17. Iris : I love Celtic names, though pronouncement and those accent marks throw me off.

      I go towards either Germanic, or Eastern European names.
      However, I haven't made my guy a character yet in the sense I make roleplay characters. I think what it is for me is that Klaus actually exists. I can touch him, move him and see him. All the characters in my head are easy to make, cause I can change them according to how I want.

      But with Klaus... He's... harder. I mean, I have a general personality, but nothing more. I think I'm afraid to make him more... real, cause I might get something wrong about him.
    18. The names of my dolls just pop into my head after I get them home, or occasionally they come to me in dreams. If I think of a better name for them later, I change it. I can always tell if I'm not bonding to a doll because if I'm not, I can't think up a name for them.