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The Nameless Doll: Troubles naming dolls.

Jan 19, 2010

    1. So I recently got my first resin bjd, a little PukiPuki Pipi. I love her to death, she's so cute and fun to play with and dress and I'm even making her a little apartment (that she shares with my Yotsuba-chan action figure:) ), but I can't name her! :sweat

      Nothing really seems to fit and it's bumming me out. So I was wondering, how long did it take you to name your dolls? I know a lot of people buy their dolls with a name in mind (such as for a character they were planning to make the doll into?), but was there ever a time you just couldn't figure out a name for a doll? What did you do?

      EDIT: Name suggestion thread with pictures of my doll, up now in the gallery! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=349071

      EDIT PART DEUX: I finally named her! My puki girl is Kitya Chisou Nommins (lol). Kiki or Kit for short.
    2. for my first doll it took less than a week (3 days i think) for the second one it took 2 months XD
    3. One of my dolls I've had since last June, and he still doesn't have a name that sticks. Who knows how long it will take to name my girl, who just arrived on Friday.
      EDIT: Forgot to mention that I never did pick a name for her the whole time I had her,
      before I ended up selling her.
    4. I have one doll who waited three years for her name. Granted, she was a head in a drawer for much of that.
    5. Uhm . .. I have 2 without names. One's my El the other's my Eluid head XD
    6. I only have one doll right now and it took 10 days to name her - but those 10 days felt like forever and it really bugged me. I decided I was going to give her an Irish name but I skipped over Devany twice before adding it to the 'maybe' list. For some reason it just stuck and I wasn't that keen at first but I love it now. I think she chose it in a way. All I can say is good luck finding a name! I just kept going over the baby name websites. I know a nameless doll is a nightmare, especially when it's your first. You'll find one eventually though ;)
    7. Heh, right now I have one on my wishlist...a Puki Pongpong. I can't even decide a gender for him/her, let alone a name yet. It's driving me crazy because every other doll I have/want has asserted themselves in my head.
    8. A couple weeks ago I got a doll that I've been wanting for half a year or so. I know his background, his personality, his relationships with my other dolls, how he fits into the big picture, etc etc...but there are a few little gaps. Like. His NAME. It's driving me nuts that I love him so much and know all this stuff about him but NO NAME. I'm hoping that putting him in the right wig and eyes will make him 'speak' to me so I can get a name finally. :P

      I also have a head that I've had for well over a month and all I've decided is that it's a girl and I'm keeping her. That's it. xD I've always had trouble naming my dolls though. The only exceptions were when the doll was based off a pre-existing OC of mine. *le sigh* In the end all I can do is give it time...or ask my friends/family for input. ;)
    9. It took me about... three weeks I think, to name Shin. C: I didn't think the name would stick, but it did!
    10. Name Generators or Baby Naming Sites are a great help!
      Even if you're not sure what you want, you can just look over lists and sometimes that helps.

      Another strategy is to post a pic of your doll in the gallery and ask for name suggestions.

    11. All my dolls, except for the first one (he was named according to his personality...supposedly, kyoshi means 'quiet' or 'serene' and that's what I was aiming for him) are named after my favorite characters from my favorite books.

      All my dolls are named before their arrival. For me, no name = no bonding. Only one of my dolls were not named the same way as above ( ie. Hayden)and I'm having a hard time boding with him. He's away for a new face up so hopefully that will change ~__~

      Do you read books? naming my dolls after my favorite characters have helped me a lot!! some of them are: Dantès (The Count of Monte Cristo), Rosiel (Angel Sanctuary), Santii (from my favorite cartoon when I was a kid "Josephina the Whale"), Petey (from my fave character of all time "A map of the harbor Islands", Doriskos (I loved this character a lot, he's a lot similar to me "The God in Flight), etc (see my signature^^). All these names have traits that i wanted to manifest in my dolls' personalities. However, none of my dolls are based on any of those characters, they all have their own personality/quality traits, the name just makes it more personal for me^^

      You could try searching for a character you like or you could name your doll according to her personality "quiet" "happy" "grumpy" and find a name that describes that trait that makes her unique. I named my Puki Sugar "Jubilee" because I always wanted to have a doll with the name "Lee" and because she's a very happy or I should say, "Jubilant" little girl <3

      So that's how I name my dolls:sweat I hope I made any sense XD and that you can find your girl's name soon!
    12. I think I have the opposite problem... all of my dolls that I want to get have names and personalities already and that makes me want all of them to come home as soon as possible.
    13. All of my dolls have their names before they arrive... For that matter, they all had names even before I knew they would eventually become dolls. If I were to get a doll that was NOT already based off a character of mine (not likely but it could happen), it would still be impossible for him/her to get here without a name. It would need a name first thing (possibly before I'd even settled on a final sculpt)! For me it's usually the name before the personality.

      I also don't really name my characters/dolls actual "names" but music terms or simply words in the English language. I'm sure if I actually gave them "real" names, I might have trouble coming up with one for them (I've always had issues coming up with names for characters that weren't named after objects, music, etc.).
    14. I've never had trouble naming my dolls UNTIL...I came across an amazing clockwork modded head here in the marketplace. It was love at first sight and I could envision her character immediately, so I bought her right on the spot. But then I was like...duh, complete blank...when it came to a name.:doh I didn't even know where to begin...couldn't even find a jumping off place to start from. Talk about coming up empty!:sweat

      Thank heavens for this thread I found in the incoming doll section!http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165233
      People there threw out enough ideas to get me started, and I was able to build from there until I found the perfect name for my very unusual girl. Without their help, I would have been sunk!
    15. I actually am one of the people who planned ahead of time, since my mom is ordering my Ha-Yarn Cho sometime this month (or next month), I decided to pick out a name for her. I thought about names since November-ish, but none of them really fit AT ALL. And just a few days ago while talking to one of my friends, I picked a perfect name for her. (I'm naming her after one of my beloved friends). Haha. In other words, I had a couple-month long brain fart before I picked out the name of my (future) doll.
    16. My first doll was almost sort of an impulse buy. I saw her on ebay, took two days to think it over (aka my parents were deciding to let me spend the money lolol) and then wham! Four days after that I had my first BJD. She had no character and I was so afraid we wouldn't bond but as stupid as it sounds after a little while she told me she was Avery, to which I replied 'that will never do, too cliche to give a girl a more boy-ish name'. But... yeah. All efforts to rename her failed.
    17. Some of my dolls have had names instantly, other have taken what felt like forever and there's two whose names I'm not too sure about. I have found looking at baby name sites help, especially ones like babynamesworld.com where you can search based on meaning since sometimes I've known what a dolls name should mean rather than what it is
    18. I was at a loss for names for some time before my Pukipuki Cupid arrived, but the name "Garlic" popped into my head and somehow stuck!
      In my experience, the names come on their own. Look at baby naming sites, look in the dictionary for interesting words, find what works!
    19. Thanks for commiserating and suggestions, everyone. So far I've gone through books, sites, etc. and made a few small "maybe" lists, but nothing has stuck yet. I think I'll go through some of my favorite books and get some ideas, like yumi suggested.

      Posting up pics in the gallery and asking for suggestions isn't a bad idea either, actually.... I'll post a link as soon as I'm done....

      Oh, the names I've thought about so far:

      None of them have jumped out yet, though. I think she likes blue, and playing outside (climbing trees, catching toads, etc.), and dressing up in pretty things (picture her in a pink fluffy dress trying to climb a tree or catch a frog. Yep). So yeah, still pondering.
    20. I don't take naming too seriously--I just name my dolls the first thing that pops into my head, and figure they'll eventually give personality to the name, not the other way around.