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the NICEST things people do or say

Sep 2, 2009

    1. I saw "the most offensive things people do or say" but I don't know if there is a thread about the LOVE your dolls receive from non-BJD lover/owner.

      Let us hear your sweet stories! ^o^
    2. awww how cute, The nicest thing someone has ever done is buy clothes for my boy. My friend has been wanted her own doll for years, and she won't be able to afford one soon, she ended up loving my doll so much that she buys things for him now (yayness). I also have three other friends who make clothing for him.
    3. For me, the nicest thing so far are just compliments. I appreciate them, and I especially like it when they're sincere and polite.
      For instance, I was at the park taking pictures of Marcus and this girl asked if she could see him. She looked at him for a bit, and told me he was very handsome. ^^
      That's the nicest thing that's happened so far~
    4. The nicest thing someone did was on a unrealated site, I often post pictures of my dolls on this site and my friends even though they never really know what a BJD is always are saying things like "Omigosh he is my fav!" "Wow she looks really beautiful!" comments like these always help when I recieve negativity.:aheartbea:aheartbea
    5. I was sharing the dolls' scrapbook and a lady said they look like real people, several people have now said that. The same lady also got excited when she found out Xavier the Dollzone Fei she met was married. I recently got to tell her he's a father now :)
    6. Someone thought my Nagi was a Soom doll. I was so terrbily flattered
    7. I think the nicest things are when I receive compliments on my kids. I hear a lot of negativity from my mom, she thinks they're childish and hates that I carry them with me and all. But the best is when my mom says something negative and my dad defends me and says they're my hobby and it doesn't matter whether or not she likes them because I do and thats all that matters. It makes me smile (well smirk if she's around) hahaha.
      Though I just got my Puki Pipi and brought her with me to my parents house to go to Georgia. I showed her to my mom and she actually said Junko was really cute ^_^
    8. My friend, Isamu, on here buys my boy Calixte lots of stuff xD

      But on the note of non-bjd lovers my mother who claims to despise my doll hobby often pays for artists to paint my doll's faces since she knows how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to that.

      Also at one meet-up I went to a tourist came up and complimented my boys. He even knew they were boys without me saying so that's a super nice gesture xD
    9. People often comment about the beauty of my dolls, and ask questions as well. The nicest compliment was from a little girl, about 9, who said she was going to save her money as long as it took to get one of her own.
    10. Aha, I remember an incident of this. Your dad was being awesometime and a half about it. XD

      But anyways. Nicest thing I've gotten? Well, my boyfriend of the time really didn't get the hobby at all. But one time he came home with these tiny tabasco sauce bottles for them. It was cute :3~Having moved twice since then, they're lost now, but it was probably the nicest non-doll person gesture I've ever gotten.
    11. I don't take my dolls out very often so I don't get a lot of the negative/positive feedback from strangers, but a few years ago I was trying to meet a group of dolly people (who I ended up missing D: ). Anyway, I was at the Japanese gardens in the Seattle arboretum and there were a bunch of these adorable, little turtles in the pond. As I was sitting there with Micah in my lap, watching the turtles, a little girl came up to me and said "He likes the turtles, I can tell."

      Ever since then, I've been trying to find a tiny bjd sized box-turtle so he can have one for a pet. x3
    12. My mum's offered to knit Gwaewen a teeny lace shawl. :D Also she generally likes my dolls and says nice things about them. Which is nice. Unsurprisingly.
    13. I took my girl to Wal-mart once, to see if I could find any of the clothes that would fit. I had another child, like others have, and said I had the prettiest barbie she's ever seen. I let her hold her, and she was so giggly that it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
      It was wonderful ^^
    14. I am extremely excited, and I don't know if this counts but...
      I don't even HAVE my two yet (patiently waiting!) and when I was trying to decide my mom just goes "Well you can get two now and then two later!" haha I love my mom. She's even considering getting one. ^^
    15. My parents paid for my doll in full as a birthday gift and now my mom is even talking about buying some clothes for Michael as a christmas gift. This is amazing because at first she thought the entire hobby was a waste, now she's actually pretty interested.
    16. The other day after bringing our kids to Anime Club, Kurr gave me her DOD Ivan, Malice to bring back to our dorm room while she went and got food. On the elevator up to my floor, a Public Safety/Campus police officer noticed me carrying him and gave him (Malice) a thumbs up. :sweat I thought that was really sweet ^^
    17. My mom called was talking about this guy on the news who saved a kid from a burning building. Apparently he was extremely attractive. She says "He was really hot...like your dolls, but real."

      Teehee...my mom called my dolls handsome <3
    18. My grandma called my doll pretty and started asking questions about her as if she was a real person...nice and slightly creepy...
    19. While looking at pictures online, my dad said "I don't really care for dolls, but these are really nice." He's not much of a "feelings" person, so I was really happy to hear that he liked them.