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The one that got away? Have you ever sold a doll and regretted it later?

Feb 16, 2006

    1. I was wondering...I have a tendancy to keep my dolls for a while and then think of some reason why I need someone new and end up selling an older doll. Does anyone else do this?

      Is there a certain doll that you regret selling and still wish you had?

      I wish I would have kept my MSD Nasia. I sold her for such a great price too I could kick myself.


      Anyone else wish they would have kept the one that got away?
    2. I am so relieved that I didn't let mine get away. I briefly posted my kohya for sale but then decided against it. He's so great, I would have been sad to see him go. I know where you are coming from.
    3. :( One doll I let get away because I wanted a Lishe was............Unoss.
    4. I've thought about it, that perhaps when i get another doll I'll like that company better and start buying their dolls. Who knows what will happen.
    5. Wow, I hated the look of that doll on the Dollfie site, but yours is totally beautiful. I am sorry about you missing her though.

      I doubt I could sell any of my dolls. I love them all. That woudl be too hard. I could sell my husband first.
    6. blackrose - luckily for husbands everywhere there isn't much of a market for slightly used spouses ...

      to answer the question: probably Dark Elf Leaf and my DOD Wi. I do regret selling both of them.

    7. OMG! Don't post things like that while I'm drinking! :whee: You'll kill me!
    8. Juyoku: -sob- N-Nozomiiiiii....

      Yes I agree with my little darling. I had to choose between my two boys at one point and my bond was much stronger with Juyoku at the time. I had to sell to help pay for our move. I look at his pictures and miss him so much it hurts...:(

    9. I'm selling my dolls, and it hurts, but it probably get forget with time, and this scar will heal anytime soon and I will probably feel better, thinking they're going to a new home where someone will love them more than I do/did. ~_~
    10. Geez I could almost cry reading this thread for some reason... but thankfully Jolarocknrolla prevented that =P
    11. I miss my Isabella

      But I hear she went to live on Ken's Nono Ranch, so she should be fine. But still...
      I wish Volks would do like Luts and start a mini line of their bigger dolls, then I could have room for her!
    12. Ahhh, thankfully I haven't been in this situation yet, but I sympathize! I always feel sad when I see For Sale posts with frowning faces, and explanations like, "I don't want to sell, but I need the money." If I was infinitely rich, I think I'd find those kinds of posts and send people the money and tell them to keep their doll too. ^^
    13. LOL!!! Phenomenal! ^_^
    14. OMG. It's like looking at a more mature Kazutaka... O.O Of course, he sees your lovely and says, "It's Saki~!"


      I was faced with selling Kazutaka or Lily because of all this unemploymentness but then I think I'd rather be on the street with my loved ones than cozy for another month more. It wouldn't even cover a car payment really. >.<

      I just...couldn't do it.
    15. -nod nod- wow it does!! That's so cute!! I cant let Juyoku see that...he would die!! ( Was Nozomi's boy friend )

      I really wish I could have kept him. I was doing ok with it for a while but then while cleaning old pictures off my server I found some of Nozomi and nearly died. I had him when there werent many Shiwoos around....now they are all over and Im always like "GAH! I need him back..GAH my wallet..." IM glad you didnt have to lose any of yours. It really is tough when you really do love them.
    16. Well then we shouldn't show him the fuzzy panty shots then. XD

      I have to admit that the Shiwoos are pretty, but I'm confused a bit. Are Chiwoo and Shiwoo the same thing, different spelling? :?
    17. My Choa :-(
    18. My thoughts exactly. xDDD You guys are great.

      I'm not too sure you could get your husband to pose too well for a pic to put on the Ebay listing, either. Everyone would be, "Ew, grumpy husband. I don't want him."

      Anyway... I only have one doll, and as of now, I don't think I could ~ever~ sell her, even if I decide to get another doll! I'll just add onto a family, with a brother or sister for her. Two will probably be my limit -if- I get another, but three would most definitely end it all.

      I'm sorry you miss your doll. She's really beautiful. D:
    19. Hey, I tried to sell my kidney that didn't work, so I was thinking maybe my husband.

      The next time he asks me, 'How many dolls do you need?' I will consider it even more. He is so jealous of my dolls.
    20. NO no no panty shots XD And no Shiwoo and Chiwoo are different molds. INfact if I remember correctly they are brothers according to Luts. That would be why they look a bit similar :)