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The Perfect Guy for a Little Girl

Oct 25, 2008

    1. Hi,

      I'm hoping to get a KD Bory girl but i'd like to get a mini boy to be her friend. :)

      I really want them to match - but i'd like the guy a little taller but I want their....err...girth :? to be the same or at least the boys a bit bigger.

      I was considering a MNF boy but i've noticed they are quite a bit thinner than KDs :(

      So can anyone recommend a mini boy that'd fit in nicely with a KD girl? (But not a KD boy :lol:)

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. Well I only have a MNF, but I have an idea.

      I would say to get the measurements of your KD's girth, and then compare them to other measurements of other MSD's.
    3. Volks or Dream of Doll may have a boy for you. ^_^ Both are fairly childish bodied. Volks more so than DoD.

      Childish MSD sized dolls seem to be out of fashion, so you may have to look around and compare measurements.
    4. Thanks! Any more suggestions anyone? And can someone tell me if the new style KDs fit in better with the MNFs now?

    5. Blue fairy? Their dandy body is a wee bit taller I think?
    6. Does anyone know if a Latiblue boy on a smooth body would work with a kid delf bory? I've fallen in love with both boys!!!!