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The Pretentious Display of One's BJDs

Aug 22, 2008

    1. Showing off is usually taken as a negative and pompous act. When it comes to BJDs, owners love to post pictures of their dolls and celebrating their love and joy with others. Meet-ups are a great place for everyone to notice all the beautiful and stunning dolls.

      But do you think it sometimes goes as far as to being considered as showing off?

      Posting with obnoxious titles like "YOU SO WANT TO BE IN MY PANTS" in the gallery, creating fanclubs for your doll, doing anything just to get a great comment, making your doll controversial just for the sake of being controversial, or perhaps just saying your doll is the most perfect thing on earth and better than every other doll that ever existed or will exist in the future...

      Are you a BJD Show Off?
      What do you consider showing off in the BJD world?
      Is it okay to show off?
    2. I am not a BJD show off. I don't think I am anyway =D I show my dolls to other friends, but I don't think its showing off.

      Showing off to me is like, almost rubbing it in your face. Like "Oh yeah, I went to dollectable/dollpa/doll con/doll event and i got all these dolls and cool stuff....oh....too bd you can't afford to go". Just being snobby about something someone cannot have because of limited availability/afford.

      It's okay to show your dolls off. That's what this hobby is for, showing how you can make a blank doll into something so amazing. It's great that people have limiteds, but sometimes I don't want to hear about it.There's a line though, between showing someone something, and bragging or just being a B-word about it.
    3. But... my doll is most perfect thing on earth and better than every other doll that ever existed or will exist in the future. ;P
    4. I hope my enthusiasm to share my boys doesn't come across as pretentiousness. I do tend to take and post a tonnage of photos. :sweat
      I've been trying to cut back on posting. But every now and then I get a burst of creativity or some anecdote I want to share. :sweat

      But... yeah. Everyone's doll IS the most perfect thing on earth and better than every other doll that ever existed or will exist in the future. :thumbup
      If the poster says that, it's still up to the reader to decide whether to agree with it or not. ;)
    5. I'm pretty sure I'm not a show-off, but if one is a show-off they may not always be aware of it...

      These dolls are an art form with their high level of customization, and visual art is meant to be seen. So showing your doll to others isn't really showing off; it's expressing your creativity. Showing off would be like, putting more emphasis on the cost and rarity of a doll, or the amount of skill and effort that went into creating it, than on the actual beauty of the doll.
    6. Aernath and Sailorstarsun- It's like parents or kids...yours is the best, and nobody can change your mind! XD

      I think posting in the gallery with pictures you're proud of/meets/random photostories is great n__n It's a hobby people should enjoy, so why not show off one's dolls a bit? Whether or not they click on all the galleries is up to the other users. What I don't think is okay, though, is to brag or cross the line when it comes to showing off. Showing off your doll is fine as long as you're not like "Ohmygosh, my doll is the best. Worship him/her!". If someone's showing off is more along the lines of "I love my doll :D And I think s/he's perfect! Pictures, YAAAAY!". It's how you show off. If you're just really proud of your doll, I don't care. But if you're being pompous about it, think your doll is the best thing out there (in the way that you think all other dolls are inferior), and assume that everyone must LOVE your doll, then it irritates me =/
    7. Are you a BJD Show Off?
      Nope. I can't be. I have no doll. :(

      What do you consider showing off in the BJD world?
      Well, I think bragging about how awesome your doll is is fine or how much better your doll is, it's fine. But when you put down other dolls to raise yours, that's showing off. The fanclub thing is a bit dramatic sometimes. *puts sheet over shrine to Hayden* I suppose if you're only starting it because someone suggested it or to meet others who have similar tastes in dolls it's fine.

      Is it okay to show off?
      Once it becomes showing off, no.

      Chopsticks - Unless your doll is Hayden. He is the best. *Glomps Hayden*
    8. I think it's only showing off in a nasty sense when you want all the attention and ignore other people's dolls, or even actively disparage and put down any dolls but your own.

      Otherwise, we're just all so freakin' proud of our resin people and goofbally in love with them, that burbling and spamming is inevitable, and fine!
    9. I show my dolls to those of my friends who love beautiful things, and have interests in seeing my dolls. I'm more of sharing my dolly pleasure than showing off my dolls. But I don't know if others think I'm showing off. :lol:
    10. I think showing your doll in gallery posts (even tons of them) and everything is totally fine ^.^ Everyone loves their dolls, and most of us want to show them off in a good way. It turns into the bad showing off when someone puts other dolls down, or ignores/excludes other dolls and owners. As long as the person isn't being rude about it, they should feel free to post away :)
    11. For me, my definition of the act of showing off is self-gratification. People who show off, wants this self-gratification, usually done by seeking attention and displaying their self-worthiness.

      However, I think being a show off or not depends on the consistency of the act of showing off. Do you show off often? Or show off a little bit, here and there? If you show off a little bit, I would not consider that person as a show off. But if you continuously show off to increase your self gratification, then you are a show off. As for me, I do not think I'm a show off cuz I dont really have anything worth showing off.

      I think it's okay to show off, but showing off excessively becomes a turn off because by then, those people are just seeking attention. The focus is no longer on the doll, but rather on the doll owner. and arent we here to enjoy the dolls? I prefer seeing the various dolls that are produced instead of seeing the same molds over and over again by the same person.
    12. I'm glad I hadn't come across anyone who obnoxious about showing off their dolls. But I can understand if people want their dolls to be admired -- there's a lot of work that people put into them and it just seems right for art to be displayed and contemplated.
    13. I don't believe I'm a BJD showoff. I love my dolls and would gladly show them to friends who are interested and I wouldn't hesitate to talk about how wonderful I think they are, but it isn't as if they are the only dolls I am open to praising. I love many other peoples' dolls as well--mine just have the strongest sentimental attachment. So I don't think it's much showing off, just enthusiasm for the hobby (of course, as well as the people in it).

      Personally, I wouldn't show off anything, and though I wouldn't say it's bad to show off, it can become terribly and unnecessarily obnoxious. Though, that's just my opinion. I don't mind listening to owners feed their own positive thoughts/opinions to themselves but it does tend to feel as if they are only self-concerned after a while.
    14. Hmm... I don't have a signature graphic any more, my Profile page doesn't list my entire collection, I tend to post pictures on my LJ rather than in the gallery here, and I very readily admit that my crew are, on the whole, pretty dull. I don't expect anyone to know them or to care to.

      So... no. I wouldn't say that I'm that much of a show-off. Pretentious? Maybe. Obnoxious? Probably. Opinionated? Certainly... But I don't think I rub anybody's face in anything. My crew just aren't "special snowflake" enough for that. :lol:
    15. Are you a BJD Show Off?

      Yes, and proud of it. I love my first dollie. I'm sure I'll love my second that comes Wednesday.

      What do you consider showing off in the BJD world?

      There's nothing about the BJD world that's not showing off. You get a doll. You LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You take it with you, take pictures, share them on the forum, get it new clothes, talk about where you got it, how long it took, why you love this mold, injuries, care you take with it.

      Is it okay to show off?

      Showing off IS what BJD is partially about. It's when it's rubbing it in your face, elitism, my doll is superior, sort of attitude that it becomes not ok.
    16. I believe are meant to be shown, they're like customisable pieces of art which we ourselves as doll owners are very proud of having. I mean for example the art hanging in galleries you wouldn't call the artists show offs would you ?

      I think that showing off in a bad way, would be as someone said, rubbing it in someones face like " OH LOOKIES ME HAS DOLL AND YOU DNT" it also depends on the way they 'show off' I guess.
    17. Me too!

      Anyway, I've never seen anybody doing any of these things such as flaunting the fact thast they got to go to Dolpa and others didn't. As for thread titles where someone says something along the lines of "you're so jealous of me" I've never seen that either. Usually it's comentors who say that they're envious, and generally I think they are just saying it to be nice, not that they are actually burning up with envy!
    18. I second all this. There *has* to be a little bit of exhibitionist in most of us (especially those Loli's and Cosplayers heheh) but I don't think it constitutes as showing off because there isn't anything nasty behind it. I enjoy looking at posts of dolls, that's why I joined a BJD forum! I haven't come accross any that I have found particuarly pretentious to be honest, anything that might say "you want to get into my pants" is usually done with jest anyway.
    19. Well, people do like to show off their dolls--I wouldn't consider this pretentious. People love their dolls and want to share them with others, and along with posting pics of their own dolls many spend time looking at pics of other people's dolls too (this is a community where people like to spend lots of time looking at dolls). As for being contraversial--it isn't at all unusual for people to push the limits with art, and standards vary by community. What is very contraversial in one place may not be in another. I don't think I've come across thread titles that stuck out as being snobby, either. Being excited about your dolls and wanting to share is just a normal part of this hobby.
    20. I'd consider it pretentious if someone made sure to mention every 10 seconds how limited and expensive their doll was, or if someone purposefully insulted other doll owners and then started to enumerate why their doll was so much better than theirs *_*

      Other than that I love seeing other people's dolls and I love seeing dolls that are different. I don't think it's pretentious.