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The Rinoa Feedback Thread

Jun 3, 2006

    1. Hello.

      If you've had a transaction with me, buying or selling, please leave a comment here!

      I also have 100% positive eBay feedback here, both from selling and buying.

      Thanks guys!

      Also, if you're reading my feedback and have any queries, please feel free to PM me! ^_^
    2. I haven't recieved my item yet, but its been shipped out and I have recieved proper tracking and confirmation. Rinoa was kind and friendly in all of her messages. She graciously accepted my offer for her L-bi kit and shipped as soon as the holidays (Memorial Day) would allow. So far, a great transaction!

    3. I'm glad you love your boy and thank you so much for leaving me feedback.

      If anyone has had any transaction, from buying to selling, please leave me feedback, I've done quite a few transactions on here and would like to get my feedback up! ^_^
    4. I sold her a doll head and had a great transaction!
    5. I sold a hand-made outfit and an aika wig to Rinoa~
      Would definitely do business again!
    6. BUMP.

      I've purchased alot of items recently from many people, if they wish to give feedback I'm sure they will, as I'm going to leave them feedback in their threads if I can find them! ^^;;;
    7. I bought old skin (beauty white) parts for Rinoa's girl.
      Rinoa had had PayPal problem, but she did her best to solve it and always had sent me sincere mails. She solved PayPal problem well and paid money to me quickly :) I felt she was really trustworthy person!

      Thank you very much, Rinoa:D You are a nice buyer!!
    8. Perfect transaction with Rinoa, friendly and great communication!

      Thank you! :D
    9. I had an excellent transaction with Rinoa. Rinoa bought a Mau head from me. Lightning fast payment and terrific communication! I highly recommend her!
    10. This person opted to buy my Soo Ri doll, was notified that the transactions were NON-REFUNDABLE, then changed her mind halfway into the sale, and instead of contacting me, she came to DOA, (not in my feedback thread, instead creating a NEW thread where i wouldn't see it) and blasted me without having EVER notified me that there was a problem. Then turned around and claimed i "Forced" her into buying my doll, even tho she was in the UK and i was in the US. Anyone who would sell or buy from this individual, please feel free to contact me, for further details of this transaction.

      Be wary, as this individual will NOT contact you if she is unhappy with something, but instead, will contact PAYPAL to attempt a transaction refund, without having talked to you about any problems or doubts she is having.
    11. Please view THIS thread to see the full story with CBAB, seeing as how he has avoided making any reference to Rinoa's side of the story.

      Rinoa is buying an Elf Lishe head from me. She has been quick to pay, quick to contact me if there's any problems, even one so small as a delay of a few hours on a payment, and has been honest, mature, and and a pleasure to trade with.
    12. I am locking this feedback thread temporarily till both sides calm down.
    13. This thread is being reopened again.
    14. I bought some eyes from Rinoa, really great seller and a great price on the eyes, she shipped them out quickly and the communication was prompt, highly recommended :D
    15. I bought a pair of Oldskin BW hands from Rinoa, she shipped them very quickly, and was courteous and friendly throughout the transaction. I would not hesitate to trade with her again. :daisy Thank you!!
    16. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the feedback :)
    17. I just recieved some MSC from this lovely lady! It arrived well packagwed, and she kept me informed of the slight delay it went through. ^_^ She's a gem to deal with!
    18. My MSC also just arrived from Rinoa. It was extremely well packaged. :)
      Its great to deal with sellers like Rinoa. She was very friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks so much!
    19. I sold a pair of eyes to Rinoa and she's a sweetie, very friendly and polite. Kept in touch during the process and paid promptly. A reliable person and a pleasure to deal with - totally recommended! :)
    20. Rinoa was in my Soom Group Order. She paid quickly and great communication :D thanks for a smooth transaction.