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The Rozen taking out box from Ninja Convenience Stores(for 1/3,1/4 1/6 dolls)

May 20, 2009

    1. This Rozen taking out box is used by light&solid quaity PVC material,
      Is close with the lignin intensity,but lighter than lignin.
      The dolls put in it will much more safe than just use a bag,Especially in push the vehicle and join the crowded party,you won't care of that if the doll will be extrusion.
      you can use it for background stage prop,or use it as Cosplay Stage prop.

      Attention:The box is the hand-planted, has the trifle slight defect and the appearance difference is normal. The edge for the alloy manufacture's arc of contact, the edge is hard, has the possibility to damage other people The nail braves to have the possibility to break out presents the sharp edge, has the possibility to scratch.What part agglutination use is Germany's manual U rubber (UHU) reduces the harmful ingredient as far as possible .

      the price:
      1/4:125 USD
      1/3:150 USD
      you will got it in a week.
      it is limited.so just accepts the custom make!
      if you like it ,please PM me,or send email to tsukihime1207@qq.com
      i will answer you the question of the taking out box !


      Special part: In supposes the security sleeping bag, may, in the box has not locked raises perhaps raises is walking the time which the box accident opens safeguards doll's safety (only to be able to guarantee a baby security, puts more dolls be please prudent, in security sleeping bag's extent of protection)

      1/3 size :
      outside diameter:40x30x16CM
      inside diameter :38x28x15CM
      weight 2.3KG
      1/3 size :(2)
      outside diameter:70x16x12CM
      inside diameter:68x14x11CM
      weight :2.2KG
      1/4 size:
      outside diameter 32.5x24.5x12.5CM
      inside diameter 30x22x11CM
      weight 1.4KG
      you can put one more 1/6 dolls in it
      1/4 size:(2)
      outside diameter :50x14x11CM
      inside diameter:48x12x10CM
      weight 1.2KG
      1/6 size:
      outside diameter:33x12x11.5CM
      inside diameter:31x10x10.5CM
      weight 0.95KG



      here are some other kind of this box:
      the first one is for 1/3 dolls and the last one for 1/6 dolls

      other colour of the box you can choose:
      if you choose the colour (except black,white ,pink and brown)you need more
      10 USD

      Tips:don't put things heavier than 3KG in it!Don't try to stand or sit on it!Don't press it!
    2. Are the ornaments glued on or fastened securely?
    3. yes,your doll will be very safe
    4. She was asking if the rose on the case was glued to the box.
    5. sorry,i c now.yes it is,and you can choose other colour's rose.like gold ,or other
    6. update
      1/6 size boxes
      1/6 size:
      outside diameter:33x12x11.5CM
      inside diameter:31x10x10.5CM
      weight 0.95KG

    7. the price:
      1/6 scale dolls -99USD
      1/4 scale dolls -125 USD
      1/3 scale dolls -150 USD
    8. Do you make any for the 70cm-sized dolls?
    9. Does the listed price include shipping?
    10. sorry the price is without shipping