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The Sleeping Elf ,Elves dark tan coco back in stock

Aug 13, 2009

    1. Dark Tan Coco and BonBON BACK IN STOCK in limmited numbers
      plus I have 2 small dark tan Mina with elf ears , small Moona and Bracken
      all in the dark tan - Most colours back instock
      I have 2 new sculpts now instock .
      Mina and Bracken in the larger version

      they are available on the boy and girl body

      Mina and Zack -Mina sculpt
      Bracken and Brier-Rose -Bracken sculpt

      they are the same size as my large Moona

      hundreds of pictures of them here. Including body shots
      Info patterns ..owner chat on Ning
      Discussion here on DOA

      There is also an info sticky in the tiny section ..for clothes shoes eyes etc

      they are available and instock ready to ship
      either from my website
      or pM me here

      There are also several FULLSETS available on my Etsy
      If you are not a member , but would still like to buy one of the fullsets contact me

      and I have a full range of the mermaids instock


      the freckles arnt standard , but I can add them by request

      Large Bracken is also available Limmited to 15 in red
      [​IMG] smaller Bracken ..Mina and Moona also available limmited edition in red ...there are till some available
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    2. new stock now arrived xx
      I have also been asked several times over the past couple of weeks ..YES I do LAYAWAY xx
    3. I live for layaway :fangirl:
      I'm sure the info is somewhere but can you tell me again which colours/elves are LE? Is it just the red ones?
    4. the coloured ones arnt limmited ..just the red xx
    5. I Pm'd you about this Mina

      do you have this exact Mina available?

      if so which color resin is this and how large?


    6. I do have this very one ...he had german glass eyes and enhanced face-up
      he is 10 inchs tall , and this is the light tan resin xx