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The Soft pillows...

May 31, 2008

    1. You know the ones... The nice pretty soft pillows that come in the pretty boxwith your doll. =]

      Have you even actually used one of them for a pillow? My friend who just got her doll did.. she said it was really comfortable..

      So i got curious.. Have you? Do they vary in softness with each company? If so which doll company has the best pillows?

      Edit: I dont mean like actually swapping out your pillows for them. Like cuddling with them and stuff
    2. They're a little too small and flat for my liking, as human pillows...though I haven't actually thought about using them.

      I've only had Luts pillows so I don't know about the rest!
    3. Yeah.. she also has luts pillows =]
    4. Yea, actually I have a few on my bed ^__^
      My dolls used to sleep on them but they've since been integrated into the collection of stuff I sleep with.
    5. They're really useful for stuffing bags to turn into carrier cases. But other than that, they're still sitting in the original boxes, which are sitting in the closet.
    6. I keep mine in their boxes, but have used them in pics a couple times,
      Lilis has nice satin pillows.
    7. I don't use them for myself, but I save them to use as packing material when I take my dolls to cons. I have a big suitcase on wheels and the pillows make great padding. My Souldoll pillows are not the fattest, but they are this funky flower pattern that is rather funny since they came with Frank (who is not a flowery sort of guy). My AOD pillow is really big and Rory came wrapped in it like a dollie burrito. Anyway, by this time I have quite a few of them and always save them.
    8. I've used mine to:

      • line my hard side carry-on when I travel on planes with them
      • pad dolls when I put many in one large doll bag (Dollshe bag holds many dolls)
      • mattresses and pillows for photoshoots
      • padding when I want to drop a doll into a canvas bag
    9. I've been making travel bags with my pillows. The same idea of using them as hard doll carrier padding. I just add some quilting to the pillows and zipper.

    10. Mostly mine sit in the empty boxes but I have a small group of them that I use as padding when sticking a bunch of dolls in a carrier & my cats got a few to line a basket they like to sleep in. They're much too small for me to use as a regular pillow though.
    11. I actually have. My friend and I were traveling with our dolls and we were dead tired, so she pulled out her doll cushions and we put our heads down on the table and slept for an entire 3 hour train trip without waking up once. It was wonderful. ^_^
    12. Well there good for packing, my dolls like to lay down on them, even for photo snaps XP.
    13. I would clean them first to remove the resin smell and, possibly dust if I wanted to use them. I have not used them for myself but I used them for the doll's furnishings.
    14. Mine just sit around, but now I see they can have many uses. :) I have a pair that came with a doll carrier (don't have the carrier anymore) that have a cute green polka dot pattern on them. The nicest ones I ever saw/had were the ones that came with a limited Customhouse doll I once owned. They were made of a some kind of blue flower embroidered cotton...quite fancy! Those really did look like they belonged on a bed as decorative pillows. They were also very soft, softer than Luts and Volks pillows.
    15. I made my girls' pillows into bedding for them. For Yvette, it just so happened that her pillows fit into her bed's frame perfectly when side by side.. so I split one side seam of each pillow, sewed them together, and covered them in muslin to make her mattress. Mouse's bed is smaller, of course, so I used only one of her pillows to do the same thing with.. it also fits perfectly. :)

      Now I just have to finish the rest of their sheets and blankets..
    16. my Angel Fantasy boy came with really silky blue pillows, which surprised me ~~ it never occured to me they came in anything other than plain fabric. i don't use them myself, they either sit in his box or he uses them as a mattress. they're very, very long for an MSD sized guy ~ the dimensions on theouter box (for postal details) which will be about 1cm longer, i guess, said 60cm. tight fit for a larger doll, huge fit for a smaller one...?
    17. One of my dolls (can't remember which, maybe the Aoi-tuki), came with lime green square pillows. My sister saw them and immediately snagged them. She sewed fringe around them and uses them for sofa cushions.
    18. I keep them mostly in the box. When I need to put my doll in his box I put that little clear plastic mask he came with on his head, then put the pillows around him. I like to think it keeps him safe in there.
      Sometimes when I'm taking him somewhere in a bag I'll stuff my sweatshirt in there around him to keep him safe, but I've taken to using the pillows sometimes too (especially if I want to wear the sweatshirt).
    19. Mine stays in the bag. ^^ll
      I only used it the first time I had my doll, and it was for a 'bed'
      Now its just used to pad her when I bring her places.
      I wouldn't consider sleeping with it though Cause I cant stand when I have to switch between pillows it take forever for me to get used to it. xD
      But DoD Gave me some lovely lilac colored pillows which are really soft. :3
    20. I folded up the two pillows that came in the Dollshe carrying bag with my Chelidon and used them as a pillow at a con because there weren't enough in the room. XD They were satisfactory, but no substitute for a real pillow!