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The unbelievable joy that is getting your grail

Feb 5, 2018

    1. I have the head of my grail! She arrived yesterday and it's more than I ever thought I would have of her and I am so unbelievably happy!! Is it ridiculous that I am walking around swooning (I mean, just staring at her swooning) and feeling like a literal dream has come true and my life is only her body away from being completely complete?? :love:love:love

      Can anyone relate?
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    2. I can relate. My first bjd was like that. Congratulations!
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    3. Definitely relatable! My grail changes all the time, but even so sometimes I look at my dolls and just burst into giggles over how happy they make me. :3nodding:
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    4. So relatable! I jumped around in a circle after getting my first doll. My husband was laughing at me.
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    5. Oh.. I can relate too. I just ordered Maji (haru casting)
      Now I'm saving up for bimong dandelion. :D
      I'm so excited.
    6. I know this feeling very well! When Volks first released Hatsune Miku, I absolutely knew I wanted to have her. I was talked out of buying her by a boyfriend at the time and regretted it every time I saw owner pictures of her. Fast forward three years later and my friend sent me a link to the Winter sale Volks was going to be doing, I didn't even hesitate to order her. I was vibrating with nerves/excitement through the entire ordering and shipping process. She showed up at my mom's while I was at work, but lawdy was a I jittery mess of a human bean while I opened her. It didn't feel real, but it was very real, and she was everything I had ever wanted and then some!

      Now she get to chill with the rest of my resin crew, I can't help but feel a pleasant blip of joy every time I see her and know that she's mine. :aheartbea
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    7. I totally feel you! *o*
      I ordered my grail on a last minute basically since he got discontinued by the company... When I see him today I every day just fall in love with him again! Even if he hasn't got any proper clothes, any faceup anything at all... Just seeing his face makes me so happy! And last November he finally got a body as well! And he even got the body I wanted for him that also was discontinued which is even better! *o* So I just see him and feel overwhelmed and happy and I can't wait for my holidays to come to sew him some clothes and finish his wig! :whee: :aheartbea
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    8. I have one of my grails looking at her is so surreal sometimes.
      'like wait, she's actually real."
    9. The whole time my feeple rin was coming I was a nervous wreck! Since she's gotten here she gets the poses and all the attention I think it's totally normal ^_^
    10. Hope I can have that feeling one day :...(
    11. I had my grail shipped to my school. I drove two hours to pick her up (because I thought she'd arrive after school started) and I was sweating so hard when the kid in the mailroom could not find my package. It was hidden behind some others. But as soon as I got to my car I ripped that cardboard open with my car keys. If there weren't any other people in the parking lot I probably would have started sobbing. xD
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    12. I just found my grail, a Volks Hatsune Miku on the secondhand market, and I'm SO THRILLED to finally be getting her! :dance I'm waiting for the seller to send me a shipping notice as we speak, since its night here, but daytime in Japan.

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    13. Congratulations!! I hope to see your girl around soon!
      I don't have a true grail persay, I do know there are a few companies I'd like to own. Closest to grail for me is dc Twinkle.
    14. I don't really like the term "grail" but I may have cried tears of happiness and relief more than a couple times after finally getting my Lieselotte. Opening a doll you've longed for for years is the premium box opening experience. Highly recommended.
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    15. I got my BIG grail doll last year...Volks Hewitt has been on my wtb list pretty much since i joined the hobby but life stuff kept getting in the way and i kept missing sales posts but last year with the help of a friend i found a nice korean owner selling a volks hewitt in twitter and i went for it! My partner helped pay for him and after like 13 years of pining I finally have my boy! he is VERY spoiled and VERY cute and my hands shook when I opened his box. He is so very dear to me.
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    16. I know the feeling! I had brought my grail doll 12 years ago CP Delf Lishe and I still feel the same now. She took my breath away every time I look at her, she is beautiful!