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The Urge to Hold...

Mar 8, 2009

    1. Whenever you talk about your dolls to others, don't you just get the random urge to HOLD them? Even when I'm talking on the forums about my dolls, I always get them down and pile them around me... and I've once almost driven thirty minutes back from a friend's house just to GET my dolls because I was talking them up and suddenly wanted them beside me.

      I just want to know if anyone else has felt like this before, and under what circumstances. Doctor visits? Stressful tests? Airplanes...? (I have a fear of flying and always wish that I could clutch at a doll and not be stared at... though I guess I just shouldn't care... :) )
    2. Sometimes I wish I could have Judas with me during class tests...I think at least in my final Exams he will sit on my desk X'D

      I just love holding my boy <3
    3. The same thing happens to me, whether I'm here on the forums, at school, or walking around Joanns looking for fabric for a new outfit for him...

      Yesterday I was hanging out with 3 of my non-dollie friends. I almost had them drive me home twice so I could grab Kori...in the end I was glad I didn't. It was raining all day :/
    4. I completely know what you mean! And it always seems that I'm hanging out with my friends who don't collect when it happens... they all think I'm crazy.
    5. Honestly, I think it happens even if it isn't your doll. I think that's why so many people have "grabby hands." When I first saw my roommate's dolls, I really wanted to hold them. (I asked, of course, and treated them nicely.) I think they're just intriguing~
    6. Whenever I see Skymble's Gavin I have to cuddle him. o.o I'm not sure why. Mira likes to sit and look pretty, unless if she actually turns to look at me, like right now. Then I have to pet her, but not necessarily hug her. Not sure why? She's hard to juggle with the laptop, and I don't think she minds. XD I squish her.
    7. I always feel the need to have him with me, even if I'm not holding him. Having him just sitting next to me is enough, so I can reach over and pat his head or rub his leg or something xD In class I wish I could have him keep me company, but that would be pretty impossible considering the majority of my classes are in really messy art studios and I'd rather not risk him getting full of plaster dust or oil paint. I do love to pick him up and hold him if I feel upset or take him upstairs with me to visit Mitsukikouyama though (he also got attention once when I took him to the kitchen with me to heat up some leftovers)
      I just love having him around and holding him when I need company :)
    8. Same feeling. My resinsoul Mei is just so expressionet.(sp?) I had her in my lap watching TV she looked sad, but later when i went to the library and i took her with me and she seemed to be smiling a LOT more. So, yeah i think everyone has that urge!
    9. Those of you who have this urge- do any of you have kids or pets? I like interacting with my dolls every day. I mean, I want to work on them, sew for them, take pictures of them, draw them at least for a little while each day, but I don't have that urge to hold them when I am out and away from home or anything like that. I think it is because I have a daughter who is still young enough to want hugs from mom, and I have a lot of pets. One of my cats and my dog sleep with me at night. I do get that urge to hold my daughter when I am away from her, though. I wonder if it is a maternal instinct you feel towards the dolls. Nothing wrong with that- just commenting.
    10. I don't cuddle my dolls very often (especially my girl. *can't even look at her without messing her wig up somehow* ), but I do usually like the feeling of knowing they are there. I love having them sitting on my desk next to me.

      Though I cuddle them a lot more when I am feeling miserable and homesick.
    11. When I got Miles, I had MAJOR separation anxiety feelings. I wanted him with me all the time and would basically long for him whenever he wasn't next to me. It was especially bad at school. I would want him and want him and have to wait hours.
      I've gotten a bit better about it just 'cause I have to. But I'm still clingy. When I bring him to meetups, I just can't put him on display like the others. I have to carry him aroud with me at all times. Though I do let people touch and hold him if they want to! ^^
    12. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I should keep him near me/look at him all the time, because life is so shortXD But it's the same with my cat... after a few hours of not being with my Mamoru, I have to glomp/cuddle/pet him like crazyXD
    13. I often wish I could bring a doll to work with me, however, being a jewler it would be a disaster. I work with many polishing compounds that float around in the air and VERY hot flames. Alas. By the way, Zekarmisama, your papillion looks just like mine! So cute!:)
    14. lol I always have the urge to hold one one my dolls. All the time~ I take at least one with me everywhere I can (even to work and business trips). One of them always sits next to me while I'm at the computer...but half the time they are in my lap getting cuddles. I don't have anyone I can talk to about my dolls except on forums like this so I don't feel that urge when talking about them to people in person...just because I don't talk to many people. ^^; *hermit* My dolls are my constant companions.

      @Pumibel: It could be maternal instinct for me. I have two cats, but no kids...nor do I want/plan on having kids. I've never felt maternal towards human children. Animals, yes. Stuffed animals/toys, yes. My resin dolls, oh yeah. xD; Maybe they're my substitute. *shrugs* <3
    15. Huh.. Interesting. I get that with one of my dolls and sometimes carry that one in a bag almost everywhere even though it's probable that I wouldn't even take it out for anything. It's just the comfort of it being near I guess. And well... my other dolls are girls that wear frilly lolita gear so they don't really want to come out with me in the first place. .___.
    16. See, for me, I have the urge all the time, but I never do it... cause I share a single room with my boyfriend, and I daren't get my litluns out for fear of damage *_* The only time they get to come out is when they get new clothes, or need re-stringing. (I take them to meets for cuddles)

      But when I was living at home I had one or all of them on my lap or near me at all times because I feel better having them close by ^_____^ I hate not being able to fondle them all the time, but I honestly think this is better for them - otherwise they'd get all mucky and yuk from boy-germs :XD: (my boyfriend's nephews regularly come over too, and although they know not to touch my kids, they might have to move one or something and..... it's just not worth the risk :sweat)

      When we have our own place though, they're having their own shelf! Which they will undoubtedly never be on due to my need to have them close by :XD:

      I don't have any kids, and the cat doesn't like me :lol: Maybe it's a void? ;)
    17. I really like to hold a doll if I'm watching horror movies or anything spooky. Usually Lorry gets that honor, but sometimes I grab for Kohana who actually likes that kind of thing.
    18. @ Pumibel - I do have pets (although not children), but sometimes it's nice to hold something that's not wiggling around or trying to eat my fingers! *giggles* And I don't bring the dolls I have held all over the place or anything (partially because they are not mine); I don't plan to bring my doll everywhere once she arrives. It just wouldn't be practical.
    19. Pumibel, I think you have a good point. I don't have children but I do have a dog and when I'm feeling really stressed or lonely I tend to grab him (wriggly though he might be) over any of my dolls. Not that I don't give my boy a quick hug or cuddle sometims.....;)
    20. I wish I could grab my dog! She's HUGE, so my dolls have to suffice (and my cats scratch...)