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The vampire new BJD dolls"X2 dolls" (made in Hong Kong)updated

Sep 16, 2006

    1. thanks for looking
    2. :aheartbea can't wait to c those dolls >.<
      Annart pls keep us update
    3. :shudder wow...i actually got chills when all those dollie hands were moving !!!
      i can't sleep now.......FOREVER!
    4. What size are they and is there going to be an english website where they can be bought?
    5. ..........Are they from DollZone?......cuz the producer's name is the same (if my memory's good-_-) and the style looks like the same as DZ...
    6. Omg... I want one.. It was so cool though! >^^<

    7. Cool, I'd like to see more about them.Like profile pics.
    8. Emory{Junkyspot} said that Dollzone is coming out with Vampire dolls a the coming months.
    9. They don't really look like DZ's vampire dolls to me. But maybe thats cause the faceups are different?

      Edit: also at the end it has "1/4th" in its credit thingies, so I think they could be minis o_o which would be super cool cause then I'd get one~ :D
    10. I LOVE stop motion animation, combine with BJDs, PURE genious!
    11. the video was so nice.... i know there's one called cain [is there a abel or an esther?]

      will be looking forward to seeing the webbie :D
    12. The video has three names, actually: Gloria, Louis, and Cain. But there seem to be two girls in the final picture???

      There is also a website listed at the end of the video but it does not seem to work yet, just comes up with a message in Chinese that I can't read. http://x2.ctv.hk
      But these are definitely not the DollZone dolls, to those wondering.
    13. -Faint- Vampire Minis! Must buy! Does anyone know if the site RayRay posted is good to buy from? Does anyone know where else these little beauties are being sold? Thanx guys!
    14. I translated the message on the site using babel fish.. It said "The server maintenance routine, please shortly after again records" :x Hm so maybe later today, or tomorrow the site will be running? o_o

      The dollies look really pretty ;_; I want one~ I wonder how much they cost. o.o
    15. well, at the end of the video, it says it will start selling it on Sept 20th.
    16. that was interesting. I wonder who sells these dolls. curiosity kills me!
    17. Hehehhe, that was so fun! A BJD vampire movie!
    18. I've got to show this to my S.O. - he won't sleep for a WEEK XD

      That was a really great idea, and the dollimation was wonderfully choreographed! Can't wait to see when they officially put them out...