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The Volks Momoko Ryugasaki Doll.

Sep 12, 2005

    1. I think I have found my dream doll.

      I saw the movie "Kamikaze Girls" (Japanese title: 下妻物語) here in NYC, twice in three days, and I love it, blah blah, its so cute, yay lolitas and Yanki punxx....

      ...but TODAY I discovered that SHES A DOLLFIE TOO!!!!!! I know i'm slow...I'm new to this BJD world... but wow, I am awestruck. She is beautiful, and I love the character. I guess she came out last year, with the film...and was a Limited Model from Dollpa 2...*cry* I will have her!!!

      Please view her: http://www.superdollfie.net/sd/gentei/ryugasakimomoko.html
    2. Just to warn you...

      She was limited to 100 dolls, comes up very rarely on auction, and generally costs well over $2,000 when she does. =^^=;;
    3. I love this girl, too. But alas, she is a rare one..

      I would advise you to stick like glue to YJ. I've seen two go up for bids in the past month or so. But as Valentine has pointed out, she usually goes for $2k+.
    4. as a side note, that movie indeed rocks~ *yells* this too! jusco! *strikes a pose*
    5. Wasn't there a Momoko up on YJ currently/not too long ago? I'm pretty sure someone posted her in hopes of splitting the doll for her dress.
    6. Yah, the auction ended the other day - unfortunately, I don't think the winner was anyone on DoA.
    7. Aw, too bad. There is a Momoko on DOA though, I forget who owns her.
    8. One of her outfits is up there now....handbag and everything. Its at like, 20,000 yen right now. I would buy it if I didn't just order a doll a few days ago. And that's like, the cost of an actual dress at BTSSB!

      Hm...$2,000...that's like an actual trip to Japan. *Laughs* Maybe i'll get some crazy huge bonus at work this year. Then I can get her. Granted that someone offers her for sale. *Sigh*

      Thanks for the info though!!!
    9. ^_^;;; I've actually recently seen her go for $3,000, not $2,000. ^^; $1,000 will get two people roundtrip tickets to Japan, so I would imagine that one person could go to Japan for 1/2 of the cost of the doll and stay fairly well for a few days. @_@;
    10. Yea man, I go every February, and $2000 gets me the airfare, food, and shopping for 8 days. (Pre dollfie obsession) It would be hard to choose between the two, because I am obsessed with both.

      But such is life....
    11. Sorry for the tangent, but has there ever been sightings in the wild for the accompanying doll, Ichigo Shirayuri? She's based on Cyndy, but she's even surlier than Cyndy.:love *makes grabby motions*
    12. Who? What!? Show me...! :nosebleed
    13. WHAT! SHOW ME!!!! I was thinking about building the set actually. Ichigo would be a great challenge, because she is such a unique character. Either way, one of them is going to be built by Halloween, because I am going to dress as the other, and I will carry my doll as an accessory. I'm thinking I'll have to be Momoko, because Ichigo would NOT carry a frilly doll. But in another sense, Ichigo carried Momoko in a different way for much of the movie. I'll have to get down to work soon too!!!
    14. I was under the impression that they only dressed up a Cyndy as Ichigo for photo shoots + publicity, not actually as a doll to sell.
    15. yeah. thta cyndy was a one off.
    16. Awww, dabnabbit. I've only seen her in the second Volks softcover book. So that's why she's not on Volks' site anywhere that I can see. Time to sew that outfit and find pink sunglasses somewhere and roll my own Ichigo. XD
    17. Actually I have a Cyndy and the wig that they showed Ichigo in as a sample and yes, that's the doll! I had plans to make the outfit - the pink sunglasses are tough though...
    18. Any leads on a picture???
    19. There are big beautiful pictures of both Momoko and Ichigo in The SD Bible. And god I love that movie!!! I've been waiting for the DVD forever.
    20. Right, does someone have scans of that? Because I know that I don't...