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Theft protection

Aug 31, 2011

    1. Although I would love the world to be a flawless place, there are some evil people out there. So what I would like to know is: How do you try to protect your dolls from being stolen?
      Like when you are at a normal anime/Manga convention for example, someone could just "accidentally" bump into you and use your suprise and grab your doll that you've been carrying around. It sounds not likely, but it it could still happen.
    2. If someone stole my doll there would have to be a fresh can of whoop-ass opening on them. XD

      I keep my dolls very secure in my hands when I carry them around. One hand tight around their waist or under their legs, the other sort of shielding from the front. Even if I were bumped I would react immediately, holding them like a football in case I fall.
    3. I've been to a lot of conventions, some with several thousand people there and I have never had a doll stolen - the trick is not to leave them lying around. It would take a seriously hefty 'bump' and a seriously swift thief to make off with my doll :lol: The stories I've heard of dolls being stolen have all been while dolls have been on display at stands or left moderately/completely unattended so generally I think that as long as I hold on to my doll and watch anyone touching/holding them carefully I can feel safe enough. Of course, that's not necessarily entirely good enough on occasion, but it's about as safe as anything else - you wouldn't leave your wallet lying around after all ;)
    4. I take my dolls out in public all the time and I've never had any problems with people even attempting to grab them, even in crowded conventions. That being said I always keep a firm grip on them. if it's one of my 70cm's then I carry them in the crook of my arm. if it's my MSD size boys then they sit on my shoulder and I hold onto their feet and my Littlefee gets held close against my chest. I would never leave them unattended, the exception to this rule being the doll tables that they have at a couple of my local conventions, but I generally know the people running them and they are well watched to make sure no one touches anyone.
    5. I've heard a few stories about anime con doll theft. Each had one main thing in common- The owner handed the doll off to someone. Sometimes it was a close friend, sometimes it wasnt....
      When I went outside with my dolls, I almost always brought a carrier, and when they were out, I basically held them in a death grip lol.
      But to tell you the truth, if someone is set on stealing your doll from you, the only thing you can do is put up a fight but in certain situations that may not be worth it. Just like if you were wearing a diamond necklace, if someone were to fly by and snatch it from your neck, theres nothing you could have done to make it impossible for them to do so.
      Using your best judgment about your environment is the best way to keep you and your dolls safe, but it is still not failproof.
    6. It's the same as making sure someone doesn't steal your purse or bag...

      In public, keep your eye at all times on your doll.

      If you can't do that, then make sure you lessen the risk by:
      Making sure your doll isn't on the edge of things, by an easy exit (or where they can be knocked off the table--getting broken is bad, too!).
      I have done things like taken ribbon or string and discretely tied my doll to furniture, just in case!

      That is only in big rooms where there is public access. If I'm at a meetup where there is only a limited group of doll-owners, I don't worry about it.

      Like my purse--which I keep in touch at all times--on my shoulder or on my knee and between my legs when I'm sitting and eating... I'd make sure I have my doll-carrier or bag looped around me somehow. I've heard of someone eating out with friends who got distracted and losing their doll and case by leaving it accidentally.

      Do not leave your doll sitting out at a hotel room. Things go missing from hotel rooms all the time--which is why they offer those safes!

      Do not leave your doll sitting out in a car--aside from the sun and heat--you're just tempting a thief when you leave stuff visible in your car. I'm in a low-crime area, but the crimes that still occur is because people leave stuff in their car... and sometimes leave it unlocked...! (And dolls wrapped up in the trunk can still be bad if it's hot out. Resin can melt a bit in high heat.) (and people do break in to cars a lot in some areas--so watch out for that.)

      I'm had my wallet stolen by thieves in the street (in Paris). But it was a group of kids who mobbed me and ran. Stuff like that CAN happen, but it's more likely that people will steal things when you are not watching. (I've also had a bag stolen in a railway station--but it was my fault--I looked the other way, distracted, and that's when it was taken.) If you know you can be distracted--do not have your doll somewhere where someone can take it when you're not looking. That's just the way it is these days... If you're not watching for a second and something is not nailed down, it will probably be taken by some idiot...

      So just make sure you're prepared to make some effort to guard your doll if you're going out in public with them. Otherwise, leave them safely at home!


      Of course, things can happen at home as well... If you have your dolls at work or in your dorm room, you'll have to beware of other people who have access. And at home--if you have other people around. And sometimes there can be break-ins, so you should make sure your security is good. There was someone who had friends of friends in her house and someone went into her rooms and took a doll -- so that can happen...

      Some things you just can't predict. No need to be paranoid about it, but if you have something you don't want stolen, you will just have to be very careful with it-- know what risks are around you and try to guard against it... Don't leave things out and available if people might see it and take it...

      But break-ins are not as common as other people coming in and taking things... so just be wary.
    7. All he travels my dolls have been on and I've only had 2 problems and both were with unwatched children.
      1 Being stalked by very a couple of very grabby preschoolers where the problem was finally solved by holding the doll over my head and yelling at them very loudly about finding their parents.

      2 A little girl at a food court who tried to sneak up on the same doll, problem solved by sitting him in my lap and telling her that she scared him and if she had said hello she could have met him.

      I don't live in the best neighborhood in the world but the neighbor have no idea how much the resins cost. I'd be more worried about them stealing electronics and Monster High dolls.
    8. I'm not too worried about theft.

      As others have said, I hold my doll close and don't let them out of my sight. Most thefts I've heard about happened when a doll was left in a car or unattended at a con (such as left on a chair while somebody went to the bathroom). If I'm out with my dolls, they are either in my bag with a shoulder strap OR carried in the crook of my arm. Also, I live in Kentucky where most people have never even heard of BJDs, much less know what they're worth. Most people think they're either a baby doll or big Barbie...not worth stealing. and even if they DID steal it, wouldn't know how to sell it.

      As for being taken from my house? I live in the country in a safe neighborhood where I've forgotten to lock my doors or even close the garage door all night and felt perfectly safe. I've run to the store for about 15 minutes and left the house completely open. IF anybody broke in, they'd be more likely to go for all the gaming systems and computers. (We have 2 laptops and a desktop in full view as soon as you walk in the door) We don't have company often, but when we do, it's usually only a couple of people at once and everyone who lives with me knows who is in the house and at what times. The only time we've had more than 3 guests at a time was for a doll party! And every one brought dolls, so it was pretty safe. We don't invite shady people over. But we also have homeowners insurance, which would cover the cost IF somebody stole anything.
    9. I think when it comes to dolls like these, you have to treat them like you would laptops. You should always have your hands, or some part of your body touching your doll at all times. I'm not a fan of always having my doll out, because that's kind of constantly advertising that you have a doll (especially when people know what they are and how much they cost).

      They say with laptops, ideally, you shouldn't get a laptop bag because having a laptop bag advertises to the world that you have an expensive piece of equipment. I remember hearing someone tell a story of how someone kept their dolls in a camera bag, and it was stolen; luckily, it was found outside of the con - probably when the person realized that there wasn't any expensive camera inside it. What they say you should do with laptops is have them in a protective sleeve inside a second bag that isn't a laptop bag. That way, people see a regular bag, and don't automatically know you're toting something expensive around.

      That being said, I would think the same could be done with dolls. Either make or buy a bag to keep them secure and safe inside (BBB has those drawstring bags, for example) and put that bag into something else that isn't a doll bag.

      Personally, though, I'm not worried about theft due to the fact that I wouldn't want to bring my dolls to a con, nor have I brought them out a lot, period. I'd probably worry more that someone would bump into me, or I'd trip, and my doll would get messed up.
    10. When I take my dolls out, I usually keep them in their carrier until I am at a point where I can pay the right amount of attention to keep them safe. I never set them down or hand them off to anybody. The doll carrier is padlocked and I wear it diagonally across my back like a messenger bag so I don't get uncomfortable and tempted to put it down. Whenever I take anything of value out of my house, I never separate myself from it. If there's a chance I will be in a situation where at any time I have to leave the object unattended, the object doesn't leave the house. It's better for me to regret having not brought my doll to an event and still be the owner of that doll than to bring the doll only to have it leave with someone else never to be seen again.
    11. I never put the doll down or let it out of my sight. If you want to bring the doll to fun places, like a convention, you need to be responsible. That means not depositing the doll the second you hear the opening notes of Caramelldansen to dance, etc.

      I would also not trust your doll with anyone else, unless you trust them a LOT. I'm sure that most people don't have to worry about their friends taking off with the doll. I worry more about them just abandoning it (especially if they are not owners themselves.)

      I'm sure some of my best friends wouldn't give a second thought about leaving my doll unattended if they saw some famous voice-actor walk past, or a sudden funny photo shoot going on. And I don't blame them, unless I'm paying them to do some dollie-babysitting. ;) It's not their doll, and I don't expect them to give up their fun time to watch over it.
    12. This here, I second this. My father had his camera bag stolen (although there was nothing it it luckily, but it was still kind of expensive)

      Put the doll into something that doesn't advertise it as something valuable! That won't prevent getting stolen, but it will help.

      a lot of this advice is really good, but I wanted to point this piece out in particular. I have an ipod, but I don't wear the bright white headphones with it (because I find them uncomfortable too) because they are really drawing attention to anyone who might want to steal from you or such.
    13. When I moved to a new apartment complex, I was broken into twice within a year. Each time, II had a couple thousand dollars worth of electronics, dvds, games and jewelry taken. But both times, I have had a secret, inner giggle because the most expensive things in the apartment--the dolls--have never been touched. Not even to be knocked off their shelf.

      You have to find humor in these situations, this was mine. And, quite frankly, they can have the TV and the computer (for the 3rd time each) as long as certain dolls aren't touched.

      Thankfully, a normal burglar sees them as Barbies, and about as valuable as the ones sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart. They are looking for things they can unload quickly for maximum cash. If your dolls do get stolen, you can at least narrow your suspects to people you know who know their value.

      I avoid public theft though a much more simple solution: My dolls never leave the house except to go to local doll meets.
    14. I just have to say that this is a really good idea. :o Especially for those on display at cons. I recall an incident of theft in our local doll community happened at a con. (Read about it here.) Tie your doll down under their clothes or something. Potential thieves shouldn't realize that the doll's tied down! They try to pick it up and move a piece of furniture in the process, it's bound to attract attention and deter them from an easy theft. :o
    15. I build my dolls into my cosplay (sixth scale with larger heads, perfect for a pair of Mobile Persicoms!)
    16. Yeah, most vendors I know who have dolls at their table (and artists in artist alley) tie them down in some way. At a meet, it's important to just keep a wary eye. Most thieves won't try something if you're obviously watching. Don't carry more than you can handle- IE, if you're juggling three dolls to get your wallet out in the dealer's room, you stand a better chance of losing one or parts of one than if you were only carrying one.

      When my dolls are at home, I keep them naked and wigless, not only because it helps avoid staining and uneven yellowing, but because a nicely dressed-up doll is far more obviously valuable than a buck naked one.
    17. I've always wondered how collectors managed to protect their dolls at conventions, especially those that bring so many! I have several friends that carry their dolls around in a bag when they're at convention. Seems easy enough, but I see it easy for them to be forgotten about and never brought out to enjoy the convention. :)
    18. At doll conventions, I carry only one doll at a time with me, so it's easy to keep track of it. If I bring other dolls, I lock them in my hotel room. I also never leave my doll sitting alone, even for a moment. If I have to go somewhere and don't want to take the doll with me, I hand it to someone I know and trust. I just take the normal precautions I take with my purse. If I take my dolls out somewhere, I put them in a backpack or put the strap of the doll carrier across my body and carry it like a backpack so it's not easy to grab out of my hand.
    19. I solved this problem simply.
      My doll never leave the house)
    20. I have my dolls to enjoy them and part of that enjoyment is taking them places (such as conventions) with me. I won't get much enjoyment in those situations if I'm paranod that someone will snatch them form my hands or grab then when i put them down so I don't bother about it. I take them to conventions, and treat them like anythingelse I have with me - I don't have a death grip on them and I don't act like they'd be snatched if I take my eye of them for a second.

      Honestly - most non-doll people have No Idea how much these dolls cost so woudlnt' think of stealing them, let aloe how/where to sell them if they did steal them.

      I don't see the point of spoiling my enjoyment of my dolls by being paranoid about them being stolen or damaged if I take them places.