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Themes within crew, or just a big collection?

May 12, 2018

    1. I personally have two different stories(photo stories on instagram but also plan to type them out down the line) of my own and one collab within my current dolly crew. Certain dolls, although all within my crew, never interact or "know" eachother unless im making a humorous kind of crossover photo story. Does anyone else do this with their crews?
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    2. I have the dolls in the Fairy Realm they are my story dolls so they have characters, and back stories. The others are just portrait dolls to improve my photography skills.
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    3. I have one main "crew" within my collection, a second crew I'd like to create, and then random dolls who're kind of their own thing!

      The one existing crew is the Spooky Squad / Creepy crew: all my monster / spooky dolls and characters.

      The crew I'd like to create is my DND / Fantasy crew, which is currently just one doll!
      But, I'm planning on shelling a few more characters from his world to expand upon that.

      And then the others are, well, others!
      My pet dolls, a doll based on my Splatoon Squidsona, and the cute dolls I have for the sole purpose of having cute dolls to dress up / photograph belong here.
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    4. For now all dolls orderd or that are planned to be orderd in the future are meant to be Yokai (Japanese demons), or demons from other parts of the world.
      They know each other and interact :3
      Sometimes I see one or two dolls though, I would like to have just because they look cute!

      I also have some off-topic dolls that are completly different though and have nothing to do with the crew.
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    5. My crew is a big tangled web with various degrees of separation. It all started with my first doll, Amir, and while he doesn't particularly fit anymore, his stepson, Parker, is the start of the current crew. And since I think connections are fun, here's how they all relate, if you're interested:

      Amir: The first doll, stepdad to Parker.
      Parker: Boyband member/solo artist, stepson of Amir, co-founder of boyband Only Up.
      Rose: Biological daughter of Parker, but adopted by Amir and raised as Parker's sister.
      Elsa: Parker's first cousin, Meghan's best friend, has a crush on Kier, ballet dancer
      Dhani: Boyband member/solo artist/model, met Parker at summer camp and is the co-founder of Only Up.
      Kier: Boyband member/priest in training, met Parker at summer amp and is the fourth member of Only Up
      Derby: Kier's first cousin once removed, little girl with a big imagination
      Hailey: Wife of Only Up member Sulley (my sister's doll), also met at summer camp and was Parker's friend first
      Alyssabeth: Hailey and Sulley's daughter
      Meghan: Hailey's younger sister, Elsa's best friend, high schooler
      Jack: member of Australian pop-punk band 4 Day Weekend, Parker's ex-boyfriend, gamer geek, best friends with Dhani'shusband Corey (sister's doll)
      Lakin: member of 4DW with Jack, veterinary nurse by day, traveler and reddit afficiando
      Luc: went to highschool with Hailey, film student, best friends with Erica, sometimes Lakin's roadtrip buddy, Parker's rival on the gun range
      Erica: one of Luc's best friends, cryptozoology student, roommate to Opaline
      Opaline: Erica's roommate, creepy goth girl, friends with Charlie, dating Kai (sister's doll, and member of 4DW)
      Charlie: Luc's former classmate and his roommate's boyfriend, superhero wannabe, friends with Opaline

      The only exception would be the fantasy tinies and my doggie BJD. The tinies are just fantasy creatures that hang out in my sewing room because they're cute, and the dog is basically a minimee of my real dog. <3
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    6. Thats awesome! I have a group of yokai and shikigami as well! Theyre all anthros. Currently only two and one on layaway since i iust shifted after finishing off the cast of my main crew!

      Im happy to know that Im not the only one to make character lists like that XD thats really great!

      That sounds neat! I have one story of Anthros made up of shikigami and yokai familiars(this is my second story) and then i have my main crew which partially takes role in an orphanage so that crew conveniently picks up any impulse buys i may have :XD:
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    7. Oh, that's just the basics, I have an entire binder of character notes where they all get their own pages! :XD: I've gotta have my lists!
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    8. Mine started as 1/3 sized white-skin elves in 2004... that lasted a year or two and through 5 dolls...

      Then I got severa 1/3 ns humans...

      Then I got some tiny elves.

      Then tiny anthros...

      Then... it all became a big jumbled mess of EVERYTHING! :sweat
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    9. I understand that all too well *-*

      Hahaha just get a long roll of paper and start making scrolls XD
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    10. My overall collection (assuming I get all the dolls I currently want to eventually have) will be made up of a number of smaller groupings of 2-3 dolls that are from the same story/universe.
      But they all probably will still end up being in pictures and seen interacting with the dolls from the other groups in kind of a "behind the scenes" sort of way.
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    11. Both? I have both?
      Originally I was just shelling characters for one specific story I was writing...then I spotted a LM Jeremy for sale and I've always wanted that adorable little face so I bought him and ruined my theme...then I spotted a doll with the coolest face-up in the MP and he's a decent shell for my DnD character...and I wanted to experiment with size so I bought two tinies to travel with me...but I realized I was totally off the rails in terms of "shelling only what I write". But I couldn't stop. I spotted my lone SD gent and I had to have him he was too perfect, even though he's from a completely different universe, so I figured "screw this theme buying, I'll make my theme 'cool dolls for the right price'". And then added two girls because I had too many boys...then I finally got back on track and got the last character I wanted to shell and bought him. Phew. That's...(counts my signature) a lot of dolls in just under a year into the hobby.
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    12. Multiple plots. :XD: I have nine dolls divided into five crews! The smallest thus far are my Nordic and Russia plots, with one doll each (Dagny and Vissarion, respectively) - though my friend has another doll in Dagny’s plot. My named plots (aka the ones that have been written out) have two dolls each - two tinies for Anima and an SD and an MSD for Mercenaries Honour. These ones are all fairly limited - at most two or three characters per plot are even possible. Unlike #5, which is my Japan/youkai plot. Calling it “Japan” is a bit of a misnomer, though, as there’s an entire branch of Chinese characters. There’s a core couple but there’s really no end to the tendrils - I own four already, and am planning to bring home another four this year or next! I’ve 20 characters planned thus far, with a few additional dolls belonging to friends. Most of them are tinies, but there’s also an SD lineup... it’s going to be a big bunch. :XD:
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    13. Multiple crews, here. My OCs don't interact with my fan dolls, who don't interact with their chibi or big versions, and none of them interact with the fairies or the kids. :) My original intention was to only have the OCs, but there were a couple of sculpts who didn't go with them in any way that I still really wanted, and down the rabbit hole my collection went!
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    14. One huge mixed collection! All of my dolls are in one fantasy world and interact with each other. Realistic, fantasy, msd, yosd, tiny they are all together sharing the same universe (aka my bedroom).
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    15. I only have the one at the moment, but I plan on getting two more, and they’re going to be sisters within the same story which basically has them as fairies (but not the small winged creatures, closer to the gods and goddesses of old Irish mythology). I know I’ll probably want more dolls after that, but I doubt they’ll relate to these first three.
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    16. My dolls are all part of the same story as of right now! Although, I've been tempted by sculpts that wouldn't really work as characters in it...

      But I have two dolls that are considered fairies, and one coming in that is supposed to be like an elf huntress? So, my crew kind of has the whole fantasy, forest creature thing going on! There are human characters in my story, however, as humans and fantasy creatures share the same universe in my story!
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    17. I have four story-lines and four crews.
      They all live in the same world, but are separated with ages of time. They interract, because they live in the same shelf and on pictures, but never in the story. So love stories and couples are possible only among one crew.
      Tinies and MSD's are children of those couples, and they don't take much part in the story. They exist just for fun and to make me happy.
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    18. I haven't fully figured it out yet but I think all my dolls are in the same story world but not the same storyline. Two are siblings and I think I want them to have a separate storyline to the other two just because I don't really see them all meeting. I would like all my future dolls to also be in the same world but I like the idea of them being in different storylines and it puts less pressure on me to integrate them all into one.
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    19. Mine are divided into film characters & minimees, characters from my novels and randoms. Randoms are usually freebies but sometimes (Cal...) dolls I just could help getting.
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    20. I do have 2 crews, one from my existed original character and another is just the sculpt I fall in love with and adopt them for because they were beautiful, not 'they look like this character!' kinda feeling. I'm quite surprised but glad that I could bond with the one without existed character.:D
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