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Themes You Like

Aug 12, 2010

    1. Well I was looking in the News section and saw about 3 or 4 companies were doing an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Lovely selections there~ I love AiW really, but it seems done so much....same with vampires.

      So what kind of themes would you like to see? Whether its based on a fairytale, game, history, country...etc.

      For example, some themes I would like to really see more of would be western/country outfits. I think cowboys and indians would be pretty cute. And more kenomimi...or half animal people. Like just ears and a tail (actually built into the sculpt like some anthro dolls), and maybe whiskers and claws. IMP doll had some cool hybrids.

      Your ideas for some interesting themes?
    2. I am probably more interested in the fairytale and fantasy themed dolls. I do like some of the Alice in Wonderland dolls and was looking at a couple of cute vampire dolls. But what I purchased for my first two dolls is LittleFee Elves. I would like to see more outfits and accessories for elves. But for a doll set theme I think it would be cool if they did a series of dolls with careers/hobbies. Like an artist doll, fisher doll, cook doll and so forth. The only problem is that this list could be huge and most collectors will put together sets like this for their dolls making it custom. But for those that are just starting out it would be neat.
    3. I would like semi anthro too, the ears and tail thing, was disappointed that the new Hu from Doll Leaves didn't have nine tails like I thought it would have from reading the story thing (unless I read it wrong, but still would be cool.).
    4. I love... so many different sorts of themes. I find myself particularly drawn to dark fantasy and fairy tails~
    5. The world mythology is so rich, no need to reinvent the wheel - just give me more creatures of traditional Asian or European or African folklore, and I might even buy a fullset!
    6. pirates, cowboys and indians, and steampunk would be nice. i think those would be very nice for me, bad for my bank account. XD
    7. I'd love to see more fairytale themed dolls and clothing as well....my husband's wallet however would not :D (I'd also like to see more anime themed too, but often since they are licensed, they cost more.
    8. I'd like more winged things. More dolls with resin wings in their backs (not on their arms). I'd like a whole angel series. Maybe one with multiple wings coming out of the back, like a cherubim or a seraphim. Maybe also a 'fallen angel' series to match with scars on the torso like some of the broken wing mods I've seen and maybe even sigils and stuff.

      Soom is doing more fairies and there are a lot of smaller dolls with colored resin fairy wings... but larger fairies would still be nice. I am always up for more fairies.

      Maybe darker fairytales.

      I'd like to see a resin jointed mermaid tail with the fin being a colored clear resin like the finny feet on some of Soom's monthlies.

      Also modern/sci fi. I like those new bright colored Dollzone sets. The graphic designer in my is pleased by the bold uses of color and I'd like more of that.

      But yeah, things with wings for me, mostly. Real resin wings, at least.
    9. Honestly, I am kind of tired of Alice in Wonderland sets. @_@ They're cute but seriously.

      That said... I would LOVE to see a Greek Pantheon set! Greek mythology more in general of course, too. I ADORE fairy tales, so those with a little more variety, and I'd adore if a company did a set from classic novels. Just think! A Huck Finn and Tom Saywer set with little straw hats and fishing poles, fancy ladies and gents from Dickens, all of that. Especially if they came with a little doll-sized version of the novel (not a full reproduction of course, maybe just a fancy cover with blank pages or little dots instead of text).
    10. Angel/Demon themes are very compelling! I would love to see more wings and horns!
    11. Yeah, I think maybe DD-Anne and Piposdoll weren't aware that they were both doing Scary Alice fullsets at almost exactly the same time. :sweat Too bad on the timing for them! Greatlooking stuff, though. I'm almost sad to have such Alice-fatigue, because DD-Anne's zombie-girl White Rabbit is the coolest thing I've seen in months.

      I don't go seeking themes. If I like something I see, themed or unthemed, then I like it. My doll collection is therefore on the eclectic side, but that's how I like it to look. The schoolboys sit next to the demons sit next to the goths sit next to the musclemen.
    12. wut? Hot steamin' hot naked piles of male resin isn't a theme?????

    13. Crobidoll, I believe, just did one a few months ago too, and two of the new Fairyland dolls coming out Friday are in Alice gear too.
    14. Greek Mythology would be pretty neat. Any kind of fantasy themes are good with me though. I'd die if anyone would sell a BJD unicorn pet (not anthro)! Fairies would be fun, you could do colorful face-ups with cute outfits and wings. :)
    15. I'd love to see a lot more Rococo stuff, and most of all more sets of resin or metal armor!
    16. I'm a huge fan of mythology (especially Norse mythology), and as far as "themes" go that's what I would be the most interested in. Personally I'm waiting on someone to release a Valkyrie. :D That would make my day.

      I also second the desire for more knights! :XD: I've seen male knights pop up recently but I want to see some women in armor!
    17. This! Dolls dressed like knights and fighters would be perfect. An Arthurian theme. :) I already want to turn a Dz Mo into Morien...
    18. I think some Dragon Slayer themes would be awesome....Espeically if a company made a bjd style Dragon to go with them....
    19. Yes, agreed! Knights!! Resin armour looks so amazing! Maybe a regal theme... or Renaissance... Victorian era, big poofy dresses, lots of nice frilly things... *u*

      I for one am really tired of seeing all the Alice in Wonderland themed stuff, although it's interesting to see each company's different take on it...
    20. Yeah I know, I have seen so many Alice in wonderland themes(but they are beautiful). I want to do a devil doll(so cute with the horns and evil), mermaid(love the long flowing hair), angel and fairies(they have such beautiful wings).