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theOrientDoll - Doll & Parts Restock

Mar 22, 2006

    1. oh my, i want the little girl! she's so cute! does the special come with makeup though? there was no option for it......
    2. Under options for the Special Ji there's "no-makeup", so maybe she comes with makeup as default, and you have to specify if you want her blank? She is incredibly cute :)

    3. you can order the blank doll , in white or normal with or without make up
      its in the options box when you order

      I ordered mine earlier :aheartbea
    4. Banji is about an inch taller, and more slender - as others have said, Ji is like a smaller version of the Leeke dolls, and as it's likely they come from the same factory, the resin will probably be very similar.

    5. Tae is gorgeous! I wonder if they include the head when measuring or just the body? cause he "could" be 43 cm total with head (hoping desperatly)
    6. wonder if his head would fit on a MNF El?....hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    7. On the Q&A board it says Tae's wig size is 4 inches!

      That can't be right, can it? Dolfie Plus wears 4 inch wigs..
    8. TAE actually means "big" in korean~
      and Joong means medium, So is small....
      so I guess they just named their dolls accroding to their size~:P
      But he is indeed beautiful!!!~hehe
    9. They answered someone on the QA board, and his wig size is 6. I think he may be an inch shorter than Narae, if the 40cm, including his head, is correct. That's my figuring, anyway. Narae is 16.9 inches (43cm), and he would be 15.7 inches (40cm), according to the cm conversion to inches calculator. So his head is just a tinier bit smaller than Narin, as he takes a 6.5, as does Narae.
    10. Six centimetres can't be right, can it? D: Teeeeny head!
    11. No, my understanding is that it's a SIZE 6 wig... Let's hope, anyway! :)
    12. Does anyone know if they'll be coming out with a girl soon that will be comprable to their new male?

      They're prices really are exceptional!
    13. Gahh...does anyone know when tae is going to be restocked? Did they say the 10th..or did I get confusled *_*
    14. Well they're telling me that Ji will be restocked with on April 10 so I'm assuming that Tae will be restocked at the same time. ^^
    15. Does anyone know how to pay with paypall? Once he's restocked of course ^__^

      Will it show up on the drop down menu...or is there some sort of weird process I'm missing.
    16. There is a Paypal button on the home page, I think. But when you order it, it should take you to Paypal. If it doesn't, then email them!
    17. when I ordered mine ,the check out didnt work quite right
      the invoice came through a couple of hours later , that I had ordered So Ji Basic
      and the PayPal address was on it
      PayPal address is

      it is in the name of
      Lee Kyong Eun
      so I just went to PayPal myself and paid , and checked my account status on the site
      hope this helps
    18. Did the company say what time on the 10th?
    19. It says "14:00 in Korea time", but I don't know what time that is here...