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There's a mold similar to Jun Tachibana?

Feb 8, 2007

    1. Hi!
      My friend loves Jun TAchibana of Volks but she doesn't want to pay a lot of money for Jun T. She don't have enought money and she asked to me if there's any other mold similar to Jun T.
      Do you think? Do you know another mold that looks like Jun T.?

      Thanks! ^^

      excuse my poor english :blush
    2. The Volks guide in my sig lists every head and which one they look related to :daisy
    3. What's the volks guide? Do you know what puts in the guide about Jun?
    4. tangentally, is there a mold that comes in white (like FCS snow) that is similar to Jun Tachibana?

      I think Usagi told me most Mikey molds are similar.
    5. Mikey usually designs heads sculpted by Mr. Kitamura, I believe this is mainly what ensures they'll look similar most of the time. As for FCS, the heads I personally think bear a resemblance to Jun: F-09, F-12, and F-19.
    6. Some people think that the new Angell Studio girl, Monica, looks a lot like Jun T. You can find a thread on the Angell Studio dolls in the news section, it has links and more pics. :) And they do come in white skin.
    7. MSD Midori looks to me like a tiny version of Jun - if you thought she'd like a mini.
    8. Volks School-B SD Head :)
    9. I, oddly, kind of think Arashi has a little Jun T feel too
    10. I alway thought that SD13Mimi looks awfully like Jun.
      Also, Midori looks so much like Jun as well except she's MSD.
      (Midori is sculpted by the same artist)
    11. The new Sato F33 head looks a lot like Jun.