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They're Multiplying Like Jackrabbits!..Well I started out with just 1 doll...

Jul 2, 2010

    1. When you first started in the ABJD hobby did anyone plan to get just one doll, then end up with a little BJD army? ;) I've been collecting for about 1 1/2 years and I'm not sure how it happened but 1 doll turned into 2... waiting for #3

      We are fortunate this stage in the evolution of the hobby that we have so many wonderful dolls and companies to choose from. I'd love to hear other's experiences.
    2. There is a debate thread about this subject, just as a heads-up that this may end up folded in there. ;)

      That said, oh yeah. I wanted one girl. That plan didn't even pass the laugh test, as my first order? ...was for two girls. Oops. But they were so different from each other! ...but not so different that they couldn't share clothes or shoes, so I thought, hey, I'm still safe here, it isn't so terribly unreasonable, considering what I'll likely spend on their accessories.

      Then they needed a boy to bicker over. Then one looked so much like something I'd pictured as... and hey, that other one is like that, too, and... oooh, shiny over there... *_*

      I remember when that wall in my bedroom wasn't covered in shelves, and I remember when the shelves seemed like more than enough space. :doh:|
    3. I planned to have two... a boy and a girl.

      Then that turned into "well... a boy and a girl MSD, and a girl SD"... which turned into... "but they're all so pretty!"

      ...now I have four MSDs, am opening/receiving the fifth tomorrow (ee!), and have definite/immediate plans for two SDs, two tinies, and two more MSDs. Whoops. xD I'm starting to run out of room... XD
    4. I planned on one, now i have 4 and plan on many more :sweat I ordered my second doll before my first had even shipped and my third not even a year later.
    5. BJD 1 - oooh, nice! I like dolls and these have lot of stuff that go with them!
      BJD 2 - OMG - I so want. I love elves!!
      BJD 3 - I need a boy. Wait!! I can make him my favorite Forgotten Realms character!!
      BJD 4 - Dollfie Dream? Ayanami Rei from Evangelion!! She's so mine.....
      BJD 5 - I adore that head - I want it. Wait, so I'm going to have to buy a body.......DD2 on the MP - perfect!!
      BJD 6 - Minimee head! OMG I'm going to have to get that before it goes.........darn - now I need another body!

      Wait - what? Where did they all come from!!! :? :...(
    6. (lol Noo. You mentioned Forgotten Realms and elves.. and I noticed your avatar. ha I've been trying to resist making a BJD version of a certain drow elf. Ha- add one more to my list.. Xp )

      Dolls are such a great canvas for ideas- I think that is one of the reasons why we end up getting more than one...
    7. LOL! I love the title of this thread!

      Don't have a doll yet, but that happened with another doll company when I was a kid. We started out with two, a large and a smaller, for Christmas, and then before I knew it, I had 5 or 6 - and I STILL have them all (somewhere)!

      I'm still saving for an authentic BJD - but a BJD was more expensive than the dolls I have. I'm one of those people who like instant gratification, or at least getting it as soon as I can. So far, I'm doing well (knock on wood)! I don't know if I want what happened to mine to happen with BJDs. I have no story characters (though I do write) that I'd want to portray. Maybe I'll be lucky, and settle on 2 or, at most 3. I noticed that Bobobie has now released Mei's head for $60 - maybe she'd be my second since I'm going for a Dollmore Kid Flocke?
    8. Oh that sounds so like me XDDD
      When I started collecting 1 1/2 year ago I still thought I would buy just one doll, because they are so expensive and so on....
      But then I wanted more, so a half year after the first I already purchased my second one. Shortly after that the third (wich I sold later) and now I have 4 complete dolls (okay the fourth one is going to arrive today...) plus several floating heads at home >.<
      It's so hard to say no with all those lovely dollies out there....
    9. I think most of us started thinking that one or two would do.

      I was that way.

      Took me about 2 years to buy the first one. Then took another few months before another one...

      then after DPLA 2007, everything went downhills and especially Yo size dolls do multiply like jack rabbit.

      At one point I did not think I would own multiple of the same dolls. NOW I have 4 of the same boy LOL LOL

      yes I am a bad example
    10. Um... it was more of an explosion.

      Two months after I had ordered my first BJD, I had 6...

      Just over a year on... I have 17, 4 floating heads and another 2 dolls and 1 head on layaway and another 2 dolls to be bought within the month.
    11. Lets see.... I saw them for the first time about.......6 or 7 years ago. Last year I finally caved and bought my first. While I was waiting on Dollzone and DDE, my friend was selling the doll she'd just gotten a week ago.

      I am weak.

      I bought him. So I had him. Was still waiting on the other one. Got it in May. This year I bought another two within a week of each other, and got one in April and the other last month.

      Next year I will buy more. I am weak willed.

      But they're so NIFTY! O-O;
    12. First doll (Obitsu Gretel, Nell): These dolls are so cool! I want a doll that the eyes come out of. And look, I can make clothes and sell them, and that will defray the cost of the doll! (which would have happened, except I bought shoes and wigs and eyes and MSC...)

      2nd doll (RS Dan, Tanith) Love at first sight, and still the doll I've bonded with the most. Plus she was a present. And my first resin doll. So this was a big one.

      3rd doll (BBB Ariel, Sidonie): Pretty, but didn't work out. Now lives with my mom, who loves her.

      4th (Bambicrony Lotti, Lily-Raven): My first tiny. She was on the MP (hi Dallabat!). I was really drawn to her and kept checking the thread and finally bought her on layaway.

      5th (RS Ai, Audra): Omigod omigod purple demon girl! I'll show the haters what a really scary doll looks like!

      6th (NotDoll Belladonna): A cool weird sculpt I love. She was on Ebay for crazy cheap (relatively) and I didn't think that deal would ever come again. So I jumped and I'm not sorry.

      Soom Syen and Dollstown Soph (heads only)--sculpts I love but couldn't afford the whole doll of. Neither are home yet, though, so we'll see if they stick.
    13. I originally wanted just one. but that one became 3, then 5.... then 7..... and now I must have at least heads of my favorite anime/game characters. (Since they can share bodies with the others.)

      so... yeah, BJDs tend to 'breed' rather quickly. :sweat
    14. I never planned only one, I know myself better than that :sweat - but I was figuring I'd stick with mayyyybe five for a while. Then I started crossing storylines and falling into temptation here there and everywhere . . . two years in, I've got ten full dolls and three floating heads :sweat :sweat :sweat
    15. Yeah, I.. I can be found guilty here, whereas less than two years ago I was in the clear, I only had one and it had been that way for a while, I thought I was safe! I was so content with one! And then..

      The first was a Dollfie Dream, lovely dear, perfect body proportions for the gowns I wanted to make, lightweight and easy to carry, safe to drop accidently (I was a newbie!) with flexible vinyl hands. Perfect.

      The second step was a resin head for said vinyl body. I outgrew the anime look of the DD head, needed something more photographable to model my dresses and jewelry creations. Found the girl I first fell in love with, a Volks SD13, 4 sisters. Makeup matched her to the dollfie dream body well enough for the time, she photographed beautifully. Perfect.

      The third step was a resin body for my dream girl. Vinyl was fun, but limited her clothing colors. Dark colors stained, I worried to leave her on any dark cloth surface. Found her a Volks SD13 girl body, large bust, heeled feet. Perfect.

      Trouble was, that body already had a head. It was the same mold as the girl I had. And suddenly, my girl became twins.

      Two girls, and somehow one tiny later (can't even recall when or how the little one showed up!), we're three dolls in and I hear the call of the boy doll.

      Two girls, one boy, and TWO tinies later (The tinies just materialize, I'm convinced), a littlefee falls into my lap.

      And that's where I'm at today. Two big girls, one big boy, two tinies, one littlefee. MSD is the next logical step, and then there's nowhere to go but up. 70cm, here I come. Wish me luck. xD
    16. I can agree with this, I'm getting my first boy REAL soon, but I already have three to four more I want and need. >.>

    17. I actually wanted not "just one doll" but "a BJD doll" in general. I thought I would photoshoot stories with other owner's dolls. Later I understood that it's much simpler to have my own dolls because they are matched perfectly in the meaning of similar stylistic, they are strung perfectly and pose properly, they are faceuped in the similar realistic style. Also, I can do with them whatever I want, not taking into account owner's "Oh no! It's unacceptable! He doesn't like to do this or that!" So I understood I need a 3 dolls - 2 guys and a girl. So they multiplied))) But now my crew is complete, I'm happy)
    18. I rather like for stages format some people are using, so here I go!

      Doll 1: I know I was going to get a Dark Elf Soon with the tax returns, but that event head is sooo pretty! And I can get it for FREE if I just buy a body. (Delf Juri 06')

      Doll 2: Oh, they are re-releasing her!!! She is so tiny... I could carry her around in my purse! And layaway? Oh, heck yeah! (Elfdoll Catsy)

      Doll 3: Ooooo, another Luts event? OOOOoooo, vampire elf?? But... I has no monies! Wait! In town doll friend wants a MNF? I WILL PAY YOUR EMS!! Muahahaha! (Delf Nanuri 07 head)

      Doll 4: Must have an Delf Elf Moon, but how to get one? Oh! PETITION!!!! [makes petition, gathers over 100 signatures, sends it off to Luts and CP, gets rather positive sounding response] [Waits] Oh, look another event at Luts? SQUEEEEEEEEE! ELF MOON!!!!!! (Delf Juri A - but we all know he is really an Elf Moon)

      Doll 5: I am doing good, I am happy with my dolls (Nanuri and Elf Moon got a body to share along the way). I am content with what I have!!! Wait.... what? Another Catsy!? BLACK resin?? Layaway! (Elfdoll Black Catsy)

      Doll 6: My computer has been down for a long time, now I can get back online! What??? Mini Amber??? Only a few hours left to order, but... I have no doll money now!!! Son of a left-footed duck!!! Well, I guess I can get her in pieces, right? Need a body. Oh, you will sell me a Beyla for how much? I love you!!!! (FrankenSOOM project begins. Beyla, Ai, Appini, Grit)
    19. Originally I went "well, maybe 3 would be a good limit...", but with 3 already and a definite 2 more and a couple floating heads... I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon.
    20. I planned inbetween -- I knew I wanted more than one doll, but I didn't plan on anywhere near the number I have now. The numbers really went up when I started buying bodies for characters. 17 of my dolls are all from the same storyline that's based around pre-existing characters. I have another 5 complete bjds and two heads that aren't part of that group, but they're clearly in the minority.