Thick eyebrows or thin eyebrows?

Jan 22, 2017

    1. I prefer thicker ones...but that's only because it's my style of doing them ahah...thin ones are nice too :)

      Here is one I did recently
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    2. It depends on the character, for me. Something about thick brows screams 'cute and sweet' to me and thinner ones usually give off a mischievous vibe.
      Love the brows on your girl, also! <3(Something about thick brows on girls I really love. Not sure why.)
    3. I agree that it depends on the character! I'm pretty partial to thick eyebrows personally, but anything can look good with the right sculpt and faceup; I think those are important when it comes to eyebrows. Gotta make sure they all go together!

      I love your faceup Miivei! She's so cute, and those brows look great with her face~
    4. Thin eyebrows are of course lovely as well, but I'm very fond of thicker ones.
      You did a great job on them!
    5. I'm gonna be the third person to say "it totally depends on the doll"! Some faces are just more suited to smaller eyebrows, and some look better with thicker ones. It depends on the face shape and the vibe you're going for with them!
    6. I suppose that makes me the fourth person to say depends on the doll lol. ;) My dolls are each a different character, have different expressions I want and so forth. That means different eyebrow thickness, as well as shapes are used. I do admit eyebrows are hard for me.
    7. I think it depends on the rest of the face and personality. She is adorable!:abambi:
    8. As many others have said I think it depends on the doll and what you think fits. But to pick one I think I prefer eyebrows that are more thicker than thin, but that is just my initial thought on the subject.

      Really gorgeous eyebrows btw!
    9. Depends on the doll.

      I like my teen/adult boys to have medium or thicker brows so they look more masculine. I like my teen/adult girls to have medium brows usually, but it depends on if the character would go all natural, draw them on and fill them in, or pluck them pencil thin. For my kids, I go with medium/natural. I don't want my babies to look waxed, but I also don't want them to look like they'll have a big bushy unibrow when they grow up. XD
    10. I perfer medium to thick eye brows. I'm not that fond of thin eye brows, as most of them look plucked, and I really love a more natural look! :)
    11. Another "depends on the doll" here! I like thicker, more natural brows on younger looking sculpts and thinner, more shaped brows on dolls with more mature faces :)
    12. I tend to prefer thicker eyebrows, or at least medium! I don't really like thin eyebrows most of the time, I feel like they don't usually look as realistic. For me eyebrows are one of the main things I look at when trying to choose a faceup artist, I want them to be beautiful haha!
    13. Go thick or go home.
      All puns asides,I think the thick brows fill out the face more.:kitty2
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    14. Somewhere in the middle. I don't like them too far in either direction but I personally dislike very thin brows.
    15. I am really fascinated by just how much eyebrows effect a dolls facial expression. My boys tend to have thick brows with a definite sharp angle in them, because I want them to look strong and confident. My younger girls have medium- ish brows with a gentle curve, and one of them has brows that faintly turn up on the inner edge, to give her an expression that is somehow both hesitant and full of wonder. Two of my dolls are ancient Egyptians, so their brows are somewhat stylized. It just depends on the doll. The only thing I avoid is that painful, "plucked to a pencil thin line " , look, as it can look a bit harsh and artificial. I like a natural look, so I tend to go with a medium to thick brow.
    16. Oh yeah!! i love thick messy eyebrows! Love how you painted your doll :)
    17. I normally prefer the look of medium thick eyebrows when I want to buy more, but I guess when I get more it'll depend on the character! :3
    18. Depends on the character!
    19. I usually like medium thickness brows, but it depends on the character, too. Though I prefer short (weird looking too?) ones mostly. :''
    20. I really like thinner ones, but that's because I'm in love with the original volks doll faceups at the moment.