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thing you would love to see in the bjd world?

Sep 4, 2008

    1. what are some thing you would like to see in the world of bjds?? ( and i dont mean things you could make yourself i mean things that the doll companies could sell on their websites)

      for example: when i first came here i wanted to see jointed hands, and they have them! so i was wondering what are some things other people wish they had (dont worry if your not sure if they are already around, this is just what you think)

      ill go first

      1. i would love to see doll companies selling hooves and horns (like on sard) in all sizes! on a regular basis, just as often as they sell extra hands or feet!

      2. a back peice with some sort of wing attachments, and on that note detachable wings of all shapes and styles (i know people make wings but i mean like the way they make magnetic tails for the animals they have)

      3. maybe some kind of face up stensils? (or tatto stensils) like one you can use for eyelashes or eyebrows

      and some smaller things

      . mohawk wigs (im not sure how they would pull that off but id like to see it)
      .chubby doll molds
      .more black/asian bjds ( ive only seen a few)
      . a much bigger variety of animals
      . doll furniture made for all sizes of bjds

      feel free to discuss things ive (or others) have stated or add your own

      (MODS: i hope there isnt already a thread like this, if there is please move, i know there is a thread asking what other animal dolls we'd like to see, but this ones different)
    2. i would love to see a WEREWOLF doll. i guess it would be considered an anthro, but i'm sick of seeing cute anthro dolls (sorry Pipos owners :sweat i do love them as well, honest!) but i really want something manly and hairy. a werewolf BJD would be one of my all time biggest lusts.

      i'd also like to see some satyr legs sold separately so you can attach them yourself. i'm too crap at sculpting to mod the legs myself, so pre-made ones would be a blessing.

      there's already a mohawk wig. not sure you can buy it, but they did pull it off
    3. i think a werewolf doll that was actually a bigger doll (like the way they did sard) would be awesome i agree!

      and that is the cutes tiny (are they called tinies??) i have ver seen!!! i wonder how they did that mo hawk though
    4. mohawks are rather easy to make for dolls. a strip of fur velcroed or glued on the head.

      i want a msd centaur :) that way i don't have to make one DX.

      and selling body pasrts seperatly in general. got lot's that are gonna need extra arms and leg peices.
    5. exactly! that would be so cool. i mean, i wouldn't like it to actually be fluffy, rather with detailed fur tufts like a lot of the anthro dolls have. i'm not sure whether it would be a good idea to have an open mouth though since i think that would make it too western and very un-BJD if that makes sense :sweat

    6. oh duh lol thanks! now i can make a mo hawk wig some day!

      forgive me for asking, but whats a centaur?? im not way familiar with everything yet..
    7. A mohawk is nothing more than a strip of just the right fake fur, and a piece of double-sided tape.


      You can make them fancier & more 'realistic' than that, of course, but then it's just not as funny. XD

      I wish to see more female doll sculpts with any kind of personality to their features. There's been a few good advancements in recent times, but they're still lagging way behind the males.

    8. yeah, now i really want a werewold one too! lol i guess we can only hope some genius see's this thread and opens their own doll shope with everything we want!!!

      geniuses are VERY welcome here! lol
    9. awe cute!!!
    10. The mohawk just looks like a strip of fur wig to me. Now I want to cut apart a wig I have for one of my tinies and do that myself, lol.

      I would love furniture as well and would kill for tiny sized hooves for my BBB elfkins. Honestly, about everything in the first post is what I would have said.

    11. i know i am not a HUGE fan of tinys i think they are cute but i really love the bigger dolls, but if they made hooves for tinies id so buy a few!!!
    12. I'd like to see a doll 'system' wherein you could select a range of torsos, limb lengths, and heads to mix n' match. Wouldn't it be a fine thing to be able to select the height of your doll?

      I'd like to see more option parts attached with magnets the way Fairyland does on their Pukis.

      I'd like to see more doll companies co-operating with joint ventures and mutually-compatible product lines.

      I'd like to see more animal dolls larger than tiny-scale; imagine, if you will, a 60cm version of Pipos Baha? ::dies:: (And I freakin' wish people would quit calling them 'anthros' - that has to be the stupidest piece of psuedo-latin I have ever seen. /rant. sorry, it really gets on mah pecs ^vxv^~)

      I'd like to see doll companies release LE dolls in support of charitable causes, like the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer research, or (product)red

      I am just finishing up a mowhawk wig for a friend of mine (well, for her doll ~^@x@^) I don't see what people find so hard about it - you just use the lengths and texture of fiber to support the spikiness of the wig, same as when styling any wig...or on a real mowhawk (I had one, 'back in the day' - it was orange and purple!) She plans to anchor it with velcro.

      I do love that doll, though - he may have to go on my DO WANT list. Is it just me, or does he look like a tiny chibi Corey Feldman?
    13. I would like animals that don't look so damn cute! Give me some snarling mouths showing teeth, sharp claws, evil eyes, etc - not just these cute rounded sweet little animals...

      Also - mini's that don't look so cute. What is it that everything small has to be cute! Let's get some evil looking little things, too. Esp. like evil-looking fairy types would be nice. You know, more creepy and crawly types of things.
    14. human torso horse body bottom.
    15. well this is a tiny not a mini but mayeb you should take a look at Toadstool :lol:

      but yeah I'd like to see more optional parts made available, especially as has been said to change the height

      but more than anything else is clothes in a wider range of sizes, its so fustrating finding something you like only to find out after its only in MSD size or vise versa

    16. lol yeah, there is a dolly that isnt cute...

      sorry if that offends anyone
    17. I'm with this! I'd love to see bigger animal dolls and more option parts across the board, and though I probably wouldn't buy them, centaurs would be neat! I'd love to see separately sold satyr legs, wings and wing attachments, wolf feet, and so forth.

      And while we're wishing, more resin color combatibility would be fantastic. :)
    18. Proper furry anthro BJD's done in a serious manner (Not just cute).
    19. *shudders at Toadstool* I agree that tinies with more than the standard cute or blank expression would be welcome. Notdoll's Toadstool is just plain ugly to me, but I think Puki ChiChi has a lot of charm and character in his little angry face :)

      I think a werewolf doll might go a bit far for me, I would prefer to blush on the hair, rather than have it directly moulded on the doll in resin, and unlike vampire fangs there is no single iconic werewolf feature that would make people instantly recognise it for what it was supposed to be. I think that Unidoll Ark could very easily be transformed into a werewolf with liberal amounts of mohair and blushing, so in a way, here is a ready-made, readily available doll for things like this.

      I would like to see a 45cms version of Domadoll's centaurs, 45cms Tinybear Merminas and 45cms Soom Beryls and Sards. Since MSD size is more my scale, I'd like for more of these fantasy dolls to be available in this size.
    20. I would love to see more masks, like the Soom Io. (I love looking at soom's monthly dolls).
      I'd also go for a werewolf doll-especially if he was within my budget at the time of release!
      I would also love antlers for my dolls-not horns. I think that may be just me.

      I'd kinda like to see a better system for eyeball sorting on shop sites. There's a lot that just throw them up there randomly. I'd like to be able to limit to a size or color range. There are a few sites that are set up nicely, but others not so much.