Things that annoy you... *Rant Thread*

Dec 11, 2014

    1. Okay, I know this might be a touchy subject, but it doesn't have to be. I'm not trying to point fingers or bring anyone down, I just wanted to make a thread where people can rant about issues they find irk/annoy them in the hobby in general, just to let it out! If this type of thing isn't allowed, then I apologise :P Please delete if necessary.

      I'll start:

      #1: When people don't mark their items as sold/gone. :...(:doh To me, it is the worst feeling in the world when you find something available, contact the seller, only to find out it is already sold a long time ago :x

      #2: Pictures of dolls taken from a bottom angle, so that the dolls look thrown across the room, no effort given. Example demonstrated by Nova, my Minifee:


      I'm sorry you had to see her like this :') Very very unappealing, when it should be like this:


      So, what irks you in the hobby/ community? You can always come back and share more when you come across something you wanna rant about, lol! ;) But be nice and no finger-pointing!
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    2. W00t, a hobby pet peeves thread, I've been needing one of those:P I think there's already a "what annoys you" thread about the dolls specifically, I hope this one stays up though. My pet peeves (somehow that sounds kinder than annoyances) are mostly marketplace related:

      -sales threads with photos that tell you absolutely nothing about what the doll looks like, whether those are artsy angled photoshopped shots or (worse) one tiny shot of the whole doll at an angle with clothes and wigs in the way or something else. Closeups of the face with a wig consistently hiding the eyebrows or even more of the faceup frustrate me too.

      -sales threads with "pics to follow shortly/in the next 24 hours/soon" instead of actual pictures, I just don't see the point, nobody is going to express interest in your doll if they can't see what they buy, so why not just wait and put the whole thread up when you also have the pics available?

      -people that make their buyers pay paypal fees, especially when they're being rude about it

      -ridiculous markups on secondhand dolls and parts

      -the tendency of more and more companies to switch to environmentally friendly/semi-translucent resin, I don't like the stuff

      -expensive, sophistically engineered dolls that can't properly sit or stand=_=

      -the fact that every little doll related thing costs so much money to get and needs to come off the internet (or I can go to the dealer shop I am lucky enough to have in my city, but they don't carry everything and what they do carry understandably has shipping and paypal fees calculated into the price already so it's not exactly cheaper).

      -the fact that this hobby is so hard to share with and misunderstood by non-doll people>_<.
    3. Oh I definitely have a few annoyances, although some of them can't be helped (by the way, Nova is very lovely Chamillia :))

      - When people post photos of dolls with their eyes positioned too low, leading to that eerie staring expression

      - The fact that most fantasy dolls are limited, which is sad because I am only collecting elves :(

      - The hateful, whiny doll owners in tumblr and their "anonymous confession blogs" (a.k.a. using anonymous confessions to insult and bully real life people and dictate what other people should be doing with their dolls)

      - Yellowing

      - And basically what ShuriTigerH said about everything doll-related being so expensive X_X Although it's the shipping costs that kill me, ouch
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    4. - Bullies in the hobby. It's always the "anonymous" person. While I haven't been bothered, if I ever am, I dare that person to make a video of themselves spitting off their insults so I can tear into them.
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    5. - Perfect sculpts for your characters coming in the wrong sizes OTL
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    6. The only rant I have and it may seem insignificant to a lot of people: but, I just really get irritated when a BJD comes to me (from the company) with the stringing either so tight they can't stand without legs flying up, or so loose they can't sit. Why not take the time to do it right? I just don't get it.

      Also it is my understanding with paypal that asking for your buyer to pay fees is against their policy. Sending a payment as a gift when its something you purchased is also against policy.

      I don't like yellowing either. I was at a doll show recently and saw a doll I really wanted, but it had yellowed so much it looked just awful. I am not sure I have ever seen a doll that yellow.
    7. ^ This so much!

      In addition: when companies don't list the neck size within a doll's measurements! That one drives me round the bend... Luts, I'm looking a you :vein
    8. dolls measurements only given in inches... just bothers me a bit
    9. ^ That too! It's so hard to make hybrids without neck measurements!
    10. I do have a couple of things that really irritate me.
      Like you said, when people don't mark things as sold then take a week to get back to you with 'sorry that sold ages ago'
      Charging paypal fees (against paypal rules) but I am noticing more and more sales threads are doing it.
      And my really big irritation at the moment. Not leaving feedback for a sale, I have been a good customer, paid promptly etc and then ....nothing. I even had someone ask that I leave good feedback for them but they didn't do it for me.
    11. I 100% agree with this! I always make sure to leave feedback for sellers. It sucks when they can't seem to be bothered to return the favor :S
    12. When a doll you like is really obscure, so it's hard to find owner pictures. :(
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    13. My hobby pet peeves are mostly about whiny people who complain about every little thing that they perceive is wrong such as:
      -The high price of BJDs,
      -The high price of shipping BJDs
      -The color of the freebie eyes that come with the doll
      -Whining about yellowing
      - Having to pay the Paypal Fees.
      -The doll that they want is a limited and can't get it.
      -The Doll they want is nearly perfect but for one small detail.
      -Clothing /shoe/wig/eye sizes and a price of them.
      -Wrong resin shade when ordering within the same company(especially when the company tells/warn you very clearly on their site that the resin color varies from batch to batch.)
      -The seams on a doll....
      -Receiving a "Dirty" second hand doll. (like something that can be just washed off with soap and water.)

      I think that is most of them,annoying doll collectors who whine about every little thing. An attitude of Entitlement does not make you or your doll very appealing.

      And as a seller: Buyers who leave you bad feedback for a the tiniest fault in a doll-part that is barely noticeable and then complaining to paypal to scam your money out from under you. especially when it was something that wasn't there when you had it before. (scam artists)

      People who publicly defend BJD Recasts. (throw them in the pit)
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    14. The fact that so many clothes companies will only make clothes for one size, which is typically SD. I LOVE some of the really detailed fantasy clothes, but they only ever seem to come in SD sizes or as parts of full-sets I could never afford.
    15. @Elysion gear: Just wondering...did you read all the above posts just to complain about everyone here? O_O Wouldn't that make you one of the 'whiny people' just like the rest of us if every single one of the things you mentioned bothers you that much? If you didn't mean it that way, I apologize.
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    16. NocturnalMelody: No I didn't really read anyone's posts, I'm just mentioning my pet peeves of the hobby. Most of it concerns how often I see other people voicing their complaints over minor issues. If they feel that they must voice their frustrations then why shouldn't I?

      I thought that this was a rant thread in which we would get to rant about anything that bothers us without being drawn into a big discussion about it.
    17. Okay, I wasn't aware you didn't read the thread and I'm sorry for assuming then :)
    18. No problem, I read this thread as an invitation to post a comment about one's personal opinion. As Personal Opinions differs from person to person, I thought that should other people read it they would be mature enough to recognize that and respect another's opinion... ^^;;
    19. A few for me:

      When people post really really dark pictures or pictures that aren't even in focus. What are we supposed to be looking at here? How about turning on a light? A lamp? The flash?

      When dolls have wonky eyes. The owner took all the effort to dress their doll and bring it out for a shoot but didn't bother with the eyes. It gives me a headache looking at them and turns me off from the doll. This is especially annoying if the doll was shot professionally. (cough Peakswoods cough)

      When people go into the waiting room and post what they bought but goes away and never comes back to update. This makes the rest of the people really nervous and wonder if there's a problem on the company's side.

      When companies don't post important measurements like neck sizes, head sizes or eye sizes....or they don't even bother to post new measurements for their new body. (cough Soom cough)

      When the size of the wigs listed don't fit the size of the head they're listed for. (cough Iple cough)
    20. Dirty dolls annoy me as much as dirty children. lol
      Wigs that are suppose to be a brown color but look red in sunlight. I'm looking at you, Monique Gold..... hahaha....
      Snake tail photos next to cute doll photos, ruins the cute dolls for me.
      Derpy eyes
      Dolls without underpants or socks. I know, I know they are dolls and don't need them, but, it still bothers me.