Things You Hate Buying For Your Dolls

Jun 23, 2018

    1. I always have trouble with shoes, eyes, and wigs for some reason. What necessary evils do you guys hate buying? It can be anything: clothes, accessories, eyes, wigs, putty, props, carriers ect.
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    2. PANTS
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    3. Probably shoes because I never seem to be able to order shoes that actually fit. No matter how many times I check and double check measurements, shoes usually end up being slightly too big or slightly too small. Even shoes I've bought specifically from the same maker as a doll I have that were listed as fitting that exact doll arrived only to not fit. Most of my dolls wear shoes too big for them. ;u;
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    4. panties and socks.....i just dont want to west my time and effort. but i find shoes a challenge to actually find.
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    5. Wig caps (a lot of places overcharge, but it's a pain to make an order with JUST wig caps), shoes (it's so hard to make sure they don't look like clown shoes!!!), faceups (sending them out makes me really nervous), and wigs, but specifically for DollZone MSDs. They're such a weird in-between size, argh.
    6. Shoes/boots for Iplehouse EID outside Iplehouse itself. The bane of my entire hobby itself. I can never find what I want. It took me few years to find something relatively close to what I want. I bought them impulsively because I knew if I waited, they would’ve been gone then.
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    7. I have the same issue! I feel like I'd be less mad about it if doll shoes didn't cost as much as human shoes.
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    8. I hate buying clothes for my 1/6 kids because I always have no idea what they should wear. Oh...and I hate buying clothes for my MSD too because his arms are too long for normal sleeves and his hip size is somehow too big (yes, some pants go waste because of that).
    9. Shoes and wigs!!!

      With wigs the issue is I can make my own... in theory... so I always feel like it's a "waste of money" to buy them. But honestly I'm shit at making wigs, and real ones just look so much better...

      Shoes are just expensive and not really 100% necessary so I always put off buying them. My dolls are just chilling around my house, what do they need shoes forrrr
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    10. ...And to think shoes are also important for the doll.. :(
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    11. BODIES (for hybrids), first you gotta find the right sculpt, then height, then RESIN match and NECK match >< and PRICE @[email protected], the struggle is real.
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    12. Shoes!!!!!!!
      I just want some nice flat foot boots. But nooope!
    13. Shoes!! And clothes in general for my 70cm boi but i think hes just a thicc boy who needs some custom clothes XD
    14. shoes shoes shoes for my minifee boys. They are always big.
    15. Definitely wigs. What I buy never looks like I imagined or doesn't fit well so I just end up making my own. I'm usually happy with the result so I just waste money on trying to be lazy ><
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    16. It depends on the doll, really. A couple of them, I have such a hard time finding wigs that fit them properly 'cause they have odd size heads.
    17. Shoes! Finding good shoes for most of my dolls is one of annoying things! Clothes can also be a hassle.
    18. Definitely shoes. I have a hard time finding nice ones that aren't incredibly overpriced or gigantic on my dolls feet. I'm also pretty cheap on my own footwear... (Most of my own shoes cost $20 or less) so it makes it hard for me to commit to shelling out $40-$80 for a single pair of doll shoes. :/
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    19. for me eyes! The eyes always look good in picture or on other dolls, but when i try on my doll, it just doesnt fit the image as much..
    20. Wigs! I can’t decide their color!:doh